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Introducing VMware Continuent 4.0 – MySQL Clustering and Real-time Replication to Data Warehouses

It’s with great pleasure we announce the general availability of VMware Continuent 4.0 – a new suite of solutions for clustering and replication of MySQL to data warehouses.

For those of you who follow VMware closely, you may recall that VMware acquired Continuent in October of last year. Today’s release marks a first for Continuent’s solutions (formerly Continuent Tungsten and Tungsten Replicator) since the acquisition.

Already used by more than 100 enterprise customers who process millions of transactions daily, VMware Continuent enables enterprises running business-critical database applications to achieve commercial-grade high availability (HA), globally redundant disaster recovery (DR) and performance scaling. The new suite makes it even simpler to create MySQL database clusters in the cloud or in a private data center, to keep the data available even when systems fail.

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Attend Our May Webinar Series to Learn How vCloud Air Network Partners Can Get the Competitive Edge with Application-centric Storage

Bring operational efficiency to your storage consumption and delivery with VMware Virtual SAN!

VMware Virtual SAN, VMware’s radically simple storage solution designed and optimized for vSphere virtual infrastructure, streamlines storage provisioning and management and brings application-centric storage to your organization.  In fact, it has already done so for IndonesianCloud, a Hybrid Cloud Powered service provider in the VMware vCloud Air Network.

Join our early May webcasts to learn how new and existing VMware vCloud Air Network Partners can gain a competitive advantage with application-centric storage using VMware Virtual SAN for any virtualized workloads; including business-critical applications, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), disaster recovery, and test/dev. Attendees will enjoy exclusive incentives for tuning in.

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Another VMware Cloud in Action – Digital City of America, Avondale, Continues to Reach for the Cloud

“Aspiring. Achieving. Accelerating.” This is the motto of Avondale, Arizona, a city of about 80,000 residents in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Known for its recreation and sports, Avondale is home to Phoenix International Raceway, where thousands of visitors congregate to watch NASCAR races twice a year, as well as Avondale Sports Complex, which serves as a popular site for regional and national amateur sports competitions. Avondale is also known for its responsive and progressive municipal services. The community has won several awards: ranking in the top-ten for Digital City of America in the last four years, placing as the #1 Digital City in the nation for mid-sized communities for the past two years, and receiving a digital government achievement award from the Center for Digital Government.

The city had already shifted to a hybrid cloud model and had a vSphere-based environment when they decided to move from disaster recovery to true business resumption. Like all medium-sized organizations, the city of Avondale’s IT Department sought a responsive, easily accessible cloud-based solution that would fit their existing technology environment and budget. Although they were already VMware customers, they weren’t going to play favorites.

Avondale’s IT team considered several cloud service providers before awarding their project to VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery. The IT team appreciated the support and services VMware had provided in the past and their existing familiarity with VMware tools. Chief Information Officer of Avondale, Rob Lloyd, elaborates on why Avondale chose VMware, citing their past vSphere implementation as a successful project and wise investment, “We reached our goal of 70 percent virtualization in just over a year of using vSphere. VMware continuously advances its technology and provides options that allow us to build onto its solutions. As a CIO, that’s critical when looking at strategic investments.”

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Find Out How to Build Development and Testing Environments on VMware vCloud Air During Our Technical Webcast on 4/21

It happens all too frequently: inconsistencies between development, testing, and production environments that cause application errors, disruptions, delayed projects and loss of revenue.

But with VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, you don’t have to lose out when you test and develop applications in the cloud.

vCloud Air OnDemand is a public cloud service providing your organization with instant access to compute resources. Compatible with your existing VMware vSphere® environment, you can create a development environment in minutes. It’s a complete, compatible representation of your current data center — right down to the common security operations, networking constructs and topologies, and compliance policies you use today.

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vCloud Air Expands Further to Australia

We’re thrilled to announce the continued expansion of VMware vCloud® Air™ with the general availability of service in Australia. Complementing our vCloud Air Network of service providers, this new VMware-operated location provides customers with a local Asia Pacific infrastructure-as-a-service offering that can help address local compliance and data locality concerns.

