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It’s Time for You to Attend vForum Live Chicago – May 25th!

Calling all IT professionals interested in exploring the benefits of virtualization, mobility, or cloud, VMware vForum Live Chicago is coming soon! Join our experts in-person for an interactive, all-day event that will take you through technical deep dives of VMware solutions. Sign up today to attend vForum Live in Chicago on May 25th and discover the myriad of ways you can simplify your IT and receive actionable advice on how to deliver an effective cloud strategy from our keynote speakers, specific breakout sessions, hands-on lab environments, and more. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win some pretty sweet prizes, too!

In the morning, enjoy breakfast with your peers and make sure to snag your VMware lanyard and logo bag at the registration table. Then take a seat in the main plenary and take in our world-class keynote speakers as they divulge tips, tricks and insights into their various fields. Here’s the list of IT’s biggest names and VMware technical leaders who will be presenting:

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Take Part in a Technical Deep Dive and Demonstration of the Hybrid WAN

Now that cloud computing is the new norm, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How many workloads should I be migrating?” If you’re at that stage, and would like VMware experts to guide you through migrating vSphere workloads to the cloud, then join our upcoming webcasts for a deep technical dive into “Migrating vSphere Workloads to the Cloud” with VMware vCloud® Air™ and VMware vCloud® Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager™.

vCloud Air is a secure public cloud platform that delivers greater compute and application performance, while the hybrid cloud enables enterprises to combine the flexibility and efficiency of public cloud with the security and control of on-premise data centers. Using vCloud Air in conjunction with vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager makes it even easier to migrate applications to and from the public cloud, and extend your network for a true hybrid environment.

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vTech Talk: vCloud Air Template Options

In this episode of vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vTech Talk (1)vCloud Air, David Hill, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at vCloud Air, answers a top vCloud Air Community question from our recent AVCA Community event.

During the event, Community member SebastianGrugel asked, “When using vCloud Air, are there library or template options that can be used multiple times? Is there an operating system ready template that’s ready to deploy?”

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Extend Your vSphere Workloads to the Public Cloud with vCloud Air

Even though vSphere is the ideal foundation for any cloud environment, giving you the best VMWQ216-17_vCloud-Air-5-19_Twitter_500x281_4-29-16_JS_001performance, availability and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications, you might find yourself running into some common “growing pains.” Let’s see – Are you having difficulty scaling your vSphere workloads up and down to meet application performance requirements? Do you find you are either over purchasing or under-utilizing your on-premises IT infrastructure resources? If you answered “yes” to to either of the above questions, then you need to extend your vSphere workloads to the public cloud with vCloud Air! Join our webcast on May 19th to see why leveraging the public cloud is the easiest solution.

In this hour-long webcast, VMware vCloud Product Marketing Director Jim Armstrong will dive deep into the business benefits of taking full advantage of the public cloud. In this digital seminar, you will:

vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: Node Africa

Node Africa is making a splash in the specialized hybrid cloud provider market, and businesses are taking notice. The company’s low latency environments, security, redundancy and quality service are desirable markers for its clientele, as well as its status as a member of the VMware vCloud Air Network.


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Another VMware Cloud in Action – How vCloud Gave Lumeta Agility at Scale

By Joe Sorial, VP of Products, Lumeta Corporation

Everyday, we hear a story about a small, innovative company disrupting an industry. The IT industry can feel like a cat and mouse game between established players and hungry startups. Every organization wants to be agile. But in this context, it’s easy to overlook the necessities and advantages of having wide-ranging scope.

Lumeta Logo Color

At Lumeta, size and complexity are a part of everyday life. We provide network situational awareness for Fortune 500 companies. We deal with large, global networks with IP addresses ranging from tens of thousands to millions. For us, the question is, how does our team provide visibility for those huge networks?

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vTech Talk: vCloud Air’s Reserved Capacity Offerings

Wanting to know more about vCloud Air’s reserved capacity offerings? In this episode of vTech vTech Talk (1)Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vCloud Air, David Hill, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at vCloud Air, answers a top vCloud Air Community question from our recent AVCA Community event.

During the event, Community member atc asked, “In AWS, there is the ‘Reserved Instance’ for cost savings. Does vCloud Air have this feature as well?” To answer atc’s question, Hill goes into detail about vCloud Air’s reserved capacity cloud services, available through VMware’s subscription offerings. Hill explains how you can choose between Dedicated Cloud and a Virtual Private Cloud offerings, with the option to reserve a fixed amount of capacity for a designated period of months. Included with your subscription are a variety of resources, available at all times, and discounts available for longer commitments.

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vCloud Air Network Provider Carrenza Helps The Jockey Club Race to Success

The Jockey Club is the largest commercial horse racing entity in the United Kingdom. It owns and operates about 15 race courses and hosts about 3 million people annually. But The Jockey Club doesn’t race year-round, which means it experiences both periods of rest and high-demand.


That’s what brought The Jockey Club to VMware vCloud Air Network cloud provider Carrenza.

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vTech Talk: Disaster Recovery With vCloud Air

If disaster were to strike your data center, what would be the impact of losing your critical IT vTech Talk (1)operations? How much data would you lose? And how fast would you be able to get your communications systems and customer-facing applications up and running again?

In this episode of vTech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all things vCloud Air, John Day, vCloud Air Product Marketing Manager for Disaster Recovery, gives us an overview of the vCloud Air services that ensure your VMs are backed up and easy to access should disaster strike, giving you peace of mind.

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Designer Pages Draws Up Better Customer Service with VMware vCloud Air

It’s hard to imagine a modern architecture firm working without today’s digital technologies. Everything from 3D modeling and printing, to shadow analysis, right down to project renderings depends on digital innovations. However, some areas in the architecture field, particularly in sourcing and procurement, are underserved. That’s where Designer Pages comes in.

We built Designer Pages to reshape how architects, designers, and manufacturers interact and connect. Before Designer Pages, investigating and sourcing materials was a time-consuming process. If you were lucky, you’d be able to find someone in-house who’d worked with a manufacturer before. If you were unlucky, you’d have to scour your network, old PDFs, or dig through excel spreadsheets to find basic product information. That takes time, and for many firms — and their customers — time is a lot of money.

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