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See If You Have Enough vCloud Air Smarts To Win A Smart Watch

Know what time it is? Time to put your thinking cap on for the vCloud Air Challenge.


This is your chance to prove you’re a vCloud Air brainiac and take home a new smart watch! We’ve put together a test that only the cleverest of techies would ever attempt, full of questions about things like cloud architecture, virtual-only networking, and extending on-premises workloads.

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vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: Protegra and TeraGo Networks

How do you stabilize revenue flow for your company when you’re in an unpredictable field like software consulting? Start a new line of business and position yourself for rapid growth. That’s what Protegra did when they started Blue Canvas, a payroll services business that relies on TeraGo Networks, a Service Provider on the vCloud Air Network, to provide VMware-based cloud infrastructure.

“We wanted monthly recurring revenue as well as consulting revenue,” says Frank Conway, product manager at Protegra. “We wanted the Blue Canvas business to smooth out our revenue flow. Knowing that our platform and capabilities are solid, entering the payroll business made sense.”

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vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: UOLDIVEO

Acquiring and managing a secure cloud network is difficult no matter where you are. But for those who have operations in Latin America and Brazil, setting up and managing a true hybrid cloud can be especially complicated.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution, and that solution is this edition of the vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: UOLDIVEO.

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Trick or Treat with the VMware vCloud Air Network

With Halloween right around the corner, the tricks and treats are bound to be plentiful.

There are numerous cloud solutions available to you today, but not all clouds are built the same. Different businesses have different needs – it’s essential to make sure you have a cloud provider that fits yours.

One way to ensure the cloud doesn’t spook your organization is to treat yourself to the services of a provider on the vCloud Air Network!

For those who like to get in the Halloween spirit, we’ve put together a fun activity. Below are 5 statements – your job is to figure out whether it’s a trick (false), or treat (true).

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Cloud Services 101 with the VMware vCloud Air Network

The VMware vCloud Air Network is a large ecosystem of service providers offering validated cloud services built on VMware technology. With the vCloud Air Network, customers bet better security and compliance, better choice and flexibility and better breadth and depth of the applications and services they require.

To better facilitate a seamless journey to the cloud, we’re working with our vCloud Air Network service providers to validate their services and distinguish them as being powered by VMware technology. This ensures that the service provider you partner with is validated in all things VMware, hybrid cloud and more — giving you the assurance that your workloads will run on the same VMware architecture off-premises as they are on-premises.

So what validated services can you expect find?

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Did You Miss VMworld US this year? Here’s a Recap!

VMworld 2015 brought a lot of exciting innovations and announcements to the industry. But before we head over to Barcelona for VMworld Europe, let’s recap what we announced in San Francisco.

vCloud Air Announcements:

As interest in cloud services continues to grow, VMware continues to evolve and innovate in ways that propel the industry forward. Here are the ways that VMware has addressed some of the challenges that IT executives face day-to-day:

Unified Hybrid Cloud

Our very own Mathew Lodge, Vice President of Product Marketing for Cloud Services, has discussed the new battleground for cloud and how it’s actually the middle ground: it’s about new cloud native approaches that blend with existing systems. We believe cloud is the next platform shift in IT.

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Cloud Seeker: Play the Game to Start Your Adventure to the Cloud!

The journey to finding a cloud that meets all your business requirements can be tough at times. IT decision makers have to consider various aspects, such as security, reliability, compatibility, and data sovereignty, among other things.

With VMware and the vCloud Air Network, it doesn’t always have to be so tough..

Introducing Cloud Seeker, an exciting and informative adventure to the Cloud! In this game for your mobile device (iOS and Android supported), you take on the role of the Cloud Seeker, on a mission to discover your ideal public or hybrid cloud with the vCloud Air Network.


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Read the Newest VMware Comic Book: Hero On Demand

Your company is launching a new app in two days, and you’re in charge of finding a cloud service to develop and replicate test environments quickly. What do you do?

Our newest comic book chronicles the path of IT manager, Gene, who needs to find a solution. Can he quickly purchase a service that meets his teams’ requirements and is easy to use? Or does he get trapped in a maze of systems and miss the launch entirely?

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Another VMware Cloud in Action – Digital City of America, Avondale, Continues to Reach for the Cloud

“Aspiring. Achieving. Accelerating.” This is the motto of Avondale, Arizona, a city of about 80,000 residents in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Known for its recreation and sports, Avondale is home to Phoenix International Raceway, where thousands of visitors congregate to watch NASCAR races twice a year, as well as Avondale Sports Complex, which serves as a popular site for regional and national amateur sports competitions. Avondale is also known for its responsive and progressive municipal services. The community has won several awards: ranking in the top-ten for Digital City of America in the last four years, placing as the #1 Digital City in the nation for mid-sized communities for the past two years, and receiving a digital government achievement award from the Center for Digital Government.

The city had already shifted to a hybrid cloud model and had a vSphere-based environment when they decided to move from disaster recovery to true business resumption. Like all medium-sized organizations, the city of Avondale’s IT Department sought a responsive, easily accessible cloud-based solution that would fit their existing technology environment and budget. Although they were already VMware customers, they weren’t going to play favorites.

Avondale’s IT team considered several cloud service providers before awarding their project to VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery. The IT team appreciated the support and services VMware had provided in the past and their existing familiarity with VMware tools. Chief Information Officer of Avondale, Rob Lloyd, elaborates on why Avondale chose VMware, citing their past vSphere implementation as a successful project and wise investment, “We reached our goal of 70 percent virtualization in just over a year of using vSphere. VMware continuously advances its technology and provides options that allow us to build onto its solutions. As a CIO, that’s critical when looking at strategic investments.”

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Find Out How to Build Development and Testing Environments on VMware vCloud Air During Our Technical Webcast on 4/21

It happens all too frequently: inconsistencies between development, testing, and production environments that cause application errors, disruptions, delayed projects and loss of revenue.

But with VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you don’t have to lose out when you test and develop applications in the cloud.

vCloud Air OnDemand is a public cloud service providing your organization with instant access to compute resources. Compatible with your existing VMware vSphere® environment, you can create a development environment in minutes. It’s a complete, compatible representation of your current data center — right down to the common security operations, networking constructs and topologies, and compliance policies you use today.

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