The expansion of vCloud Air in Australia is a large milestone for the cloud service. A recent survey of IT leaders in Australia, conducted by IDC, revealed that 50% of respondent said the majority of their revenues in the future would be tied to the cloud. vCloud Air enables organizations to seamlessly extend their on-premises data center to the public cloud, using the same VMware vSphere® platform they already know and trust. And, with 1.5 million virtual machines deployed on vSphere in ANZ, this provides a natural extension to the cloud for the majority of IT.

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Don’t Miss the OVH World Tour on 4/23 in Toronto!


The OVH World Tour is heading to Toronto, Ontario. We’re helping to sponsor the late April (04/23) event in Canada, where attendees have the opportunity to learn about the latest IT innovations through technical workshops, labs, and analysis of practical examples.

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Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to a VMware vCloud Service Provider

It’s difficult for companies to find the right cloud path as the cloud computing market continues its rapid growth. When searching for a service provider, consider your organization’s computing needs to help you find the best service provider.

Here are some reasons why you should consider employing a VMware Service Provider:

Mitigate Operational Challenges of a Multi-tenancy Cloud

VMware Service Providers can give users smoother operations and cost controls, one-to-one data center synchronization compatibility and software-defined security. With the additional power of RiverMeadow Cloud Migration SaaS, you can migrate your workloads across the cloud in a simple, customizable and automated platform – giving you power over your data center.

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Join the Discussion! The vCloud Air Community Just Got a Refresh

Are you a new user of a VMware vCloud® AirTM service solution, considering your move to the hybrid cloud, or looking for use cases to help get you started? Do you have questions, feedback, or an interest in chatting with other vCloud Air users? We have a solution: The VMware vCloud Air Community, a safe-haven for vCloud Air users to openly discuss their successes and struggles while using any service in the vCloud Air portfolio, including Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud, and Disaster Recovery. This forum is designed to quickly answer users’ questions and concerns about vCloud Air by hearing from fellow users and vExperts. There are also various resources, tutorials, and updates to help you get started with vCloud Air right from day one.

If you are a first time visitor, or have previously visited the vCloud Air Community, now is the time to take another look- the page recently got a refresh. With vCloud Air users’ needs in mind, the forum was redesigned to improve users’ access to vCloud Air discussions and service resources. As follows is a walkthrough of how to navigate and utilize the new vCloud Air Community and the new features it offers.

When you first visit the vCloud Air Community, you will land on the overview tab. From here, you can get involved by starting a discussion, learning more about the different services, viewing service demos/tutorials, and reviewing recent discussions. The ability to start or join a discussion is a key feature of the community, as it allows you to tap into the knowledge of vCloud Air technical experts and other vCloud Air users. The forum is a fast and convenient way to ask questions, voice feedback and understand how others are using vCloud Air. You can also help other users solve their complications and get started with the service by posting about your vCloud Air experience.

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Get on the Fast Track to the Cloud With VMware vCloud Air Network

Put your company on the fast track to a secure and flexible cloud with the VMware vCloud Air™ Network. The vCloud Air Network is the world’s largest network of VMware-based cloud service providers located in over 100 countries.

Powered by VMware, our providers protect your business with the strongest privacy, security and encryption technology to ensure you meet the specific compliance requirements your industry demands. That’s because our network of over 4,000 providers covers virtually every industry and every vertical market.

Meet your business’ exact needs in just a few clicks with the VMware vCloud Air Network at vcloudproviders.vmware.com. Simply use the “Find a Provider” tool to discover your ideal service provider in just a few clicks.

Watch part three (you can find part one here, and part two here) of our “VMware vCloud Air Network Overview” video series to learn more about the vCloud Air Network and how it can provide you with the safest, fastest path to the cloud:

If you’re ready to find a service provider, visit us at vCloudProviders.VMware.com.


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VMware Presents a Technical Demo on What’s New with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Every company should have a simple, cost-effective, and flexible disaster recovery solution to protect their data in the event of a disaster or disruptive event.

It’s time to consider the cloud with VMware vCloud® AirTM Disaster Recovery.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides a warm-standby virtual data center, requires zero changes to your existing vSphere environment, and supports the systems and applications you run today—without conversions.

We welcome you to join us on March 24, 2015 at 11:00 am PST for a free webcast where our featured speakers will demonstrate how to develop and improve a disaster recovery plan for your organization using VMware vCloud® AirTM. This webcast will walk viewers through the latest enhanced service capabilities, including native failback support, multiple recovery points, and self-service automation.

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