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Come See Project NEE, VMware’s Virtual Lab Platform, at VMworld 2014!

Few things can beat hands-on experience when it comes to training personnel on the latest software environments, but provisioning resources for classes can be difficult.  Labs have to be recreated after each lesson and students need to download and install numerous clients and software.

Say goodbye to all that and hello to VMware’s Next-generation Education Environment – Project NEE.

If you’ve ever tried a VMware Hands-On Lab at VMworld, one-line or at a worldwide user’s group meeting,  then you’ve already gotten a peek into Project NEE’s capabilities. Project NEE gives you the ability to deliver true hands-on labs and education content to anyone, anywhere and at anytime though the cloud — regardless of your class size. All you need is a browser with HTML 5 and a few minutes to sign-up, set up and get training.

We’ve been hard at work on Project NEE for the past two years, and are now ready to roll out its beta program to interested parties. So if you’re interested in reducing the cost of delivering computer-based education and using a powerful virtual classroom that supports text, audio and virtual machine labs on a system that integrates with existing Learning Management Systems, then drop on by our Project NEE theater sessions at VMworld 2014!

We’ll be giving two informational sessions during this year’s VMworld at the VMware booth:

  • Tuesday at 12:15 p.m
  • Wednesday at 4:45 p.m.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to either session — we’ll also have a demo of Project NEE up and running at the vCloud Air booth in the main VMware Solutions Exchange area as well.

Can’t make it to VMworld 2014, but want to know more about Project NEE? No problem. Check out the project’s website, www.projectnee.com or drop us an email at info@projectnee.com to learn more.

Of course, experience is the best teacher — so we hope to see you at our two theater sessions at VMworld 2014!

Calling All Customers: vCloud Air Network Has Arrived!

By: Geoffrey Waters

Today we are thrilled to share two new updates on the hybrid cloud business here at VMware - First, we’ve launched the new VMware vCloud Air Network, an evolution and expansion of our existing VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) loaded with more cloud service options than ever.  We are delivering something truly unique to our customers through this initiative, which supports over 3,800 VMware Service Provider partners in 100+ countries and VMware vCloud Air.

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Get Started with the Hybrid Cloud at VMworld With These 5 Starting Points Sessions

When it comes to getting the best of both worlds, hybrid cloud does just that – it allows for scalable access to much-needed IT resources, while also allowing the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs.

So how do you get started with hybrid cloud? Register for any or all of these 5 VMworld sessions, each based on one of our hybrid cloud starting points.

Development and Testing

Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the Ultimate On and Off Premises Test/Dev Factory


New Enterprise Applications

Architect the Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Exchange and Lync


Disaster Recovery

Recovery as a Service (RaaS) with vCloud Hybrid Service


Packaged Applications

Build Your First Mobile Application.. in the cloud.. in 60 Minutes


Next-Generation Applications 

Smells Like Team Spirit: Achieve Hybrid Operations Nirvana with vCloud Hybrid Cloud


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How to Get Started with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service — Disaster Recovery in a Few Easy Steps

Few companies can afford to have their business-critical operations go offline, yet many businesses don’t have the proper resiliency tools in place. It’s not because organizations lack the desire to adopt disaster recovery, it’s because the constrictive contracts, inflexible environments, and high price points that come with traditional options makes it prohibitive to do so. The cloud changes that.

VMware’s new recovery-as-a-service offering gives midsize businesses an affordable option for disaster recovery. VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service ™ — Disaster Recovery helps you fulfill the need to implement or supplement your continuity plans while addressing budget, time, and resource constraints. If you’re interested in getting started with the service, keep in mind the following tips:

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The VMware Service Provider Team Is Gearing up for VMworld 2014! Here’s What You Need to Know

With VMworld right around the corner, the VMware vCloud Service Provider team is gearing up, with many exciting things on the agenda during this year’s VMworld.

If you’ve every been curious about VMware Service Provider solutions, VMworld is your chance to get caught up on all of the latest offerings from our partners by meeting with them in person.

