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Interop Day 2 – What’s Happening at the VMware Booth and Beyond

Customer have seen our cloud vision and our virtualization journey. What is really drawing there attention though is how to sift through the terminology we use to describe products and also our licensing/packaging structures. I can't tell you how many times I went into both of these areas today. The best description for licensing and vSphere edition descriptions can be found here.

As far as terminology goes, I am going to post a lengthy blog article next week to clarify terminology as it relates to vSphere.

More Photos from Interop Show – Day 2

Over 10 theater presentations in 2 days. Users are really interested in the cloud, virtualizing the desktop, and most often at this show just how to get started. Go ESXi!

My last presentation for virtualization in the SMB had over 50 audience members and was blocking a whole aisle in the exhibit hall.

Photo from Day 2 at Interop

Edward Hsu and Guy Brunsdon take a break from the busy crowd looking to understand vSphere. Conservative estimate between the three of us – discussions with over 200 folks so far.



Tuesday (4/27) at Interop


A busy first day at the VMware booth. Interop always brings together many different kinds of IT folks (mostly small to medium shops, plus network admins that we normally don't get to chat with much). Most of our discussions centered around how to get started with VMware. My general conversation starter with most customers is to evaluate the free ESXi product via web download. Some customers also like the ability to leverage VMware Go in the cloud. The essentials packages that deliver the hypervisor and management in one package also have a very large appeal for most that are here.

I also delivered 2 SMB focused presentations for ESXi and vSphere during the day to fairly large crowds. Looking forward to my longer breakout session tomorrow that focus in more detail on the SMB and also the use of virtualization in the Remote Office. 

VMware and vSphere News!

Have you seen our news this morning in partnership with Salesforce.com? Along with Springsource, vSphere is a key technology for creating the world's first enterprise Java cloud. This open path to cloud computing will enable Java developers to easily leverage and develop on the the Spring programming framework running as a Force.com service.

Here are a few recent blog post from VMware on the topic:

VMware's CTO Steve Herrod – Click here

VMware's head of Springsource Rod Johnson – Click here

See what vmforce is all about during our 10 am PST webcast. Click here for details.

Heading to Interop Today!

I am on my way to Vegas. Come by the VMware booth (#1919) thru Thursday at the show to talk about vSphere! Or follow me right here as I discuss frequent discussion topics and other happens at the show.

Hardware Health Monitoring via CIM

The following is the first of a multi-part posting, once again from Daniel Hiltgen, one of the senior developers on the ESXi product.

Starting in ESX 3.5, VMware has leveraged the industry standard CIM technologies to enable interoperable remote hardware health monitoring and 3rd party extensibility on both the ESX and ESXi platforms.  This post is the first in a series where we'll dive into more detail on how you can use this capability of ESX to monitor the health of your hosts and get basic hardware asset information.

Continue reading

Join me at Network Interop This Week!

Hi folks, join me this week as I blog live from the Network Interop event in Las Vegas. I'll be at the VMware booth (#1919) plus leading two breakout presentations on Wednesday. VMware also has a number of keynotes and additional breakout sessions at the event. Come by the booth to talk about vSphere or any other VMware technology.

Security Hardening Guide for vSphere 4.0 Published

The final release of the vSphere 4.0 Security Hardening Guide has hit the streets. This is a comprehensive 100+ page guide with more than 100 guidelines on hardening vSphere 4.0 components in a production environment.

You can read Charu’s post over on the VMware Security blog, or go directly here to download the paper from the VMware Communities site.   

vSphere Essentials Promotion

Have you seen our new promotion for the Essentials package of vSphere 4.0? I usually don't get into direct sales type topics on this blog but this one is quite compelling and we have seen a lot of interest in this offer. If you are just getting started with virtualization this is a no brainer as you get the power to virtualize 3 servers under one management environment for 50% off. Depending on your consolidation ratio (as determined by your workload requirements), it is possible to get anywhere from 20 to 30 virtual machines running in the environment. The package also contains our data protection APIs (for third party integration) and our patch management technology known as Update Manager.

Love to hear what you think about this!