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Boost your Bottom Line with DRaaS, Powered by VMware vCloud Availability

It’s clear that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a vital role in supporting IT strategy for both on-premises and cloud-based IT investments. Ensuring the security and protection of IT resources is at the top of many lists for MSPs and IT leaders. Disasters happen – there’s no way around that. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires – even human-driven attacks such as ransomware or information breaches always remain in the realm of possibility.

Regardless of what disaster happens, or how disaster happened – the impact of disasters on the enterprise is real. Independent research conducted from the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that 30% of companies have been unable to access key applications for hours or multiple days after outages.

A growing mutual interest has been shown by IT and MSP leaders in the area of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). In 2015, nearly 60% of enterprises already using cloud services said they were deploying or planning on deploying DRaaS. As IDG describes in a recent whitepaper, DRaaS is a great way for companies to get started with using cloud services – 50% of small companies and 33% of large organizations plan to enable business continuity in the cloud, primarily to take advantage of cost savings. DRaaS is the highest-ranking cloud service that enterprises are deploying in 2016.

With an easy on-ramp to the cloud for hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers using VMware technology, MSPs see real value in a VMware-based DRaaS offering. Enter VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director, which enables vCloud Air Network service providers to offer simple, cost-effective cloud based disaster recovery services that seamlessly support their customers’ vSphere environments. It is expressly designed for VMware service providers to enable further monetization of existing VMware vCloud Director multi-tenant cloud environments.

VMware vCloud Availability offers substantial value to MSPs and Enterprise customers alike:

  • Easy to Operate
    • vCloud Availability makes it easy for MSPs to configure and run a disaster recovery as a service offering that is natively compatible with their end customers’ vSphere environments
  • Designed for Easy Customer Adoption and Growth
    • vCloud Availability for vCloud Director leverages native vSphere replication to offer a seamless experience to end customers, while the vCloud Air Network program’s pay-as-you-go construct enables providers to cost-effectively grow consumption of software to meet customer demand
  • Built for VMware Service Providers
    • vCloud Availability enables vCloud Air Network Service Providers to continue to monetize their investment in VMware, leveraging their existing vCloud Air Network points and discount structures

NIFTY, one of the leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Japan, successfully released a new DRaaS offering based on VMware vCloud Availability for vCloud Director.

Upon launch, NIFTY saw several new customers signed up immediately for the service, generating a new DRaaS revenue stream in a short period of time. NIFTY has approximately 70 more customers in trial.

NIFTY could not develop our Disaster Recovery as a Service without the vCloud Availability module; it was well designed to be connected to our NIFTY Cloud management console. VMware provides the core module and technical support for cloud service providers to develop the new service, which is very helpful from a time-to-market perspective.”

Tomoharu Mukaidaira, Marketing Manager, NIFTY

Disasters do not have to be disastrous for IT. Now, MSPs are able to ensure that their customers have the tools and technology at their disposal to get the enterprise up and running quickly, keeping downtime at a minimum. This presents a unique chance to help reduce the impact of disasters by keeping apps and data safe, and operational, no matter what the recovery situation or outage condition.

To learn more about VMware vCloud Availability, visit us at VMware.com/availability or read the IDG White Paper here.

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How Peirce College Prepared for Open Enrollment with VMware Public Cloud

Higher education is in the midst of fundamental changes, and as technology helps campuses vmwq316-1_vca_9-29_webcast_facebook_1200x628_9-21-16_js_003-1better reach beyond their traditional physical borders, decision-makers expect IT to offer the solutions and leadership needed to deliver better services to students, staff, and researchers, while simplifying IT costs and responsibilities. That’s why educational institutions are turning to VMware vCloud® Air™ to empower institutions to strengthen and streamline IT control and capability, and eliminate the challenges of shadow technology governance while still meeting diverse computing needs of faculty and students. Sign up for our free one-hour webcast on September 29th to discover how vCloud Air uses public cloud to meet diverse needs with confidence and simplicity, and hear about Peirce College’s success with public cloud.

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The Transparent Cloud with vRealize Operations

By Neal Elinski, Solution Strategist

IT departments are responsible for every aspect of their cloud-based applications, but without full visibility and control over these workloads, as we often find in cloud environments, how can they fulfill those expectations? Everybody wants the operational benefits that come from a cloud, but no IT department is fully comfortable running their machines in a black box. If they can’t see what’s happening in the background, then how do they know that their workloads are running properly?

With vCloud Air, we have a few solutions to open up your cloud, so you can look behind the curtain to properly monitor, tune, and manage your environment to your specifications.

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vCloud Air Network Customer Spotlight – OVH Empowers Villeroy & Boch to Enable Fast Response and High Flexiblity

Owning a rich history that dates back more than 265 years, Villeroy & Boch is a world-famous lifestyle brand represented by around 7,300 employees in 125 countries. Each of the company’s divisions, including Tableware, Bathroom and Wellness, offer their own wide portfolio of different products. To deliver, Villeroy & Boch has several different production sites, warehouses, and sales channels in various countries, which creates enormous complexity for the lifestyle brand – with far reaching implications for the areas of internet and e-commerce.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 47 million people purchased goods or services for private purposes over the Internet in 2015 – an increase of 20% since 2010. For a traditional company like VIlleroy & Boch, it has not been spared from changes in customer behavior, forcing a systematic digital realignment to be adopted by the group.

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Missed VMworld? Attend VMware vForum Live in Boston September 15th!

