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Introducing the Public Cloud Diaries – Stories from VMware Customers

Welcome to the Public Cloud Diaries – an ongoing project that documents the business situations and challenges that companies have experienced when moving to the public cloud. Dimensional Research, a company that provides practical research services for technology companies, interviewed real VMware customers across various industries to examine their individual challenges and needs when choosing a cloud vendor. These interviews reveal why each company chose VMware vCloud services, and the business benefits enabled through the public cloud.

In our first installment, we’ll take a look at the experiences of four companies in the Business Services industry.

Company 1: Provider of Fundraising Systems for Charity Events
The Needs: This company had to provide 24×7 customer support and 99.99% uptime to meet customer requirements. In addition, they required short-notice access to more computing power to serve sudden increases in event size.
The Solution: The vCloud Service Provider they selected offered dynamic responses to computing and storage, allowing their virtual servers to be easily scaled to demand on short notice.
The ROI: Saved 37% of operational costs when compared to running the application internally, higher service levels and uptime and flexible scalability.

Company 2: Provider of Home Security & Automation Services
The Needs: This company required low infrastructure cost in order to make their $8/month subscription fee profitable. Self-contained deployment was also a key requirement, so that servers, security, database and file systems could be moved as one if required.
The Solution: A vCloud Service Provider that provided a flexible and self-contained “virtual private cloud.”
The ROI: This company was able to keep IT expenses at 20-25% of total costs and attained peace of mind with top-notch infrastructure.

Company 3: Reseller of Services & Infrastructure for eCommerce, CRM, ERP and Help Desk Applications
The Needs: This company received an influx of customer requests for cloud deployment and disaster recovery, therefore it needed a to find a place in the cloud to host their applications. In addition, the reseller needed a cloud provider that offered managed services on top of virtual machines.
The Solutions: Because most of their customers utilize 2-4 physical servers with up to 12 VMs running on them, the company worked with a vCloud Service Provider that enabled them to operate and control cloud infrastructure whether it was an application, back up, or recovery, all from a centralized control panel.
The ROI: Resulted in a strategic advantage for the company by reducing IT costs and enabling it to focus on their business and not in the management of their IT infrastructure.

Company 4: Technology Research Company that commissions research with universities
The Needs: The company experienced data loss and down time in the past on their own servers and needed a reliable solution that could support public cloud services and make servers and applications available to remote employees—all at a low cost.
The Solutions: In phase 1 of deployment, the company used a vCloud Service Provider that enabled them to run a single virtual machine on a single box with load balancing and back up service – giving them the flexibility to build out their web server and databases as needed.
The ROI: Lower hardware and maintenance costs and better access to applications for remote users.

Next week we’ll highlight the experience of four companies in the Communications and Healthcare industries who moved to the cloud with VMware.

For more on these diary entries, download the complete Public Cloud Diaries. For future updates and blog posts, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP on Twitter.

Dell Launches Public Cloud: Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service

Stephen Spector, Senior Product Marketing – Cloud Services at Dell

Dell has officially launched its first public cloud offering based on VMware technology this morning, allowing enterprise customers the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization without the expense of building, maintaining, and managing an ever-growing hardware infrastructure.

The Dell Cloud provides a secure, flexible option for customers looking for additional capacity to handle spikes in demand or cost savings by not building additional data centers. Leveraging VMware technology, the Dell Cloud provides a seamless extension of existing enterprise infrastructure running on the industry leading VMware platform.

A quick overview of the newly launched service from Dell with John Von Voros:


Visit Dell's website for more information on this unique enterprise offering, and follow @vCloud on Twitter for future updates.

Best Practice for Providers Offering vCloud Powered Services Part 2: Stay Ahead of Customer Needs with vCenter Capacity IQ

Another important way for service providers offering vCloud Powered services to be more successful in their offerings is by keeping ahead of customer needs. This is the second post in our series on best practices for providers offering vCloud Powered services, where we’ll discuss how service providers can enhance their offerings by staying one step ahead of customer needs for compute, network, and storage capacity.

Though service providers have a nearly unlimited number of virtual machines to offer to customers, their physical infrastructure has limits. VMware enables providers offering vCloud Powered services to access complete visibility into their past, present and future infrastructure capacity states with vCenter Capacity IQ.

