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Compliance Made Clear with the vCloud Air Network

More and more companies today are looking to extend their businesses across regions and across the globe. This is no easy task. There are operational and geographic limitations on top of capital expenses and a litany of compliance requirements to adhere to.

But organizations looking to ease their growing pains have a solid option when it comes to cloud strategy: they can partner with a service provider whose cloud services meet stringent IT and business standards. In fact, there are many certified cloud-based service partners who are guaranteed to provide best of class service and security. The hard part is tracking those potential partners down. VMware vCloud Air Network’s service providers provide exactly that.

With more than 4,000 service partners in more than 100 countries, vCloud Air Network service providers offer services that meet a broad variety of compliance standards at national, international and industry specific levels.

Here’s a short list of compliance standards vCloud Air Network service providers can help you meet:

  • International
    • ISO 27001
      • Formally defines requirements for a complete Information Security Management System (ISMS). Details a set of best practices and is intended to be applicable to all organizations
    • SOC 1 (SSAE16)
      • Report on controls at a service organization that may be relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting
    • SOC 2 (Trust Service Principles)
      • SOC 2 engagements audit the effectiveness of a service organization’s controls related to compliance or operations. These are also known as trust service principles and criteria.
    • SOC 3 (Trust Service Report)
      • A SOC 3 Report can be freely distributed (general use) and only reports on if the entity has achieved the Trust Services criteria or not. Based on the existing SysTrust and WebTrust principles.
  • Healthcare
    • HIPAA
      • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is the US law that regulated Protected Helath Information (PHI). Helps protect the privacy of individually identifiable health information.
  • Financial Services
    • PCI
      • PCI Security Standards provides an actionable framework for developing a robust payment card data security process.
  • Government
    • FISMA
      • The Federal Information Security Management Act requires federal agencies to improve the security of IT systems, applications and database.
    • FERPA
      • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

The VMware vCloud Air Network makes compliance clear. Powered by a network spanning over 4,000 partners in more than 100 countries, any business can find the right provider to guide it towards compliance and certification.

If you’re ready to find a service provider, visit us at vCloudProviders.VMware.com.

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vCloud Air vTech Talk: Converting Virtual To Cloud with vCloud Air

Converting infrastructure to new environments can be a bit of a hassle. Not too long ago, you’d have to disable real-time anti-virus, among other things, to make a conversion successful. Even after all of that work, a good deal of cleanup remained. The same difficulties come into play with many public cloud providers, too.

But VMware vCloud® Air™ does things differently. In this episode of vCloud Tech Talk, our series highlighting tips, tricks and resources for all thing vCloud Air, George Kobar, Senior Technical Marketing Manager for vCloud Air, discusses how vCloud Air handles virtual to cloud conversions.

vCloud Air simplifies virtual to cloud conversions by leveraging the vSphere platform. If your application or guest OS runs in the vSphere environment, it’ll run in vCloud Air without modification. vCloud Air also simplifies network extension into cloud.

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vCloud Air Network Service Provider Spotlight: Rackspace

Deploying a private cloud is a complex process. It takes time, end-to-end planning and dedicated resources to spin up and maintain clouds. Not every company can manage such a complex infrastructure; nor would some want to.

To better realize the power of the cloud, some companies should consider the advantages of the VMware vCloud Air Network. Trusted vCloud Air Network service provider partners allow organizations to offload infrastructure management, virtualization stack and more as a part of a hosted, managed private cloud service. That preserves precious resources, provides economies of expertise and delivers total cost of ownership savings compared with running an in-house virtualization infrastructure.

To ease your transition to the cloud, and to highlight some managed cloud providers for you, we’re launching the a new blog series entitled, “vCloud Air Service Provider Spotlight.”

Our first Service Provider Spotlight is Rackspace.

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VMware Continuent 4.0.1 Released!

Continuing from our April 2015 release of the new VMware Continuent 4.0 products is a new 4.0.1 release that provides important fixes to both the replication and MySQL clustering.

For full details, read the full release notes, available at the links below, but the highlights are as follows:

VMware Continuent for Replication and Data Warehousing

  • Expanded support for EBS Snapshots to enable MySQL table locks during execution
  • Fixed a bug when using the trepctl reset command
  • Fixed a problem when replicating from Oracle to HP Vertica and Amazon RedShift
  • Corrected the CSV filename generation for Hadoop replication
  • Corrected a timezone issue for data warehousing loading
  • Corrected a timezone issue for the internal tables

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Looking to Learn vCloud Air? Discover the Best Learning Resources Right Here!

