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Auto Deploy Adding Host to vCenter Using IP

I’ve recently had several people report that Auto Deploy is adding new hosts to their vCenter inventory using the IP address and not the fully qualified hostname.

This happens if you don’t have reverse DNS look up configured for your vSphere hosts.  When Auto Deploy adds a new host to the vCenter inventory it does a reverse DNS lookup on the management IP to determine the host’s Fully Qualified Hostname (FQHN).  If the look up succeeds the host gets added using the FQHN, it it fails the host gets added using the management IP.

To ensure that Auto Deploy correctly adds new hosts to vCenter using the FQHN be sure to add both a forward (A record) and reverse (PTR record) DNS record for each vSphere host.  For more information on setting up and testing DNS with Auto Deploy refer to the section on preparing the DNS server in the vSphere Installation and Setup guide.

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2 thoughts on “Auto Deploy Adding Host to vCenter Using IP

  1. Ben Conrad

    I think the disconnect is that while most VM admins want to use static IP addresses on their hosts Auto Deploy works best with DHCP. In order to get the DNS name to show up the admin has to create a DHCP reservation and then set DNS. If you don’t use a DHCP reservation & DNS you get the dreaded IP address in vCenter.

    The most annoying part is that after applying a host profile that changes the IP address and sets the hostname the IP address is still in vCenter even though the host is renamed and re-ip’ed. Removing and re-adding the host will bring it back with a DNS name but that is extra work.



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