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VMware & Puppet Labs – Redefining Management for the Software-Defined Datacenter

Posted by Ramin Sayar
Vice President &
General Manager,
Cloud Infrastructure
& Management

VMware & Puppet Labs – Redefining Management for the Software-Defined Datacenter
By recasting every layer of datacenter infrastructure into software services running across pools of industry standard hardware, the software-defined datacenter promises to redefine automation and orchestration to completely change what is possible for customers to achieve in terms of operational scale, efficiency and agility.

Delivering a new approach to management has been a critical tenet of VMware’s product strategy over the last several years as we have developed solutions to help customers simplify and automate the management of the complete set of infrastructure services (compute, storage, network) as well as the applications that run on them.

The software-defined datacenter will have highly automated “programmable” provisioning and management that can intelligently move resources and workloads across a hybrid infrastructure environment based on policies. And, for many companies, this environment will include multiple hypervisors, hardware from different vendors and various public cloud services.  VMware understands this, and has been working to extend its management capabilities beyond VMware-based clouds in order to enable our customers to become strategic brokers of IT services to the business.

Today, we’ve taken another step on this journey with a strategic partnership and investment in Puppet Labs, a company that has been at the forefront of redefining orchestration and automation for the cloud era.  Puppet Labs has done an incredible job of allowing system administrators to automate tasks at scale across compute, storage and networking in multi-vendor, heterogeneous virtual and cloud environments. Puppet Labs’ declarative, model-based approach to this challenge is completely aligned with the software-defined datacenter, enabling the definition of the desired “end-state” of infrastructure in a simple configuration language.

Through this partnership, VMware and Puppet will work together towards more extensive automation and orchestration across infrastructure and application elements for VMware-based private and public clouds, physical infrastructures, OpenStack and Amazon Web Services.  We will help customers continue to achieve new levels of efficiency and agility as they progress along the journey to IT as Service.

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