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Field Report VMworld Europe Day Two

vFabric Application Management VMworld Demo Station

Most people have an opinion about all kinds of things, sometimes even two. When it comes to my products, the VMware Application Management Suite, the only opinion, which matters to me is the opinion of customers. So at VMworld Barcelona I checked out what my customers and my partners think about us.

During the VIP Cloud Management Customer Briefing a German customer told me about the value  VMWorld bring to him: “I tell my manager VMworld is the best training I can get.” Another  northern European customer stated at our demo booth:  “vFabric Application Director is really cool. It has some of the features, which we are really going to use in our future set up. It will be a keystone for application updating and configuration to run a strong policy driven environment. “

I also checked in with some of our important Application Market place partners. Miguel from Radware told me: “I am really impressed about the traffic and the organization of the event. This morning we already had 5-6 customers, which were intrigued how we integrate and plug into Application Director.“ Kavitha from Riverbed had similar comments.

All of the statements read like a commercial, but those are actual statements I recorded with my phone today.  There are still two more days to go and I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with you.

If you are attending VMworld in Barcelona, come find us on the showfloor in the Solutions Exchange at V108 or check out the vFabric Application Management related sessions to still coming up:

Wednesday, October 10

Thursday, October 11

About the Author: Christian Paulus is the Director Product Marketing for Application Management at VMware. His speciality is to help companies create new products and take them to market globally, which he has done successfully at seven companies. Christian holds a MBA from Cologne University, and he also studied at Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University in Bonn, City University London, as well as Stanford University.

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