Here’s the list of Service Providers who will be exhibiting inside the Solutions Exchange (many of whom will be in the Service Provider Pavilion – new at VMworld this year!):

  • Cirrity LLC
  • Evolve IP
  • NTT America, Inc.
  • Peak 10
  • Phoenix NAP
  • ScaleMatrix
  • Virtustream
  • Rackspace
  • Navisite
  • CSC
  • AT&T
  • AirVM
  • Bluelock
  • iland
  • QTS
  • OneNeck IT Solutions
  • Sungard Availability Services

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VMworld 2014: Check Out What’s in Store for the Hybrid Cloud!

No Limits

It’s the beginning of August, which means VMworld is only a few short weeks away! Attendees will soon get the chance to preview the latest in VMware technology, view demos of VMware tech and solutions, and wine and dine among some of the leading minds in the industry!

VMworld is always a packed event with more to do, see and learn than there are hours in the day. Rest assured, we’ll be on-site shooting videos, taking pictures, and live-tweeting the whole event so you can catch up on what you missed later. But to make sure you don’t miss the essentials, we’ve compiled this handy guide to VMworld 2014. Here are 4 things you don’t want to miss:

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F5 Enhances Application Availability with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

In June on the vCloud Blog, we talked about how to configure F5 Network’s BIG-IP® Global Traffic Manager for vCloud Hybrid Service, to address the challenge of maintaining a seamless user experience across a hybrid environment. Then in late July, F5 officially announced the availability of BIG-IP application services for  VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, allowing enterprise customers to easily extend the same impactful application delivery services they already use in their data center, into the cloud.

Today, you have a chance to see vCloud Hybrid Service, a secure, hybrid cloud service based on VMware vSphere®, powering a lab at the F5 Networks’ Agility 2014 Conference in New York City.  Customers who attend the Agility conference will be able to see for themselves how easily they can deploy F5’s virtual editions in vCloud Hybrid Service, and then configure them to load balance an application workload in VMware’s hybrid cloud.

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Gear Up for VMworld 2014! We Want to Hear What You’re Excited About in our 8/12 #cloudtalk


We know you must be getting excited about VMworld 2014, because we are too! Leading up to VMworld 2014, we want to encourage all VMworld attendees and enthusiasts, both past and present, to join us for our next #cloudtalk and share your must-see sessions and events that you’re looking forward to at VMworld this year.

For this month’s #cloudtalk on Tuesday, August 12th from 11am-12pm PT, we want to discuss your 2014 VMworld predictions and field your questions on the must-see events. Co-hosting the chat will be VMworld veterans David Hill, a VMware Technical Marketing Architect for vCloud Hybrid Service, and Barry Coombs, Technical Architect, Blogger and VMware vExpert.

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New and Improved vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Client plug-in

The VMware vCloud Hybrid Service team is continuously expanding on our vision of hybrid management. Last week, we announced general availability of vCenter Operations Management pack for vCloud Hybrid Service. Today, we are happy to announce general availability of vCloud Hybrid Service vSphere Client plug-in 1.5.

The plug-in extends familiar vSphere Web Client UI to vCloud Hybrid Service, allowing you to:

  • View and administer vCloud Hybrid Service cloud services such as Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud and Disaster Recovery
  • Manage an inventory of virtual data centers (VDC), gateways and networks
  • Create virtual machines (VMs) from catalog templates and modify existing VMs
  • Receive automatic updates on any changes made in your account via the vCloud Hybrid Service web portal

… all from the vSphere Web Client.

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Q&A with Gavin Jackson on the future of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe – Part One

This is a cross-post from the EMEA Blog. You can find the original post here.

Last week, we announced the launch of vCloud Hybrid Service in the APJ region, and this week, as part of the growing global momentum around vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), we’re able to announce a second vCHS data centre located just outside of Chessington in the UK. We asked Gavin Jackson, Vice President and General Manager for Cloud Services EMEA at VMware, to explain why the demand for vCHS is growing in Europe and why it has received such a positive reception from VMware’s customers.  

vCloud Hybrid Service is clearly engaging customers in Europe. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

You’re right, there has been a strong appetite among customers for vCHS in Europe, and it is resonating because it fundamentally helps organisations solve genuine business problems, with ease and without infrastructure investment. While I can’t talk about all of the customers we’re now working with, we’re seeing customers of all sizes, across sectors and industries and across European countries take up the service to help them solve some very common business problems.

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