With vCenter Capacity IQ, providers offering vCloud Powered services can see what capacity is available, what is being used, and when capacity will be exhausted. By knowing their own limits, service providers can add physical capacity ahead of customer demand and provide an elastic datacenter that gives the flexibility to deploy and scale applications with ease.

Capacity IQ also monitors the existing resource usage for service providers, and predicts future resource needs. With the right capacity intelligence, providers offering vCloud Powered services can make more informed purchasing, provisioning and planning decisions.

Finally, knowing the full capacity of their infrastructure capabilities also gives providers offering vCloud Powered services a unique opportunity to work more closely with their customers. By knowing their infrastructure limits and availability, service providers can make customers more aware of how to efficiently utilize their offerings. Helping customers analyze and then economize on their use of public cloud services builds trust and gives customers the confidence they need to entrust their service providers to run more of the virtual machines, and thereby increase service provider revenue.  

Stay tuned for our third installment in this series, where we’ll discuss the benefits of VMware vFabric Hyperic in helping customers stay ahead in the cloud.  

Advance Your Journey to the Cloud with VMware’s vCloud Jumpstart and Accelerator Services

Successfully implementing cloud initiatives in your organization can be a daunting task. Eliminate the guesswork with the VMware vCloud Jumpstart or the VMware vCloud Accelerator Service – targeted consulting services designed to help customers quickly evaluate, architect and deploy the right VMware vCloud solution for their organization.

The VMware vCloud Jumpstart consulting engagement provides you with a “hands-on” opportunity to evaluate a demo version of a vCloud solution, installed in an isolated test environment and guided by a VMware expert. By evaluating the technology up close and risk-free, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how a vCloud solution can benefit your organization and be better able to identify specific requirements for a successful vCloud implementation. 

If you’re ready to see vCloud in action, using your own use cases and workloads, take advantage of the vCloud Accelerator service. VMware Professional Services cloud experts, in collaboration with your team, will implement a pre-production implementation of a vCloud solution in your test environment. We’ll share best practices and provide technical insights, giving you the confidence you need to advance your cloud computing initiatives. Using use cases selected by your team, you’ll see exactly how the vCloud solution will work within your environment, all in 30 days or less (assuming all prerequisites are met).

This fully functional pre-production vCloud implementation lets you experience the full benefits of a vCloud solution, and lays the foundation for a broad scale deployment of cloud services for your organization.

Ready for cloud? If you’re an enterprise customer or service provider with vSphere as your virtualization platform and want to experience cloud computing in your environment, contact your local VMware representative to find out if VMware Professional Services and the Cloud Computing offerings can pave the way to cloud success for your organization.

For future updates, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP

Best Practices for Providers Offering vCloud Powered Services Part 1: Make Cloud Computing Simple and Easy

VMware recently announced that the VMware vCloud Powered Service Provider ecosystem has continued to grow, with more than 50 VMware Service Provider Partners delivering VMware vCloud Powered services all over the globe. During VMworld, VMware also announced new capabilities to help accelerate customers’ journey to the enterprise hybrid cloud, with the collaboration of providers offering vCloud Powered services. 

In light of this, we decided to create a series of ‘best practice’ blog posts for our service provider partners with vCloud Powered offerings, and highlight helpful tips to be more successful with their service offerings.

A key way for service providers to be more successful with their service offerings is to help their customers transition to the cloud as simply and easily as possible. Providers offering VMware vCloud Powered services already have an advantage in this market, because they offer services built on vCloud architecture (including vSphere and vCloud Director), which enables organizations to employ a true hybrid cloud environment using the same VMware technology that many of them have already utilized in their virtualized datacenters.

Unlike other public clouds that require applications to be built specifically to run on a unique cloud computing platform, millions of existing applications currently running on VMware vSphere can run on vCloud Powered services, without modification.

Furthermore, with vCloud Connector 1.5, a free plug-in for vSphere, customers can use an easy to navigate graphical interface to move virtual machines and templates into any vCloud Powered cloud. VMware vCloud Connector also allows customers to manage and monitor private and public clouds under a single interface, and is a valuable tool for customers regardless of where they are on the road to cloud computing.

By making it easy for customers to transition to the cloud, providers who offer vCloud Powered services are able to capture more of their market and help their customers become more successful.

Keep an eye out for the second installment in this series, where we will go over how providers offering vCloud Powered services can achieve success by staying ahead of customer needs. 

