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vTech Talk: Disaster Recovery With vCloud Air

If disaster were to strike your data center, what would be the impact of losing your critical IT vTech Talk (1)operations? How much data would you lose? And how fast would you be able to get your communications systems and customer-facing applications up and running again?

In this episode of vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vCloud Air, John Day, vCloud Air Product Marketing Manager for Disaster Recovery, gives us an overview of the vCloud Air services that ensure your VMs are backed up and easy to access should disaster strike, giving you peace of mind.

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Designer Pages Draws Up Better Customer Service with VMware vCloud Air

It’s hard to imagine a modern architecture firm working without today’s digital technologies. Everything from 3D modeling and printing, to shadow analysis, right down to project renderings depends on digital innovations. However, some areas in the architecture field, particularly in sourcing and procurement, are underserved. That’s where Designer Pages comes in.

We built Designer Pages to reshape how architects, designers, and manufacturers interact and connect. Before Designer Pages, investigating and sourcing materials was a time-consuming process. If you were lucky, you’d be able to find someone in-house who’d worked with a manufacturer before. If you were unlucky, you’d have to scour your network, old PDFs, or dig through excel spreadsheets to find basic product information. That takes time, and for many firms — and their customers — time is a lot of money.

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Three Reasons Enterprises Should Use Object Storage

If you work at a large company, you know that data storage is a problem. Those large quantities O6ZKFPOHXNof data require more efficient handling methods. It’s too much overhead to keep data in files and constantly expand hierarchies. Then look at the speed at which enterprises are accumulating data. A 50-60% CAGR isn’t unheard of. Combine the quantity of data with those growth rates, and it’s clear that data storage is a great barrier to the pace of business.

But large volumes also make one wonder: how often does all this information get used? Can’t we categorize frequently used data apart from other types of data which can be stored with less hassle? The desire to store large amounts of unstructured data as simply as possible is the idea behind Object Storage.

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Protecting Your Data Center and Improving IT Resiliency

Previously, we described how vCloud Air is a public cloud designed especially for IT, solving a unique set of problems that cannot be addressed by other public clouds. In situations like mergers and acquisitions or for data consolidation projects, we talked about how vCloud Air can replace traditional physical data centers. When data center capacity is stretched or a project needs access to quick capacity, we showed how Hybrid Cloud Manager drives unparalleled capabilities for extending the perimeter of your data center. In this blog, we will take a closer look at how vCloud Air can help improve the resiliency of your data center.

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Webinar Announcement: Upgrade Your VMware vSphere to 6.0 and Enterprise+

By: Daniel Valik, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Cloud Service Provider Business, Cloud Native Apps and DevOps at VMware

We are excited to announce that next week, on Thursday April 21st, we will have a webinar on VMware vSphere 6.0 and the Enterprise+ license, as well as the upgrade path from previous versions. You can register for the webinar here.

For those of you unfamiliar with vSphere: Put simply, VMware vSphere is truly one of the industry’s leading and most reliable virtualization platforms. vSphere simplifies IT by separating applications and operating systems (OSs) from the underlying hardware. Your existing applications see dedicated resources, but your servers can be managed as a pool of resources. The result is that your business runs on a simplified yet resilient IT environment.

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vTech Talk: Extending Data Center Resources With vCloud Air

In this episode of vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vTech Talk (1)vCloud Air, Jim Armstrong, Group Manager for vCloud Air Product Marketing, gives us an overview of the vCloud Air services that allow you to seamlessly extend your on-premises IT infrastructure by adding resources from vCloud Air.

Seasonal or fluctuating IT facility requirements, flexible capacity for test environments, and extra space to scale up applications for a short time are just some of the reasons customers look to add temporary data center capacity via the cloud.

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How Cloud IT for Cities Makes a Difference with VMware

By Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of Avondale

roblloydIt’s one thing to lose email service in a business environment, but it’s another for a city’s wastewater treatment to stop functioning, or to lose records on capital crimes. I’ve learned over the years managing the IT infrastructure for a municipality that we are responsible for core functions in residents’ daily lives. This focus causes a significant shift in how we view our role, one that makes all the difference. We have to deliver forward-thinking technological solutions that support a community growing into the 21st century.

That certainly entails its fair share of hard days and satisfied moments for the City of Avondale’s IT department, but as CIO, I’d like to share one in particular with you.

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IT Pros – vForum Montreal on April 21 is Exactly What You’re Looking For

This one’s for you, IT department! Do you want to simplify your IT with the VMware solutions VMware_vForum2016_Montrealyou already have or are thinking about getting? Then join us at vForum Montreal on April 21st to discover the latest tips and tricks so that you can transform your IT! Whether you’re just starting out or already have an advanced deployment plan, we’ll help you navigate your IT journey across cloud, virtualization and mobility. Seriously, clear your schedule for this day-long event – it’s free!

In the morning, you’ll hear some of IT’s biggest names give actionable advice on how to deliver an effective cloud strategy. Listen to VMware CTO of the Americas, Chris Wolf, discuss four key priorities that drive today’s IT imperatives. Stick around after for IDC Canada’s very own Program VP, David Senf, who will share his vast experience in forecasting and tracking markets & competitors in the cloud, servers, storage, networking & security, software tools and virtualization. Rounding out our list of keynote speakers is Shawn Rosemarin, VMware Chief of Staff Systems Engineer, who’ll explain how VMware’s Software Defined Enterprise can help mature your organization from a “cost center” into a “valued service provider.”

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Kirin Techno-System Finds a Solution in Fujitsu That Solves More Than One Problem

When you can’t take your laptop to have drinks with clients, business opportunities get missed. fujitsuThat was the problem facing sales reps at Kirin Techno-System who felt constrained by a strict policy against bringing laptops to any venue serving alcohol. The policy was intended to enhance security but it ended up creating friction between marketing and IT — a friction that was only exacerbated by other issues related to inefficient desktop deployment and maintenance.

Kirin Techno-System, based in Japan, supports inspection needs ranging from bottling to container transport. The company has been around for decades, and up until recently, relied on an outdated model for delivering desktop computers. Additionally, the company’s security policy prohibited users from bringing computers to a gathering where alcohol would be served. Although the data on the computers was encrypted, the risk of information leaks was deemed too high. This created resentment amongst the sales team because doing deals over drinks is common in Japan. Maintenance, response times and unrealistic security protocols all contributed to a lack of efficiency and a decrease in morale at the company.

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Simplify Cloud Network and Security with vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services

By Roshni Pary, Product Line Marketing Manager, and George Kobar, Senior Technical Marketing Architect

Last year we announced general availability of vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services for Dedicated Cloud. Today, we are excited to announce that we are extending Advanced iStock_000019297039_LargeNetworking services to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Networking and Security are the most commonly cited barriers to adopting public cloud. IT teams are forced to rethink how they design, deploy, and manage infrastructure services to force-fit on-premises applications in the public cloud. What if there is a way to manage on-premises and public cloud infrastructure as a single resource pool without having to re-architect applications?

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