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Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day is Coming Soon, but for IT Leaders the Future is Now

Did you know Thursday, December 8th is Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day? As the name timetravelersuggests, it’s all about pretending to be a time traveler who has somehow ended up in the present day.

VMware is full of technology gurus who architect software-defined data centers and extend them to the cloud, using ideas and technologies that are so cutting edge, you’d think they were sent back from the future.

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From London to Las Vegas, Gartner and VMware Talk Data Center Modernization

It should come as no surprise that earlier this week at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & summits_logo-pngwae1939c398a5538d1Operations Management Summit in the United Kingdom, a prime topic of conversation was data center modernization. As demands for innovation grows, and digital business evolves, making the public cloud a part of your IT infrastructure has become a business imperative. It should also come as no surprise that VMware vCloud® Air™, a leader in this conversation, helps you leverage the benefits of public cloud without sacrificing investments that you’ve already made in your data center.

Since it’s built on the solid foundation of VMware vSphere®,  vCloud Air is the ready-to-run public cloud solution that allows you to seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud, yet still leverage the same infrastructure, network, security, management, and skills you already use with your onsite environment. By extending the same platform and operations model you use in your onsite data center to the cloud, you can deploy and run your applications onsite, offsite, or both—without compromise and with less risk.

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Take a Deep Dive Through vCloud Air Security and Management Features in this Webcast Series!

Looking to dig a little deeper into the technical side of VMware vCloud® Air™? Then sign up now for our “Technically Speaking” webcast series this December to gain a thorough understanding of all the security and management features that vCloud Air offers.

Unlike cloud offerings that only support new applications and rely on proprietary management tools, vCloud Air supports any new or existing application and leverages the same tools, technologies and skills that VMware customers already use on-premises. That means you won’t have to re-architect applications or network design just to make the move to the cloud.

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How Does A DMZ-Zone for Hybrid Clouds Actually Work?

While the cloud is revolutionary for enterprises, security issues are stalling migration. In our previous blog, we highlighted how vCloud Air Hybrid DMZ resolves those barriers.

Essentially, the DMZ is a single connection point and security layer that extends security concepts from on-premises to the cloud. It also brings management consolidation, performance improvements, and cost reductions. We’ve already covered those details. Now, we’ll turn our attention to how Hybrid DMZ works, referencing example designs as well.

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The Role of vCloud Air in VMware’s Cloud Strategy

At the recent VMworld conferences in both Las Vegas and Barcelona, VMware announced new partnerships with IBM and Amazon Web Services, which provide additional ways for customers to extend to the public cloud with a VMware-based SDDC architecture. These new partnerships build on the hybrid cloud strategy that VMware has been delivering and continues to deliver through vCloud Air and the vCloud Air Network.

Companies are already investing in public clouds like AWS and Azure, building new cloud-first applications that take full advantage of these platforms. However, they recognize that 85% of their workloads still remain on-premises. To take advantage of what cloud computing offers, organizations will have to decide what the best path for migration will be for these applications:

Top Ten Ways VMware vCloud Air is Better than Thanksgiving

1. Modernizing your Data Center through vCloud Air won’t gobble your budget.

2. Cloud Migration with Hybrid Cloud Manager supports stretched networks. The elastic in your sweatpants however, notsomuch.

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Extend Your Data Center in Less Than 60 Minutes

You finally made it to the cloud. Congratulations, you’re among the leading enterprises that recognize the value of this critical tool for business success. In fact, by the end of 2016, 27% of IT workloads will be run in the private and public cloud – 10 years ago it was a mere 2%.

Maybe you’re using it for disaster recovery, maybe it’s to extend, or even replace, your data center. All of these can be accomplished using vCloud Air and this blog will guide vSphere users through the necessary steps of getting on-premises data centers extended to the cloud in less time than it takes to cook a turkey.

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How Do CIOs Imagine the Future of 2020?

The best leaders are visionaries, and CIOs are no exception. They’ve seen networking evolve light-man-hand-pensubstantially over the past decades — naturally, CIOs anticipate big changes ahead. As they envision an ideal future for IT however, business pressures influence their wish-lists. So the question for anyone working in their departments should be, “What is the best way to accomplish the IT changes that CIOs want?”

To first understand a CIO’s perspective, knowing their historical experience is a must. It all starts with virtualization. Today, the idea of purchasing a hardware component for every imaginable need is outdated. Everyone knows that idling or unused equipment is inefficient. Furthermore, nobody believes it’s a good thing for applications and hardware to be siloed from each other. Once you magnify the scale of these issues across remote locations, it’s clear why virtualization was adopted. Treat physical servers as one pool of resources, and resources can be rearranged to balance workloads. Talk about efficiency!

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VMware and IBM Cloud Solutions Help Transform the Guest Experience at Marriott International

Marriott International is one of the world’s leading hospitality companies – spanning 19 brands in over 40 countries, with over 200,000 associates.

They have been hyper-focused over the last several years evolving the guest experience and integrating technology in all that Marriott does, which is clearly evident with what they are doing in the cloud.

Earlier in 2016, IBM became the first vCloud Air Network partner to offer VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud. Robert Leblanc, VP of IBM Cloud, took the VMworld stage with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to discuss the power of VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud, which empowers customers with the ease of deployment and management of VMware Cloud Foundation, plus IBM Cloud’s innovative architecture, multi-level security and global availability.

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In Recognition of International Tongue Twister Day, We Offer Key Cloud Considerations for Conscientious Carl to Contemplate

Sunday is International Tongue Twister Day, and many people might celebrate by saying an old favorite like, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” three times fast.

But for IT leaders seeking to modernize their data center using the public cloud, a real-life tongue twister tripping them up might be, “Key Cloud Considerations for Conscientious Carl to Contemplate”.

For most organizations, the ability to securely deliver applications to any user, anywhere, on any device—while meeting SLAs, compliance, and budget requirements—demands some level of public cloud adoption. Leveraging the cloud can also unlock some of the investment capital currently tied up in your on-premises data centers.

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