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Alan Renouf

About Alan Renouf

Alan Renouf is a Product Line Manager at VMware focusing on API's, SDK's and CLI's, He is responsible for providing the architects and operators of private and public cloud infrastructure with the toolkits/frameworks and command-line interfaces they require to build a fully automated software-defined datacenter. Alan is a frequent blogger at http://blogs.vmware.com/PowerCLI a book author and has a personal blog at http://virtu-al.net. You can follow Alan on twitter as @alanrenouf.

Blogger Talk Show–Pilot Episode on PowerCLI

Here at VMware we are always trying to make sure we give you the information you need in a way that you can best consume it.

With this in mind, a little while ago I was asked to take part in a pilot for a new talk show VMware is looking to gain feedback on, this gives us the chance to give you more information in a less formal way and you to learn more about a given subject.

The initial talk show is a little rough around the edges but please do take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to check it out and perhaps learn a little more about PowerCLI and how to work with VMs in particular. Continue reading

What’s New in vSphere 5.5 Platform–Quick Reference

Quick ReferenceWith all the new announcements at VMworld last week you will be excused for not knowing the technical advantages that have been added to the vSphere 5.5 release and specifically in the platform, with this in mind we wanted to create a quick technical overview of what’s new so you are armed with the information you need as a technical person.

This “Quick Reference” was created as a single place to look and find out the new features which interest you and give you some base information to quickly understand which areas you may want to find out more information about.  I have found it useful, I hope you will too.

Please note that this guide may need adjusting in the future but all updated copies will be uploaded to this page.

Current Version 0.5

Download the vSphere 5.5 Quick Reference here and let us know if the format of this information is useful by adding a comment below.

For more information now make sure you check out the Summary of Whats New in vSphere 5.5 here by Kyle Gleed.

Instant KB articles in the VMware Knowledge Portal

Recently we have added the ability to access Knowledge Base (KB) resources via the VMware Knowledge Portal, the FREE iPad and Android tablet app available here:

Android app on Google Play VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal - Regalix, Inc

Now you can find the article you need on your portable device and use that information to resolve issues quicker and in an easily readable format.

From the main screen you will now see a new “Knowledge Base (KB) Links” section where you can keep up to date with VMware Knowledge base articles and blogs.

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Log Insight bulk ESXi host configuration with PowerCLI

Recently I installed vCenter Log Insight, which by the way has one of the easiest and intuitive installers and configuration wizards ever!

After the Install and during the configuration you can easily add your vCenter server and vCOPs server so that monitoring can start straight away.

As an extra configuration step you can extend the default logging by setting up each ESXi host to use the Syslog server which is built into Log Insight, the process for this can be found in the documentation located here.

As per the documentation this means either going to each host and configuring the Syslog settings, configuring them manually through the shell or running the configure-esxi script through an SSH session.

As I already had a PowerCLI session open to my environment I wrote a quick PowerCLI script to achieve the same thing, the following script will configure the Syslog settings for each ESXi host to send their events to Log Insight…..

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Still not registered for VMworld?

Are you still not registered for VMworld? Why not?!

Let me tell you why I think you should sign up right now and make sure you attend the best event of the year…

Sign up Now!

Click here to find out more about VMworld 2013 and register.

Help us to improve vCenter Orchestrator

Would you like to see new plugins for a specific product or area of your business?

Is there something that bugs you about vCO?

Help us to make your vCO lives better!

As part of the ongoing improvement initiatives at VMware, we would like to collect your feedback through a list of questions in the following areas:

  1. Your vCO Usage and Plug-in requirements
  2. Overall feedback and needed enhancements
  3. Some brief information about your organization

Your feedback is CRITICAL to help us improve vCO and the benefits it can provide to your organization.

Please take a minute to complete all questions as your opinion matters to us.




Thanks for taking the time to make VMware products better!

Mobile Knowledge Portal–even more content

Android app on Google Play VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal - Regalix, Inc

The Mobile Knowledge Portal is a Android Tablet and iPad App which is designed to provide a simple way for VMware customers to view technical collateral around the Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure and Infrastructure & Operations Management products.

If you don’t have the app download it today from the Google Play or Apple App store or use the links above.

The content is constantly modified to ensure you have the most up to date information when you need it, you can even download it onto your device for those times you don’t have internet access.

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Configuring PXE to support multiple Auto Deploy Servers

One question I constantly receive from customers is how they can use Auto Deploy with their current TFTP solution, often they may have an existing TFTP server but still want to make use of AutoDeploy stateless installs to easily deploy and manage their ESXi hosts.  This can also fall under the question of how can I deploy two sets of hosts to different vCenters on the same VLAN?

Both of these questions can be addressed in this post, the key thing to keep in mind is how we will be designing the DHCP/PXE/TFTP infrastructure to use AutoDeploy, there are multiple ways to achieve this depending on your companies environment and what best fits into your infrastructure. I have often heard from customers that they are unable to use AutoDeploy because they already have a PXE infrastructure, this is not always a roadblock.


The scenario I have used for this post is that we have two vCenters, there is a vCenter for Infrastructure and a vCenter for the VDI environment, in this scenario we have a very simple network and both infrastructures are on the same network and the same VLAN.

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Help us to help you and win a copy of VMware Fusion!

Auto DeployDo you use VMware Auto Deploy?

Is there a good reason you don’t use VMware Auto Deploy?

Here at VMware we value our customers feedback and want to help make sure our product lines and features are in line with what is needed from your organization, as part of this we are trying to find out more details about how our customers use Auto Deploy, or if you don’t , how they don’t use Auto Deploy!

As part of this we have created a survey which will help prioritize efforts in the future and give us a clearer picture on how customers are or are not using Auto Deploy.

The survey takes you to different pages based upon your answers so please do not get scared by the number of pages at the top, this will quickly reduce and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

As a thank you for filling this survey out, at the end you will have the chance to add your email address (optional) and be entered into a draw to receive 1 of 3 copies of VMware fusion, winners will be contacted after the end of the survey.

Thanks for taking the time to help make VMware products better.

Take the survey here

VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal – App update

Android app on Google Play VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal - Regalix, Inc

Version 2.0 of the popular VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal (VMKP) is now live!

The VMKP is a free app which is designed to provide a simple way for VMware customers to view technical collateral around the Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure and Infrastructure & Operations Management products.

Gain easy access to a variety of media and download your selected items to your device for when you are without access to the internet, the VMKP contains:

  • Videos
  • Evaluation Guides
  • What’s New papers
  • White Papers
  • Posters

The app will be updated and new content will be added routinely, so check the VMKP often!

What’s New ?

VMKP 2.0 adds the following enhancements:

  • Android and iPad support (Previously only iPad support was available)
  • Ability to rate collateral
  • Ability to provide feedback to VMware on pieces of collateral
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter to let others know what you have been reading on the VMKP
  • Mechanism to request additional collateral items – let us know what you want to see!

Download it now

The VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal is now available for both IOS iPad and Android devices and can be downloaded below.

Note: There is a planned update for VMKP 2.0 in late April to better support smaller form factor tablets, such as iPad mini and Nexus 7

The Android version of this app can be downloaded from the Google Play or sent to your device by using the below button:

Android app on Google Play


The iPad App can be downloaded from the App Store by using the below button:

VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal - Regalix, Inc




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