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Finally, a Self-Service Public Cloud You Can Manage!

Your business wants instant access to a scalable self-service pay-as-you-go cloud, while you want a cloud that you can manage and secure just like the rest of your infrastructure. Well, how hard can that be? All you need is a hybrid platform across your onsite data center to your offsite cloud infrastructure with self-service access, pay-as-you-go charges, complete network integration, bi-directional application portability and the ability to manage everything using exactly the same tools and processes you already use. Don’t all cloud solutions provide that? Unfortunately, they don’t. But now you don’t have to choose between self-service cloud scalability and consistent manageability across hybrid environments.

Introducing VMware vCloud® Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, a NEW cloud offering provided by VMware. With this service, you receive instant access to self-service, usage-based cloud compute services on which you can build and run any application you need. In addition, you can manage these services and application workloads using exactly the same tools and processes you already use for your onsite VMware infrastructure. Now it’s a simple choice to run any application anywhere you need, on an on-demand platform that is as secure, compliant, resilient and manageable as the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Here’s a quick tour of Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand:

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Learn the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud for Government in Our Upcoming Webcast

Government agencies have been searching for a cloud service that provides the enhanced security and agility they require. VMware vCloud® Government Service™ provided by Carpathia delivers a solution to federal agencies to meet their cloud needs. This hybrid cloud service, built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®, gives US federal agencies a faster path to the cloud with the exact same platform trusted by so many federal agencies to run their data centers today. As a result, both new and existing applications can run seamlessly across your existing data center and the cloud, with the assurance of FedRAMP security standards. 

Join us on January 27, 2015 at 11am PST for an educational webcast, The Mission Case for Hybrid Cloud in Government: vCloud Government Service provided by Carpathia, to find out how to implement a hybrid cloud strategy for your federal agency.

During the webcast you’ll learn how vCloud Government Service can help you:

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Another VMware Cloud in Action – Why Hybrid Cloud Was the Right Strategy for Growth at Nevro

Nevro Selects a Hybrid Cloud Service to Address Integration, Scalability, and Regulatory Concerns

Many companies facing technologic and geographic growth are looking to cloud services as a fast and practical means to remain agile and respond to growing business demand, while extending existing infrastructure to save on capital and operational costs.

VMware customer Nevro Corporation, a growth-stage medical device manufacturer, is a perfect example of a rapidly growing startup in a heavily regulated environment. They were looking for a solution that would give them the agility to meet increased user demand and usability habits, while also adhering to strict security and compliance requirements.

As is the nature of many businesses, Nevro has many employees that are geographically separated, making it difficult to maintain company data under one roof. In addition, when faced with some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, justifying the expansion to a new data center was a hard sell to senior executives. Instead, the company spent six years using and testing major public cloud providers, but as Nevro’s IT Director, Jeff Wilson notes in a recent interview, “None of them quite felt right for our company and the industry we’re in.” That is, until they discovered VMware’s hybrid cloud service, VMware vCloud® AirTM.

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Dare to Thrive at VMware Partner Exchange 2015!


Calling all VMware Partners!

  • Are you looking to gain insights into customer needs, in order to quickly deliver technology?
  • Are you interested in meeting customer needs with VMware solutions that make IT more nimble and automated?
  • Do you want to find out how to expand your business through cross-selling VMware solutions?
  • Are you looking to network with other VMware Partners, including some of the industry’s most innovative leaders?
  • Do you want to own go-to-market strategies that enable you to accelerate your business by deploying resources where they are needed most?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, don’t miss out on VMware Partner Exchange 2015! Designed to fit your unique partners needs and help accelerate your business in the new cloud era, there’s something for everyone this year at Partner Exchange.

Find out what to expect from the VMware Cloud Services team at this year’s event:

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A Look Back: Our Five Most Popular Posts From 2014

2014 was an exciting year for the VMware vCloud® Air™ team. We continued to grow our global services, expanding in Japan and Australia, had another amazing time at VMworld, and announced several exciting service enhancements to make our customers’ path to cloud as seamless as possible.

As we look ahead to 2015, we decided to take a step back and review some of our most popular posts from 2014. In case you missed them, here are the top 5 most-read posts from last year:

#5 Increasing Cloudiness Means Growth Opportunities

Coming in at #5, Jay Workman’s blog discussed how growth opportunities are shifting from traditional software distribution to cloud distribution. Jay also discussed an important milestone for our Service Provider Program – with over 3,800 service provider partners worldwide, the vCloud Air Network can now proudly boast that it’s one of the largest cloud ecosystems available in the market.

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Set Your Cloud Agenda with vCloud Air

As the New Year begins, pressure to start embracing the cloud continues to increase. Start this year off right by helping your company adopt a cloud solution that’s right for your business and IT.  The benefits of moving to the cloud are clear — seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud, empowering you to migrate applications and workloads to help your IT organization support business goals. So what does your cloud agenda look like for 2015?

Join us on January 22, 2015 at 11am PST for a webcast that guides you through how to plan your cloud strategy with VMware vCloud® Air™.

vCloud Air is the only cloud service that’s 100% compatible with your vSphere environment. This allows for a seamless extension of your data center to the cloud, empowering you to migrate applications and workloads to the cloud using the same skills, tools, and processes that you already know and trust.

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28 Days Later, Physical to Cloud … Done

By: Justin Olivier and Valentin Hamburger

What if you could go from a physically chained application to a repeatable Hybrid Cloud vApp in 28 days? This is exactly a challenge a customer recently set the vCloud® Air™ EMEA team.

To put things into perspective, we’re not talking about a basic two tier web-app here, this is a monolithic beast based on multi-layer constructs with fragmented dependencies, some of which were not even fully understood by the customer.

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2015: The Year We Care More – and Less – about Our Clouds.

By: Lilac Schoenbeck

It’s always been part of the cloud dream – the idea that we could buy resources without even a passing glance at the underlying infrastructure, hypervisor, management environment, etc. The dream of utter commoditization, switching between clouds with the bat of an eye.

2015 will bring us closer – and further – from that dream.

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New Enhancements to vCloud Air Hybridity Solutions

By: George Kobar

VMware recently announced the general availability of vCloud Connector 2.7 and an update to the vCloud® Air™ vSphere Client plug-in. Both tools allow current vSphere customers to easily adopt vCloud Air as an extension of their data centers by providing tools to move and manage virtual machines across the hybrid cloud.

vCloud Connector 2.7

vCloud Connector is a free VMware product that allows you to seamlessly transfer virtual machines to and from vSphere environments and vCloud Air and other vSphere-based public clouds. vCloud Connector also provides visibility, or the ‘single pane’ of glass to manage your virtual machines within these environments and the ability to synchronize catalog templates. vCloud Connector 2.7 represents an important update in delivering a true hybrid cloud with better visibility into virtual machine transfers and improved support for both the transfer of vApps and larger virtual machines.

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5 Things to Look for in a Cloud Partner Program

This is a repost from Talkin’ Cloud. You can find the original post here.

By: Melissa Ross

According to Gartner, the use of cloud computing is growing. By 2016 this growth will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend, and by the end of 2017 nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments.

The opportunity for you to develop and administer unique business solutions for your customers is now, and chances are you’re evaluating the options in order to decide what the best platform is for your customers. As you look to partner with technology companies to develop your public and hybrid cloud strategy and service offerings, here are five things to look for in a partner program:

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