Calling all IT Pros living in Boston – VMware® vForum is hitting your town next week! If you’re in the area, register to attend our Boston vForum on 9/15 to explore new releases of VMware technology with our experts and learn how to succeed in the new digital economy across cloud, virtualization, and mobility. If you couldn’t make it to VMworld 2016, you’ll be able to catch up on all the VMware solution announcements at vForum Live in Boston!

vForum Live is your chance to see where VMware products are headed in main stage presentations led by the VMware Office of the CTO as well as top industry professionals. Or, maybe you want to learn about cyber security and protecting yourself from hackers directly from a former FBI Most Wanted hacker? Then make sure to catch Global White Hat Hacker Kevin Mitnick as he speaks on “The Art of Deception – How Hackers and Con Artists Manipulate You and What You Can Do About It.”

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Rackspace Meets New PCI-DSS Compliance with VMware NSX Network Virtualization

By Derek Mitchell, Senior Technical Advisor, VMware vCloud Air Network

Many organizations are wrapping up the transition to version 3.1 of PCI DSS compliance. Though much of the focus of v3.1 has been around the security concerns regarding SSL and early versions of TLS, a couple of the VMware vCloud Air Network cloud providers I work with have taken the opportunity to review their entire PCI DSS certification.

As our cloud provider partners make the transition to v3.1, one of them, Rackspace, stands out because of the approach they took. Rackspace made the decision to leverage VMware NSX as the vehicle to get them to their destination. All of us who are familiar with NSX can rattle off the use cases off the top of our head: security, automation, compliance, etc.  Compliance, although a powerful use case, is often less “sexy” and as a result, less discussed than the others. Let’s do it some justice today.

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Zebra Technologies Saves Millions Leveraging Hybrid Cloud for 700+ Acquired Applications

By Laura Ortman: VP and GM, vCloud Air – Cloud Services at VMware

VMworld 2016 has been nothing short of amazing and we’re only two days in! On Monday we made several exciting announcements around Hybrid Cloud Manager, Hybrid DMZ and Identity Federation support. Each of these enhancements speak directly to the challenges customers have expressed to me and we’re excited to roll out solutions to address them. One customer who came to us in need of a solution for their business pain points is Zebra Technologies.

Zebra Technologies builds solutions that identify, track and manage critical assets, people, and transactions. By doing so, Zebra creates a digital footprint allowing their customers clear visibility into their business.  A critical factor in Zebra’s success is the IT infrastructure that supports all the products and services offered to customers.

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Supporting Identity Federation with vCloud Air

By Abhinav Katiyar, Product Manager, vCloud Air

As discussed yesterday, VMware is focused on helping IT to modernize their data centers by seamlessly integrating them with vCloud Air. A key aspect of integration is in extending the corporate IT infrastructure, specifically identity and access management, to vCloud Air. In this blog, I’ll share how vCloud Air supports identity federation to your preferred corporate identity provider solution through SAML 2.0.

Key Benefits of Identity Federation

Employee Privacy: Supporting federated identity allows you to centrally manage all users and their respective access rights to vCloud Air through your corporate directory service. From a security and governance perspective, since authentication is granted through the corporate identity solution, user information is not kept in vCloud Air which protects employee privacy.

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Your Data Center in the Cloud with Hybrid DMZ

The most common barriers cited for public cloud adoption are security and networking. Typically, a move to public cloud requires different networking and security policies and architectures that are inconsistent with existing on-premises investments. This leads to duplicity in skill sets, multiple copies of security appliances, and multiple physical connections to the cloud. All of these lead to increased cost and complexity.

Today we would like to introduce the Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs for vCloud Air. These designs have been developed to support common security and networking practices that are quite common in traditional data centers and make them available in vCloud Air. Some of our largest and fastest growing vCloud Air customers have already begun to employ these designs to incorporate their existing security tools, simplify user management, manage software licensing, and lower their TCO. The Hybrid DMZ Reference Designs for vCloud Air are a series of recommended architectures to build a new zone in the hybrid cloud where physical cloud connectivity can be shared amongst multiple services, security and other core services can be centralized, and our customers can leverage their existing security and networking best practices. With a Hybrid DMZ, customers can achieve the same levels of network isolation and service aggregation as an on-premises network design, effectively moving the network perimeter to the cloud and allowing IT to maintain control of the security posture of your organization, while allowing application teams to control their own isolated cloud environments.

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Hybrid Cloud Manager is Soaring to New Heights

By Jim Armstrong, Group Manager, vCloud Air Product Marketing

Yesterday at VMworld 2016, we announced the latest release of vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager. The new version of Hybrid Cloud Manager is a big step forward in cloud connectivity, bringing the ability to migrate virtual machines to vCloud Air with zero downtime, delivering high-speed stretched network segments, and the ability to migrate NSX security policies to the cloud. In other words, the virtual machine, the network, and the security policy all migrate to vCloud Air from a customer’s on-premises data center. This is all powered by intelligent routing and networking technology under the covers.

It’s those “under the cover” bits that truly make the difference and as I write this, I’m about 30,000 feet above the ground and I’ve had an epiphany about flying and connecting to the cloud. It occurs to me that I have come to take flying in a 55-ton metal tube for granted. I’m to the point where I don’t even remember the actual taxi or take-off and don’t really pay attention to anything until I hear that familiar “Ding!” at the 10,000-foot level that signifies I can now dig out my laptop and watch a movie. Having said that, the thing that makes flying less than pleasant is the actual in-flight experience: seats that seem to have less and less leg room, arm rests made out of plastic that are harder than granite, unruly passengers, and food that manages to be both expensive and horrible.

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