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Register NOW for HP Discover Las Vegas 2014

Find out how VMware and HP transform, simplify and accelerate IT

VMware_HP Discover 2014

HP Discover Las Vegas gives you deep insight into the hottest topics in the industry today – virtualization, cloud, mobility, software-defined data centers and more. And VMware will be showcasing joint HP solutions for all of them.

As a Global Sponsor of HP Discover 2014 Las Vegas, VMware will be a major presence at the event. Sessions will focus on how HP and VMware help our customers transform their IT environments, simply IT management and accelerate business outcomes.

Visit VMware at booth #1833 to talk with VMware solution experts, and plan to attend sessions on joint solutions for mobility, analytics and storage optimization. Of course, HP OneView integration with VMware vCenter is a hot topic for the event, and there will be multiple sessions and labs on the subject, including a Living Lab on the event center floor where you can get get hands-on experience using HP OneView to provision and deploy VMware virtual machines in seconds.

We’ve included a comprehensive list of sessions involving VMware below. See you there!

BB4695  - Mobility solutions with VMware

TB4696   - Virtualizing business critical applications on HP ConvergedSystems

DT3990 – No compromises: Give mobile workers a consistent user experience with the new HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Citrix XenDesktop on VMware vSphere

LL4556 – HP ConvergedSystem Living Lab: HP OneView—Get up close and personal with this breakthrough management tool

BB3648 – Analytics for HP ConvergedSystem: Optimizing the convergence

TB4015 – HP OneView + VMware = Virtual BFFs: Controlling physical and virtual systems under a single management layer in five easy steps

TB3306 – Tips and tricks on building VMware vSphere 5.5 with BladeSystem, Virtual Connect, and HP 3PAR StoreServ storage

HOL3983 – HP 3PAR StoreServ Peer Persistence

HOL3980 – HP MSA Storage

HOL4143 – HP OneView integration with VMware vCenter

HOL4359 – HP StoreOnce VSA hands-on lab

HOL4006 – HP StoreVirtual VSA

BB3648 – Analytics for HP ConvergedSystem: Optimizing the convergence

DEMO3673- HP 3PAR StoreServ for VMware: True soul mates

DEMO4281- HP App Map for Citrix XenDesktop on VMware vSphere

DEMO4283- HP OneView for VMware vCenter

DEMO3671- HP StoreFront Manager for VMware vCenter: You can see clearly now

EMC World 2014: It’s a Wrap

Whether or not you were at EMC World this year, one thing is clear – the software-defined datacenter is the “Future of IT.” There were several announcements coming out of the show this year, including news that Pivotal and VMware will now deliver enterprise-class hybrid PaaS and SAP HANA is now supported on VMware vSphere 5.5 for production scenarios.

Additionally, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger took the stage to lead  a general session followed byPivotal’s CEO Paul Maritz on Tuesday. Pat’s keynote, titled “The Future of IT is Software-Defined” outlined the way of the (near) future as IT organizations continue their journey to delivering IT as a Service.

Watch the video of Pat’s keynote for a view of where the IT industry is headed and how VMware is enabling the transformation.

Until next year!

New Video: VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger talks SDDC Vision

In a never-ending quest for business advantage, IT organizations are moving increasingly to a software-defined approach. VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger can often be heard touting the benefits—in fact the imperative—of the software-defined enterprise as a strategic initiative that enables IT to be more agile and responsive to customer needs.

Pat and Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal, will co-lead a general session at 11 a.m. PT, this Tuesday at EMC World. Pat’s talk, titled “The Future of IT is Software-Defined” outlines the way of the (near) future as IT organizations continue their journey to delivering IT as a Service.

Recently, Pat took a few minutes to delve into each of these topics while signaling future strategic directions for VMware. If you can’t catch Pat at EMC World, this video will bring you up to speed on the overall vision of VMware in the mobile-cloud era.

Stay tuned to the Company Blog for an upcoming series of videos outlining the company’s roadmap for the software-defined data center, the hybrid cloud and the enterprise/mobile desktop. This is only the beginning!

