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Customer Onboarding with VMware NSX L2VPN Service for vCloud Air Network

Customer onboarding can be stressful, especially when service providers are encumbered by requirements. For example, maintaining existing IP addresses, preserving L2 access to on-premises workloads and additional necessities can complicate the onboarding process. But VMware has a solution.

VMware NSX L2VPN is the VMware vCloud Air Network’s approach to accomplishing more without complicating more. With VMware NSX L2VPN, vCloud Air Network partners can easily enhance the customer onboarding process with hybrid network connectivity, seamless migration and workload mobility services that help acclimate customers to a hosted cloud platform.

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VMworld Session Spotlight: Virtualization 2.0: How the Cloud is Evolving the Modern Datacenter

In his article Virtualization 2.0 Is Your On-Ramp to the Cloud published on SIliconANGLE, VMware Cloud Strategist David Hill, writes, “Many companies today are recognizing value in the cloud even though they have no plans to mothball their own data centers. To them, the cloud represents both an extension of their on-premises infrastructures and the latest chapter in the ongoing evolution of their IT practice.”

David goes on to describe this latest chapter as “Virtualization 2.0,” because just as virtualization untethered workloads from servers, this stage is about untethering those same workloads from the data center itself, enabling apps to freely move between clouds the way they can move between servers today.

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Missing VMworld? Attend VMware vForum in Boston or Denver this September!

Calling all IT Pros living in Boston or Denver! VMware® vForum is hitting your town this September! If you’re in the area, register to attend our Boston vForum on 9/15 or our Denver vForum on 9/22 to explore new releases of VMware technology with our experts and learn how to succeed in the new digital economy across cloud, virtualization, and mobility.

See where VMware products are headed in main stage presentations led by the VMware Office of the CTO and top industry professionals. Want to learn about cyber security and how to protect yourself from hackers straight from a former FBI Most Wanted hacker himself? The make sure to catch Global White Hat Hacker Kevin Mitnick as he speaks on “The Art of Deception – How Hackers and Con Artists Manipulate You and What You Can Do About It.”

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In Recognition of Relaxation Day, Let’s Discuss DR Solutions That Deliver True Peace of Mind

Talk to just about any IT professional and they’ll tell you that finding a solution for disaster pexels-photo-101063-largerecovery (DR) that also fits into an already too-tight budget is no easy task.

Many folks are looking to the public cloud for reliable, cost-effective DR. With a ‘pay as you go’ consumption model and the ability to provide near real-time data center replication, the public cloud  can provide a flexible yet comprehensive solution that can scale up and down based on need and budget.

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vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: Protegra and TeraGo Networks

How do you stabilize revenue flow for your company when you’re in an unpredictable field like software consulting? Start a new line of business and position yourself for rapid growth. That’s what Protegra did when they started Blue Canvas, a payroll services business that relies on TeraGo Networks, a Service Provider on the vCloud Air Network, to provide VMware-based cloud infrastructure.

“We wanted monthly recurring revenue as well as consulting revenue,” says Frank Conway, product manager at Protegra. “We wanted the Blue Canvas business to smooth out our revenue flow. Knowing that our platform and capabilities are solid, entering the payroll business made sense.”

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In Recognition of Happiness Happens Day, We’re Here to Help You Turn that Frown Upside Down

So your organization is growing by leaps and bounds and now you’ve got more users stretched coffee-cup-working-happy-largeacross the globe that need fast, reliable access to their apps and data. Or maybe a big event is on the calendar – one that will create a one-time burst in workloads – and you need to quickly and cost-effectively spin up short-term resources.

While both scenarios are great news for your organization, they might not seem so great for you at this particular moment. You are likely wrestling with the reality that the data center you so meticulously designed now must support different needs, and you’re feeling down in the dumps.

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Discover How to Modernize Your vSphere Data Center in Our vCloud Air Webcasts

The explosion of data, mobile devices and the consumerization of IT have placed unprecedented pressure on IT resources. That being said, the cloud is no longer optional – it’s a necessary component in delivering the agility and enabling the innovation required to remain competitive in today’s market. 92% of U.S. IT professionals say adopting cloud technologies is important to their long-term business success.

VMware vCloud® Air™ is the ready-to- run public cloud providing a true hybrid cloud experience for VMware customers to modernize their data center. Because vCloud Air is built on the solid foundation of VMware vSphere®, it enables you to quickly and securely take advantage of the core benefits of a true hybrid cloud platform, while extending and maximizing your existing IT investments into the public cloud – supporting any application, with no changes. However, even as the public cloud becomes mainstream, issues around security, management and disaster & recovery still persist. Join our 30min vCloud Air webcasts this August and discover how VMware solutions can help.

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Success in Software-Defined Networking with Tieto

This is a guest blog post by Joni Leskinen of Tieto, a vCloud Air Network Service Provider, and Marwan Semaan of VMware.

The virtualization journey begun with the compute layer, then storage, and now, network virtualization. Network virtualization is the most important step in the journey, taking the step to maximize efficiency and cost reduction in IT, resulting in reducing Tieto customers’ total cost of ownership through high-quality standardized cloud services and automation.

In the traditional datacenter different subnets are separated using VLANs. These vLANs communicate across firewalls and physical switches connecting the subnets together. Every change or update on any subnet, requires reconfiguration of the physical network node, for example adding a new firewall in real time between local vLANs to secure an existing application, or updating load balancer to meet the scaling needs by an application, these configurations are time consuming, risky and expense.

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vCloud Air Network at VMworld 2016 – be_TOMORROW

Where can you find industry thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals – all in one place?

The answer: VMworld!

At VMworld 2016, you’ll embark on a journey full of innovation to help accelerate your path to a software-defined business. The vCloud Air Network team has an agenda full of activities and events we know you won’t want to miss out on. A vCloud Air Network checklist at VMworld, if you will.

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Guest post: Secure Cloud is Officially on the Menu for Healthcare Organisations

Repost from VMware EMEA Blog.

By Tim Hearn, Director, UK Government and Public Services, VMware

It’s an important national institution that makes us proud to be British – yet the NHS is struggling.

The NHS is lacking the funding to do all the things that it wants to do and the public expect it to do. This is compounded by increased expectations for 24/7 service, an aging population, and a new generation of expensive drugs vmware-nhs-blog-image-650x350designed from genome research.

One of the ways in which the NHS can improve patient outcomes is by moving services further into the community, creating centres of excellence in specific hospitals, and sharing anonymised data for research purposes within its four walls, as well as externally with the private sector and international research partners.

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