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Another VMware Cloud – Publishers Clearing House Runs Its Hybrid Cloud on VMware

According to Darwin Bravo, Senior Manager of Online Infrastructure and Operations at Publishers Clearing House, “Partnering with Hosting.com has allowed us to take our VMware virtualization strategy to the next level, helping us to cut costs and enabling a hybrid cloud platform.” 

Publishers Clearing House (PCH), headquartered in Port Washington, NY is a multi-channel direct marketer of value-based merchandise, magazines and promotional offers, as well as a leading provider of digital “Play & Win” entertainment. With an online network of more than 10 million unique monthly visitors, IT agility is essential in order to address extreme fluctuations in website traffic and ensure customer satisfaction.   

Hosting.com’s vCloud Powered hosting solutions allows Publishers Clearing House, “to scale into their public cloud platform in a secure manner when additional computing resources are needed without having to commit to additional hardware/software costs,” according to Bravo. 

Partnering with Hosting.com delivered immediate benefits to Publishers Clearing House, including:

  • 40-50% decrease in IT costs for PCH.com; 
  • Reduced time to procure and provision servers from 2-4 weeks to mere minutes;
  • Improved performance and reliability, with 100% infrastructure uptime. 

Publishers Clearing House decided to partner with Hosting.com, a provider of vCloud Powered services, for four main reasons: 

  • Hosting.com’s excellent track record as a hosting provider;
  • Hosting.com’s VMware vSphere platform met all of the technical requirements of the PCHgames.com applications; 
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate VMware’s private cloud solution with Hosting.com’s public enterprise cloud platform; 
  • Ability to integrate the Hosting.com’s virtualized environment with its own internal virtual machines to create a hybrid cloud. 

What’s next for Publishers Clearing House? The company now plans to leverage VMware virtualization to enhance its Disaster Recovery capabilities through VMware SRM 5. Within its internal development environment, the company is also planning to upgrade to the latest version of VMware vSphere, in conjunction with implementing a Cisco Unified Computing environment. 

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