The Conference of the Future Has Arrived

VMware’s Online VMware Forum 2014 is a free online event where you will learn how to Online VMware Forumradically simplify your IT infrastructure across the entire data center to the virtual workspace, all from the comfort of your cozy office chair. Hear VMware and industry experts discuss new products and services and find solutions to complex IT problems without leaving home or your office.

Just settle in and join us on May 8, 2014, from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. PST. Simply click this registration link so you can sign up to be a part of this event and get additional event details.

At the event, you can chat and make connections with VMware experts and your IT peers, learn about the software-defined data center and new VMware offerings, win great prizes, and attend live breakout sessions, technical deep dives and discussions. A 3D virtual environment means you can browse interactive booths staffed by VMware industry-leading partners.

New this year are hands-on labs where you can test drive VMware products and get a lab up and running in minutes with full technical capabilities, all without installing anything new on your existing hardware. VMware experts will be on hand to answer your questions while you navigate in your online lab.

The final agenda is coming soon, but here’s a sample of what you can expect:

  • vSphere and vCloud Suite
  • Virtualization Management
  • Virtualization 101
  • Cloud Management
  • End User Computing
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Public and Hybrid Cloud
  • Networking and Storage
  • Virtualizing Applications
  • Tier 1 Applications

Many thanks to our event sponsors! Platinum sponsors are: EMC, IBM, Nimble Storage, and Trend Micro. Gold sponsors: Airwatch, Google, VMware Education, Fusion-io, SolidFire, Zerto, and Symantec. Silver sponsors include: Code42 and VMUG.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the conference of the future. Sign up today!

The Future of IT is Software-Defined

Why the Software-Defined Data Center is a Nexus of Business Possibility

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

By Pat Gelsinger

The $2 trillion Information Technology industry is in the early stages of a tectonic shift, as we transition from the previous Client-Server platform to the Mobile Cloud era. For the first time in history, we’re seeing dramatic changes driven by both the consumer and enterprise worlds. In many ways, everything is up in the air. At this critical juncture, the demands on IT are greater than ever. Whether you’re an individual consumer or a business leader, you want essentially the same thing: instantaneous access to the apps and data you care about, without hassles or hiccups, and with confidence and compliance.

As we make this massive shift from the PCs and servers of old to the Mobile Cloud era, we’re experiencing a fundamental restructuring of how IT value gets created and consumed. Simply put, software has usurped hardware as the place where value resides. This is driven largely by well-established laws of technology: software can be quickly adapted, programmed and automated. By contrast, hardware is inflexible, labor-intensive and specialized. As a guy who spent 30+ years in the hardware world, this is a difficult fact to acknowledge – yet it’s undeniable.

To wit, we have entered the age of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). The SDDC is a data center where everything has been virtualized and infrastructure can be delivered as software on demand. This software-defined approach will become the model for every leading data center in the world because it represents a radical and powerful change agent for the enterprise. At its core, the SDDC empowers IT to move at the speed of the business, by rapidly delivering apps and services as they are needed.

The technical argument for the Software-Defined Data Center is airtight: Virtualize all components, abstract the functionality, pool the resources and automate the processes. In this model, hardware becomes increasingly invisible – seen solely through a layer of dynamic, scalable and agile software. Many of the core elements of this approach have been pioneered by companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook. But while they’ve accomplished a great deal, their implementations have been specifically designed for their specialized environments. Now is the time for us, as an industry, to take these valuable learnings and apply the software-defined approach for the benefit of all businesses – and all the millions of applications that power our economy.

Next Step: Virtualize Your Network

Compute virtualization was just the opening act of the SDDC story. According to VMware’s analysis, by virtualizing roughly 70 percent of our customers’ compute workloads over the past decade, businesses saved billions of dollars and in the process, they accomplished something else: They made it easy to spin up new applications in literally seconds. This, in turn, exposed a frustrating reality: As app provisioning has sped up exponentially, we have discovered that the operating model of the network is simply not equipped to keep pace. In fact, the network is now a barrier to achieving the full benefits of virtualization, because the movement of all of these dynamic apps is now severely constrained by the limitations of the physical network. The fact is today’s network is operationally intensive, requiring significant manual intervention and vendor-specific expertise at every turn.

