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vCloud Air vTech Talk: Launch and secure applications with Bitnami and vCloud Air

Quick: How is it possible to configure secure, functioning applications and servers in just a few clicks and minutes? If you answered “Bitnami and vCloud Air,” then yeah, you probably read the title.

In this episode of vCloud Air vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vCloud Air, Jenny Fong, Technical Marketing Manager for vCloud Air, walks us through the simple steps it takes to set up and deploy Bitnami templates with VMware vCloud Air.

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Dedicated Cloud RAM Upgrade

The vCloud Air team is pleased to announce that we have increased the RAM in our Dedicated Dedicated Cloud RAM UprgradeCloud service to 240GB per host in all locations.  This gives all customers, particularly the early adopters, more RAM and enables all users to create VMs up to 240GB in size.

Benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Increased maximum VM size up to 240GB for all locations
  • Improved support for memory-intensive applications on a single host
  • Greater capacity for adding more VMs

vCloud Air is continuing to enhance the platform to best suit our customers’ enterprise needs, including launching various advanced networking and hybrid management capabilities.

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vCloud: The Past Week in Review


We’re excited to welcome in the New Year with a fresh round of blogs. Now you can catch up on everything that’s been happening on the VMware vCloud Blog in one place! From Cloud-Native Apps to service provider spotlights, here’s the past week in review:

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Hybrid Cloud Manager is your Bridge to the Cloud

By: Eiad Al-Aqqad, Consultant Architect and Author of virtualizationteam.com.

eiad2At VMworld 2015, VMware introduced the Hybrid Cloud Manager, however, with the excitement of the Cross-Cloud VMotion tech-preview that was shown at the same demo, many overlooked the Hybrid Cloud Manager announcement. In this post, I want to introduce you to the Hybrid Cloud Manager and explain all the buzz around it.

What is Hybrid Cloud Manager?

In simple words, it’s the bridge between your on premise vSphere (Private Cloud) and vCloud Air (VMware Public Cloud). vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager is a downloadable offering for vSphere Web Client users who uses vCloud Air. It will empower you to manage your vCloud Air workloads from the familiar vSphere Web Client.

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vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: UOLDIVEO

Acquiring and managing a secure cloud network is difficult no matter where you are. But for those who have operations in Latin America and Brazil, setting up and managing a true hybrid cloud can be especially complicated.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution, and that solution is this edition of the vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: UOLDIVEO.

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Cloud Native Apps for the OPs Guy – Pt. 1 What the Hell is CNA Anyway?

By: Kevin Gorman, Cloud Specialist at VMware. Reposted from Zerotin.org.

DevOps, containers and every other buzzword bingo concept seem to be severely muddying the waters of understanding the practicality of web-scale application development and it’s relevance to the everyday Operations Team. I’m hoping this series explains the basics of Cloud Native Applications from the perspective of an ops guy by joining some of the dots across a commonly misunderstood topic.

Are we “failing fast”, or just plain failing?..

Cloud Native Applications (CNA) has to be one of the most enigmatic concepts in operations today, but it is widely accepted as the future of software development. New school, software centric businesses like NetFlix brought CNA and open source software into sharp focus with their recent success, showing both can be heavily utilised to support a multi billion dollar business. Couple that with the fact traditional application scaling and resiliency is now considered to be slow, inefficient and expensive and it’s of little wonder that CNA is gaining such rampant popularity.

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vCloud Air vTech Talk: Take the Quiz, Chart Your Course

Happy New Year from the VMware vCloud Air Community! As 2016 gets underway, it’s the perfect time to assess your cloud computing strategy for the coming year. Where are you on the journey to the public cloud? And where do you want to be?

In this week’s vTech Talk, we’re highlighting the vCloud Air Public Cloud Quiz. This quick-and-easy tool can help you mark your spot on the journey and plot your path forward. Based on the short videos posted in the vCloud Air Cloud Academy, our quiz questions let you test your public cloud knowledge and learn more about how vCloud Air can help you reach your cloud computing goals. The quiz covers key topics for hybrid and public clouds, including security; networking; and data migration, retention, and recovery.

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vCloud Air: 2015 Year in Review

2015 (1)The past year has brought a lot of changes. In our commitment to delivering public cloud services for our customers, the VMware vCloud® Air™ team worked tirelessly to deliver  compelling new features, services, and locations. In 2015, we formed new partnerships, expanded into new markets, released new service offerings and enhanced existing ones. Here’s a look back at key announcements.

New partnerships and certifications.

To meet the security and compliance needs of our customers we accomplished two main goals in 2015. First, VMware vCloud® Air™ gained official acceptance into the UK G-Cloud 6 program. This means VMware has been properly vetted to ensure that it is in compliance with national privacy and security laws. Now government and public sector organizations in the UK can use vCloud Air with confidence. Second, VMware and HyTrust announced a new partnership agreement that will allow customers to purchase the HyTrust DataControl encryption and key management software through the  vCloud Air  cloud platform. This solution will enable   customers to secure virtual workloads across their hybrid environments with policy-based key management that remains under their control, achieving increased effectiveness to mitigate risks to their data sets in the public cloud.

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VMware vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight: HIPAA

Over the years, there’s been a lot of discussion on the impending influence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything from televisions to refrigerators to smart watches will introduce some sort of Internet connectivity for better analysis and consumer convenience. Soon, in 2016, we’ll see the first generation of these devices hit the mass market — and that includes devices, applications and services dealing with health-oriented issues. These devices, applications and services, however, will need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


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vCloud Air vTech Talk: Storage Tiering in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

Maximizing performance while minimizing cost. It’s the best of both worlds for any organization, and VMware vCloud Air makes it possible through storage tiering in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. Our infrastructure-as-a-service platform offers two storage tiers—SSD-Accelerated and Standard—so you can move workloads to the more powerful or more economical tier, depending on your specific business needs. With storage tiering in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you get to control not only the amount of storage assigned to a virtual machine, but also its performance and storage cost details.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.20.34 PM


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