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Announcing VMware vCloud® Director 1.5 at Bluelock

by Jake Robinson, Senior Systems Engineer, VCP and 2011 VMware vExpert

Bluelock has completed the upgrade from VMware vCloud® Director 1.0 to 1.5 in its public cloud infrastructure. The upgrade to vCloud Director 1.5 is a result of the strong partnership and close alignment of Bluelock and VMware cloud strategies. Timing of this upgrade also represents Bluelock’s dedication to testing and QA for the new features within vCloud Director 1.5.

vCloud Director 1.5 Features and Benefits

VMware vCloud Director 1.5 offers a number of exciting new benefits for Bluelock clients. This upgrade further improves the economics and agility of the cloud with the security and control of enterprise IT infrastructure. A few notable features of vCloud Director 1.5 include:

  • User Interface Improvements – The vCloud Director web UI continues to mature and provide superior control and visualization of your Virtual Datacenters.
  • Firewall improvements – The firewalls in vCloud, powered by VMware vShield®, now offer sourced-based firewall rules, providing increased granularity and control of security in the cloud.
  • Self-Service VPN – vCloud Director 1.5 introduces the ability to self-provision IPSEC VPN tunnels from your virtual datacenters to the IPSEC VPN device of your choice. In addition, vCloud to vCloud VPNs are automatic, meaning less setup time and complexity.
  • vCloud API 1.5 – There are a number of enhancements in the API, including a new query service, which improves both speed and efficiency of applications utilizing the API. The API also introduces the ability to utilize PowerCLI 5.0.1 and the vCenter Orchestrator™ vCloud 1.5 plugin to automate and integrate your Virtual Datacenter.

Bluelock Portfolio Supports vCloud API 1.5

Bluelock Portfolio has been upgraded to take advantage of the new vCloud API 1.5 as well. Bluelock Portfolio is the first cloud-aware decision support tool. Built alongside vCloud Director, Bluelock Portfolio provides powerful resource and cost analysis tools for your Virtual Datacenters at Bluelock.

About Bluelock

Bluelock is an award-winning provider of cloud hosting solutions for the enterprise. Hosted in the public cloud, Bluelock Virtual Datacenters help companies get started quickly and deal with the unknown, while delivering the freedom to change their minds as IT needs evolve. With multiple SAS-70 Type II datacenters, Bluelock’s VMware vCloud Datacenter Service provides world-class SLAs, guaranteeing enterprise level uptime. Bluelock prides itself in its engagement model driven by greater control, price visibility and personal service relationships. A long-term VMware service provider with a shared vision for cloud computing, Bluelock was one of the first certified VMware vCloud Datacenter service providers.

Learn more about Bluelock’s upgrade to vCloud Director 1.5 in the video below:


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