The answer to this challenge is to virtualize your network. This represents the next chapter in our industry’s inevitable move to a software-defined approach to IT.  Network virtualization takes the fast and fluid operational model of a virtual machine (VM) and extends that across your network. It advances networking with new levels of automation, programmability, and management by leveraging the power of software. Network virtualization also transforms the economics of networking within the data center by reducing the need for costly, proprietary networking hardware. As we build virtual networks we are strengthening the foundations of the hybrid cloud, which gives businesses the ability to move valuable apps and data seamlessly between public and private cloud environments.

Charting the Course to a Software-Defined Future 

Modern business is here today. It’s global, competitive, collaborative, and extremely dynamic.  But too often, the technology infrastructure supporting these businesses is limping along – slow, inefficient, brittle, and generally incapable of keeping up. The best companies in the world are charting a path to a software-oriented model of IT where infrastructure drives strategic advantage. IT professionals with the courage to embrace this new reality – and let go of the hardware-centric models of the past – will change the landscape of business forever. The future is bright. Let’s move forward.

#  #  #


VMware Unveils “AirWatch by VMware” at #MWC14

On Monday, VMware’s acquisition of AirWatch officially closed, just weeks after we announced our intent to acquire the leader in enterprise mobile management. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome the AirWatch team aboard. As an integral part of our End-User Computing (EUC) division, AirWatch brings tremendous value to VMware and our customers.

It was in this spirit that the EUC team, along with AirWatch, this week unveiled “AirWatch by VMware” at Mobile World Congress (#MWC14). Together we look forward to achieving our combined vision of providing a secure virtual workspace that empowers our customers to work at the speed of life.

Also at the conference, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger delivered a keynote speech on the power of big data and the tectonic shift that’s happening within the IT industry – a shift from client server computing to the mobile cloud era. “Every company – VMware included,” stated Pat, “wants to try to address the move to the mobile cloud.” As part of that move, Pat highlighted this week’s launch of vCloud Hybrid Service for UK customers and addressed other hot topics including mobile, the cloud, big data, and – you guessed it – AirWatch by VMware.

VMware is uniquely positioned to enable the seamless experience that end users want, so that as they move from desktop, to laptop, to tablet, to phone, to car – their apps, their content, and their devices all come to life– anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Check out more photos of the unveiling of AirWatch by VMware after the break. Be sure to stay tuned to the VMware Company Blog for our Weekly News Recap tomorrow and follow @VMwareNews and to stay up to date with all major VMware news in real time.



VMware Weekly News Recap: February 21

VMware News

Carl Eschenbach at PEX 2014

Last week’s VMware Partner Exchange Conference was a blast. We were busy “Mastering the New Reality” with our partners and empowering them to help drive the future of IT. Interested in learning more about news coming out of the show? In case you missed any of VMware’s announcements coming out of the show, read more about news regarding End-User Computing, VMware Virtual SAN and enhancements to VMware’s Partner Network on the VMware Company Blog.

Carl Eschenbach at PEX 2014

In VMware news, the vSphere team recently launched VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist – an app that allows users to monitor the virtual machines they care about in their vSphere infrastructure remotely on their phone. You can download the new app on iTunes or Google Play.

Lastly, the Network Virtualization team is gearing up for RSA Conference 2014 (#RSAC) next week, where they will take an important step in outlining details of its vision for advancing security for the software-defined data center. Read more about our activities at the show on the Network Virtualization blog and be sure to follow VMware NSX on Twitter for real-time updates and news from the showroom floor.

Industry News

In VMware news, Business Cloud News’ Jonathan Brandon reports on VMware’s new partnership with Google to bring Microsoft legacy apps to ChromeOS. He writes that “the companies believe that enabling Windows applications on Chromebooks will make the desktop as a service platform more popular among enterprises.”

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