Getting the latest tricks and tips for all things VMware vCloud® Air™ shouldn’t be a struggle. That’s why we made vTech Talk, our video series highlighting the myriad things you can do with your deployment of vCloud Air.

In our latest video, users ask where they can get the best training and resource materials for people new to vCloud Air. One place to start is with our vTech Talks — our series of short videos where we answer the top questions asked by the vCloud Air Community. But there are other resources as well.

New users should start out with vcloud.vmware.com, where links to eBooks, tutorials and other assets are centralized. Cloud Academy, too, is a fantastic resource. There, users can watch a series of videos that describe and walk you through vCloud Air.

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Want to Learn More about vCloud Air? Introducing Our vCloud Air vTech Talk Series!

Give your VMware vCloud® Air™ the kick it needs with our new vCloud Air vTech Talk video series!

Every Tuesday, we’ll publish a new video demonstration in the vCloud Air Community which will cover a wide range of cloud-related topics, including virtual to cloud conversions, vCloud Air sizing guides, real, everyday questions from vCloud Air users and more. Come back every week to stay on top of all the things vCloud Air can do for you.

This week, Staff Sales Engineer Josh Gwyther will discuss the four different cloud service provider services vCloud Air has to offer. Visit the vCloud Air Community to watch the video and learn about subscription, on demand-based cloud computing and more.

vCloud Service Providers

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Accelerate Your IaaS with VMware Cloud Management Platform. Register for the Webcast!

It’s a new cloud-driven world out there. Can your private or hybrid cloud deployment handle the pressure?  How are your infrastructure resources?  Do you have new cloud capabilities, but just seem to be short on capacity?

In our upcoming webcast, you’ll learn from Taka Uenishi, Product Line Marketing Manager of VMware Cloud Management, and Ryan Cramer, Senior Technical Marketing Manager of VMware Cloud Management, as they share tips and secrets to giving customers and end users what they want: speedy, on-demand delivery and capacity,

Sign up now to reserve your spot for the webcast “Accelerate and Control your IaaS with VMware Cloud Management Platform” on Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 11 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.

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Calling All Service Providers: You’re Invited to the vCloud Director 8.0 Beta!

Calling all VMware Service Providers: You’re invited to participate in the vCloud Director 8.0 beta!

Beta participation gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the upcoming release of vCloud Director 8.0 before it hits the streets. This beta allows you to collaborate with product teams and other beta participants, and check out new features that help drive operational efficiency.

With vCloud Director 8.0, you’ll be able to offer new capabilities for your cloud customers, capabilities you can test for yourself in this beta.

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vCloud Air Dev/Test Blog Series: Reinvent SDLC with Hybrid DevOps

By: Bob Webster and Roshni Pary

In the final edition of this blog series, we will discuss how to reinvent your software development lifecycle by creating a hybrid DevOps experience for your developers.

From desktop web apps to mobile apps and most recently big data analytics, organizations are building more applications than ever. But with this comes many challenges. Most release processes today are very manual and error prone. Moreover, full automation and orchestration solutions and methodologies are in their infancy stage of adoption.

These automation and orchestration solutions have come a long way in creating repeatable deployments and removing manual tasks, increasing the quality of code and decreasing the time-to-market for software releases. To effectively practice “DevOps”, in addition to the automation and orchestration tooling changes, people and process changes are also required. DevOps requires is a shift in mindset to effectively deliver rapidly changing software and systems at scale.

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DISA Certifies Level 2 DoD Mission Data on VMware vCloud Government Service

By: Angelos Kottas, Director of Product Marketing, Cloud, VMware

Building on the foundation of the FedRAMP P-ATO certification, VMware and Carpathia announced that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), a combat support agency for the US government, has granted a Department of Defense (DoD) Provisional Authorization (PA) enabling VMware vCloud® Government Service provided by Carpathia to host DoD data workloads at Impact Level 2.

DoD agencies can now accelerate adoption of VMware vCloud Government Service for these workloads. Impact Level 2 is for Non-Controlled Unclassified Information, which includes all data cleared for public release, and some DoD private unclassified information not designated as CUI or critical mission data, but the information requires minimal level of access control.

A growing number of agencies are embracing a hybrid cloud approach in which multiple cloud infrastructures, both private and public, enable data and application portability. This approach, in which customers maintain a consistent platform between their data centers and the cloud, offers reduced risk and accelerated time to value, with no need to refactor applications. VMware vCloud Government Service, built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®, helps organizations accelerate IT delivery, improve efficiency and drive innovation.

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