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How To Seed a vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Replication Without Downtime

In a recent blog post, VMware’s Chris Colotti shows step-by-step how to replicate a virtual machine in vCloud Air Disaster Recovery at a faster speed through data seeding.

With data seeding, you run the risk of a huge data transfer reduction. But there is a silver lining – you trade off the loss of data for a faster replication. To validate the process, Chris compared the results of three different methods:

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The Results Are In! The Winner of the vDilbert Caption Contest Is…

… Monty Moreland (@montymoreland)!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our vCloud Air Dilbert Caption Contest on Twitter! We received some really amazing entries, and while we wish we could name everyone a winner, there could only be one. So, after narrowing the list down to our top 10 favorites, we asked Scott Adams – creator of Dilbert – to pick the winning caption.

Congratulations to Monty Moreland for creating the winning caption (see below)! Monty did a great job in recognizing who the judge was and created a caption that resonated well with the Dilbert characters and theme. We hope you enjoy your new Pebble Watch!

#vDilbert Caption Contest

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How Will You Mind the Gap in Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Organizations today lean heavily on technology with the assumption that we can access information whenever and wherever we want to. But the reality is that most businesses face the risk of substantial downtime due to outages, failures, disasters or other disruptions. Although they want to protect their business’ critical applications and keep operations running smoothly, there are more applications, systems and data to protect than ever before. Many lack the time and resources to adequately extend disaster recovery (DR) to safeguard all aspects of their business – resulting in gaps in coverage. 

According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Annual Report, organizations worldwide could – and should – be doing a lot more to prepare for a disaster. The benchmark survey results demonstrate severe shortcomings in disaster recovery preparedness for companies worldwide, with 3 in 4 companies at risk due to nonexistent or inadequate disaster recovery plans.

Below are three common challenges organizations face when it comes to implementing a comprehensive DR strategy and how they can overcome these challenges.

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Introducing the New VMware vCloud Air ISV Partner Program

Today VMware announced the VMware® vCloud® Air ISV Partner Program to provide a framework and support for ISVs to grow with vCloud Air. Through this program, ISVs will be armed with the tools they need to help guide customers on their hybrid cloud journey, including information on key hybrid cloud use cases, such as dev/test, packaged application migration, and disaster recovery.

This new program underlines VMware’s commitment to bringing together tools, applications and services to enable you to move to the cloud easily. Interested in selecting, deploying and optimizing an ISV solution with vCloud Air? Easily identify program participants with the new ‘VMware Ready – vCloud Air” logo.

VMware partner badges


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Configuring Multiple Machines for vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

This is a summary of a post that originally appeared on Chris Colotti’s Blog. You can find the original post here.

Having done multiple demonstrations of vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, Chris Colotti, Principal Technical Marketing Architect for vCloud Air, is often asked, “Can we configure multiple machines for replication?” As Chris found out (with the help of Akeem Jenkins and lab testing) the answer is yes! There are a few conditions that must be met first, but overall, the process of configuring multiple machines for replication is simple.

First, admins need to set up the correct vSphere Replication 5.6 Appliance for replication to vCloud Air. Second, they need to have a vCloud Air Disaster Recovery account. Then it’s a simple process of selecting machines with the same operating system type, right-clicking and selecting “Configure Replication.”

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VMware Announces Early Access Program for VMware vCloud Government Service

By Angelos Kottas

Over the summer, we initiated a private beta program for VMware vCloud Government Service provided by Carpathia to begin testing and validating its practical value for U.S. government agencies. To date, vCloud Government Service is being tested in civilian, defense, law enforcement and other Federal IT environments. Due to the progress those organizations are making, today we are launching an Early Access Program, inviting U.S. federal government agencies to purchase our enterprise-class hybrid cloud service for their cloud applications. This preview period provides agencies with the opportunity to prepare and test their applications while simultaneously pursuing their own FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO).

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Missed VMworld US 2014? Here’s What Happened in San Francisco!


VMworld US 2014 brought a lot of new innovations to the virtualization industry and beyond. So before we start ramping up for VMworld Europe, held in Barcelona, Spain, let’s revisit what we announced in San Francisco.

A brief recap of VMworld San Francisco, 2014:

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Instantiate VMs with vCloud Air for $8 a Month

By Massimo Re Ferre

We have demonstrated in a previous blog post how vCloud Air is cheaper than AWS and Azure when considering price-performance. To get the same CPU performance out of Azure that you get from vCloud Air, you will need to use either more instances or larger instances – both contributing to a higher cost. To get the same storage performance out of AWS that you get from vCloud Air, you will need to provision more storage (as performance is tied to volume size) or higher classes of storage that are more expensive.

But what if performance is not the critical factor? What if the raw number of virtual machines that can be provisioned is more important?  That can be the case particularly in test and development scenarios where you focus more on the service wirings and architecture (versus raw performance).

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Increasing Cloudiness Means Growth Opportunities

This is a repost from The VAR Guy. You can find the original post here.

By Jay Workman

In a traditional software world, the channel role was both to sell and to provide services to customers. In the world of cloud computing, the primary opportunity is shifting to the services partners can offer their customers. These typically offer high margins and provide opportunity for ongoing high-touch engagements—both of which help partners build their businesses.

There are many successful companies that provide cloud services today, with consulting practices built around cloud strategy, cloud assessments, migration services, organizational change management and readiness, cloud management services, application modernization and orchestration and more.

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Think You’re Witty? Prove It! Announcing the vCloud Air Dilbert Caption Contest

If you follow us on Twitter @vCloud and attended VMworld last week, you might have been one of the lucky recipients of our specially made VMware vCloud Air Dilbert t-shirts.

VMworld 2014 Day 3 (61 of 91)

VMworld 2014 Day 4 (42 of 259)If you missed out, don’t worry, because we’ve teamed up with Scott Adams, the creator of everyone’s favorite office engineer, to keep the Dilbert fun going! Scott has created a very special hybrid cloud-themed comic, and we want you to help finish it. We’ll select our 10 favorite captions, and from those, Scott will select his favorite to win a Pebble Watch!

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