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In Recognition of Common Sense Day, Here are Some Practical Tips on Public Cloud

Born on November 4, American humorist Will Rogers is perhaps most famous for his saying “common sense ain’t all that common.” In fact, this saying is so widely known that today, which is Will’s birthday, is also known as Common Sense Day.

Common sense is defined as good sense and sound judgment in practical matters, and at VMware we think that–in cloud terms–this means deploying a common set of applications, tools, and services across a multi-cloud environment.

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Software Publishers Akuiteo and Planon Turn to vCloud Air Network Service Provider Claranet to Enable Digital Transformation

In this bold, new era of IT, enabling mobility and digital transformation is more important than ever. Together with VMware, vCloud Air Network service provider Claranet is helping to enable this.logo-1

Claranet, founded in 1996, is a Managed Service Provider specializing in network and hosting applications. With 18 offices, 35 hosting sites, and 1,200 collaborators spread over 6 countries, Claranet has become a major player in managed services. A European leader in hosting and outsourcing services for critical applications, Claranet combined expertise with VMware to offer software publishers better support in their digital projects.

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Centralized Security and Consolidated Networking Make Hybrid DMZ a Sweet Treat

Security concerns and networking complexity often are cited as key challenges to public cloud adoption.

Since most public clouds run on proprietary architectures that are often inconsistent with on-premises environments, IT teams are tasked with managing multiple copies of security appliances and physical connections to the cloud. The result is increased cost and complexity – the exact opposite of what leveraging the public cloud is meant to accomplish.

The reality is that depending on the public cloud solution you have in place, implementing and maintaining security and networking across on-premises and cloud environments can become more of a trick than a treat ( Sorry, but with Halloween on our minds, we couldn’t resist ).

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Work Directly with VMware vCloud Air in an Instructor-Led SociaLab Near You!

Bring the benefits of VMware vCloud Air and Hybrid Cloud to your company. Join an expert-led SociaLab in your town to get hands on experience working with vCloud Air’s powerful features—including workload migration, cloud management, and networking.

You’ll discover benefits of vCloud Air such as 2-way application portability to move vSphere workloads between on-premises and off-premises, 100% compatibility with on-premises VMware vSphere® data center, and data center resource optimizations through scaled workloads. Additionally, instructors will discuss uses cases of vCloud Air and a customer success story.

Sign up for a hands-on SociaLab in a city near you and see where vCloud Air can take you:

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MythBusters: Debunking Three Common Myths Around vCloud Director

For while now, there’s been some speculation that VMware vCloud Director was no longer a priority for VMware – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the release of vCloud Director 8.10 this spring, VMware has doubled down on its dedication to enhancing the product, and we’ve even expanded our training program to keep pace with the evolving needs of its users.

Make no mistake, vCloud Director fits into VMware’s larger vision for the software defined data center (SDDC) now more than ever before. So let’s take the time to clear up a few of the biggest misconceptions out there today.

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Join Our VMware vCloud Air Sessions at vForum Online November 3rd!

You can’t miss this – VMware vForum Online is happening on November 3rd! Join our experts at this free, online event to learn more about the cloud, virtualization, and business mobility. At this virtual event, you’ll discover how vCloud Air can seamlessly extend private workloads to the cloud while securely consolidating infrastructure and resources. Sign up for vForum Online on November 3rd now.

If you’re seeking more information about vCloud Air straight from the experts, you can’t miss vForum Online! Oh, and did we mention you could also win an Oculus Rift and a newly released iPhone 7 when you attend?

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Hello from the Other Side of Data Center Modernization

Architecting and rolling out your cloud-based solution can feel like a daunting task, and your plans can quickly be derailed or delayed by misconceptions about cloud types and the trade-offs among them.

If you are running a VMware vSphere®-powered data center, then you can modernize your infrastructure with VMware vCloud® Air™, the ready-to-run public cloud for protecting, extending, and replacing on-premises vSphere workloads.

Here are some tips from others who have gone before you.

Certain types of workloads are better suited to the public cloud than others.

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How VMware and Equinix Interconnect vCloud Air to the Enterprise

Businesses can now deploy high-performance, secure VMware-based hybrid clouds

According to Gartner, by 2020 “hybrid will be the most common usage of the cloud” as more enterprises see the benefits of integrating public and private cloud infrastructures. However, enabling the growth of hybrid cloud deployments in the enterprise requires fast and safe interconnection between public and private cloud services.

We’re seeing the rapid growth of hybrid clouds firsthand with our enterprise customers. The public cloud enables them to scale their on-premises infrastructures and reduce IT costs by gaining a more flexible, usage-based business model. At the same time, they want to maintain on-premises infrastructures and private clouds for those applications that are not “public cloud-ready” and to protect sensitive data.

We have a rich ecosystem of cloud service providers, and we are experienced in helping businesses develop high-performance, secure hybrid cloud infrastructures. The most recent addition to our cloud ecosystem is VMware vCloud® Air™, a hybrid cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, based on the VMware vSphere® virtualization platform.

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See If You Have Enough vCloud Air Smarts To Win A Smart Watch

Know what time it is? Time to put your thinking cap on for the vCloud Air Challenge.


This is your chance to prove you’re a vCloud Air brainiac and take home a new smart watch! We’ve put together a test that only the cleverest of techies would ever attempt, full of questions about things like cloud architecture, virtual-only networking, and extending on-premises workloads.

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Five Data Center Modernization Myths–Busted at VMworld

IT experts flocked to Barcelona last week for four days of VMworld Europe, where they could be found on the stage and in the audience for killer keynotes, breakout sessions on breakthrough technologies and helpful hands-on labs.

Among the ‘aha moments’ for attendees interested in increasing their knowledge about cloud infrastructures was the debunking of the many misconceptions about public cloud deployments that can compromise a successful data center modernization effort.

Wherever you are on the cloud adoption spectrum, you should know what’s a myth and what’s reality when it comes to architecting and rolling out you cloud-based solution.

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