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Your Cloud, Your Data: Introducing VMware vCloud Air SQL

By: Michael Cincinatus, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware

Enterprise interest in cloud data services is growing at an exponential rate. I’ve spoken to countless IT leaders who see database-as-a-service as potential way to accelerate their application development, optimize their total database costs, and manage their database administration as their number of database instances grows. And yet, despite all of these benefits, enterprise adoption for database-as-a-service remains relatively low due to some substantial issues, including security, compliance and compatibility with on-premises systems.

Today, VMware is addressing that challenge.

Introducing vCloud Air SQL

We are pleased to announce the Early Access Program for VMware vCloud Air SQL. Our database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering delivers rapid access to powerful, scalable, cloud-hosted databases. VMware vCloud Air SQL automates the provisioning, operation and management of relational databases in order to increase productivity and minimize administrative overhead.

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Leveraging the Public Cloud for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

By: Angelos Kottas, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware

Disaster recovery and business continuity are all about the trade-off between risk and cost.

Traditional disaster recovery options have been expensive and complicated to manage. With VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, customers leverage a simple, cost-effective, turn-key disaster recovery solution for virtualized applications, with replication to the cloud and access to warm stand-by resources. With the broad application and operating system compatibility of VMware vCloud Air, cost and reliability of protecting existing applications are improved without reinventing the wheel.

As we announced at VMworld 2015, VMware is delivering a broad vision and technologies that give customers a unified cloud and on-premises DR approach with Site Recovery Manager Air (SRM as a SaaS service), as well as on-demand DR pricing. VMware customers love SRM, and now we’re making that available as a cloud service, fully integrated with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.

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The Next Platform Shift in IT

Cloud is the next platform shift in IT. We are looking to take a place of market leadership similar to how we approached virtualization.

VMware’s Mathew Lodge, Vice President of Product Marketing for Cloud Services discusses the new battleground for cloud. The new battleground is the middle ground: it’s about new cloud native approaches that blend with existing systems.

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Embracing a Broader Vision for Cloud

The chance to lead a genuine business revolution doesn’t come along often, and yet that’s precisely what is happening for VMware customers with the cloud.

VMware’s Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Cloud Services discusses what he is seeing and how organizations can embrace the business potential of the cloud.

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Paving the Way to True Hybrid Networking with Advanced Networking Services and Hybrid Cloud Manager

By: Angelos Kottas, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware and Matthew Kwok, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Services, VMware

“How do I ensure that the public cloud is as secure as my on-premises environment?”

“Why do I have to re-architect my applications before they can work with the public cloud?”

“Why can’t I treat my private and public cloud resources as one single resource pool?”

If you have asked these questions, you understand why networking is often the key barrier to realizing the benefits of the hybrid cloud. We are pleased to announce that with the upcoming VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services and VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager, the days of cloud resource silos, inconsistent on and off-premises security, and limited application portability will soon be over. Together, these new services open up the possibility of true hybrid networking across customers’ on and off-premises environments and to leverage the best of both to create hybrid applications.

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What to Know Before You Go to VMworld 2015

So, you’ve got your pass to this year’s VMworld? Cool! Now it’s time to make sure you’re ready for the event!

The vCloud Air team has curated a list of 6 things we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on at VMworld. Think of it as your “vCloud Air VMworld Cheat Sheet.” Here’s a quick recap of what you need to know before you attend VMworld 2015:

1) Can’t-Miss Sessions

Looking to get the latest tips and tricks from the greatest cloud enthusiasts? Then be sure to check out as many vCloud Air sessions as you can! Our Five Starting Points Sessions provide a great overview of vCloud Air use cases and more. But hurry, sessions fill up fast!

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Power Up Your Disaster Recovery Plan with VMware DRaaS Powered Services

For businesses today, disastrous events don’t have to mean disaster.

That’s because today’s organizations can leverage the power of the cloud — public, private and hybrid — to keep their apps, data and more up and available when everything else is down and out. The best part: no cloud experience required.

The VMware vCloud Air Network offers a variety of disaster recovery solutions through service provider partners who offer VMware Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Powered services. These services give your organization peace of mind and minimized downtime when disaster — from earthquakes, severe weather and power surges to coffee spills — strikes.

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Meet the Experts: Jay Marshall and Gary Coburn

This whole week, we’ve been talking to VMware vCloud® Air™ experts to get the scoop on their sessions and strategies for navigating this year’s VMworld 2015.

In this special double feature of our “Meet the Experts” series, VMware Cloud Native SME Automation Specialist Gary Coburn and Google Senior Solutions Architect Jay Marshall share details on their highly anticipated breakout session, “Extend Your Development and Testing Practices to vCloud Air” – you definitely won’t want to miss this.

Now, let’s meet the experts!

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Meet the Experts: Sandeep Poonen’s Guide to VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 is right around the corner! This week, we’re interviewing vCloud Air experts to get the scoop on their sessions and other VMware vCloud® Air™ can’t-miss events. We also asked them for pro-tips and advice to help you make the most of your time in San Francisco.

In this segment of our “Meet the Experts” series, Sandeep Poonen, Director of vCloud Air Security, discusses what to see and do at VMworld 2015:

Why is attending VMworld valuable to VMware customers, especially vCloud Air customers?

VMworld is a must-attend event in my mind. VMware has always been innovating, and VMworld is the place to connect and network with the really-smart people behind these innovations. Specifically, for vCloud Air, we’re continuing to advance our offerings. So check out our sessions but also the Hands-On Lab where you can try out things like DR to the Cloud with vCloud Air.

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Scott Adams Chooses 2nd Annual vDilbert Caption Contest Winner

A big thank you to everyone who entered this year’s vCloud Air Dilbert Caption Contest on Twitter! With so many hilarious submissions, choosing one winner was no easy task. That’s why we narrowed it down to our top 10, then left it to Scott Adams – creator of Dilbert – to pick his favorite.

Let’s give a round of applause to Bob Youngblood on his winning caption (see below). His creative writing chops shine in this perfectly Wally-like response. We hope you enjoy the glory and drone, Bob!

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