What’s Going on in the vCloud Powered Space: Upcoming Events

To date, there are 57 vCloud Powered services available across 16 countries. Here’s the breakdown of service providers with vCloud Powered offerings by region:

North America: 28 Services

iland | Faction | GNAX | Tierpoint | Zumasys | CoreVault | MindSHIFT | ViaWest | Lokahi Solutions LLC | Tier3 | Krypt | CDW | NTT America | Venyu | BlueMile | Expedient Communications | Hosting.com | Virtacore | Secure-24 | CGI | TekLinks | FusionStorm | Xtium | Internap | Rackforce (Canada) | Scalar Decisions (Canada) | OnX (Canada) | NetKeepers (Canada)

EMEA: 21 Services

Bitbrains Nederland (Netherlands) | Nxs Internet (Netherlands) | ZX Factory BV (Netherlands) | Proserve (Netherlands) | Cyso Managed Hosting (Netherlands) | Redstone PLC (UK) | Carrenza (UK) | Stratogen (UK) | eLINIA (UK) | Onyx Group (UK) | Dunkel GmbH (Germany) | Wusys GmbH (Germany) | managedhosting.de (Germany) | All-for-One (Germany) | OVH (France) | Netixia (France) | Coresio (Belgium) | Telecomputing (Norway) | Thales Group (Austria) | Elisa (Finland) | Business Connexion (South Africa)

APAC: 8 Services

CTC (Japan) | Zettagrid (Australia) | Annitel (Australia) | Brennan IT (Australia) | Area 9 (Australia) | Globe Telecom (Philippines) | Sigma Telcom (Indonesia) | JARing (Malaysia)

With so many new service providers offering vCloud Powered services, we thought it would be helpful to round up all of the upcoming webinars, events and promotions offered by our SPs in October. Here’s what’s going on in the vCloud Powered space:


Washington, DC Lunch and Learn
Wednesday, October 12, 11:30am ET in Washington, DC 

Raleigh Lunch and Learn
Thursday, October 13 – 11:30am ET in Raleigh, NC

Join iland and VMware for some great food and learn the different ways that IT organizations and service providers are harnessing the power of a virtual datacenter. Whether your IT infrastructure requirements are short or long term, static or dynamic, iland Cloud Services built on VMware vCloud technology can accommodate your IT needs using trusted high performance cloud infrastructure with extensive compute capacity and flexible billing options.

Live Webinar: 5 More VMware vCloud Real World Use Cases That May Surprise You
Thursday, October 13 – 8am PT

Join iland to discover how a VMware vCloud environment can benefit your organization in the same ways these five organizations have benefited. Learn why they decided to deploy cloud services, how they’re currently using it, why they chose iland as their cloud infrastructure partner and the benefits they’ve gained since deployment.

Iland at VMworld Europe 2011
Tuesday, October 18 – in Copenhagen, Denmark

Iland is exhibiting at stand #86. Stop by their stand to see the European launch of iland Cloud services, and click the link to schedule a private meeting with iland.

Atlanta VMUG User Conference
Monday, October 24 – 8am – 5:30pm ET in Atlanta, GA 

Iland is one of sponsors for the Atlanta VMUG User Conference. Register and join fellow VMware users for this full-day event, featuring in-depth technical sessions, demonstrations and exhibits.


Experience the GNAX Cloud for 50% Off!

Click the link for the promo code and more information on the GNAX Cloud.


Next-Generation Data Centre Summit
Wednesday, October 12 – 8am ET in Toronto

This free half-day conference will bring together Scalar’s experts and technology partners to present on best practice considerations, real life examples of NGDC implementation, and new technologies that impact the data centre. Attend the Scalar Summit to learn how to build a flexible, cost-effective and resilient data centre, built on the best technologies in the industry.

Dine & Data: Backup is Broken!
Thursday, October 20 – 11:30am ET in London, Ontario


Cloud Replication: Hosting.com Keeps Your Mission-Critical Systems Always On
Wednesday, October 19 – 1pm ET

Disaster Recovery (DR) has become one of the leading use cases for Public and Hybrid Clouds. Learn how you can enable a cost-effective DR plan by combining the automation capabilities, simplistic replication, multi-tenancy and cloud management capabilities provided through VMware with the inherent availability and redundancy offered through the Hosting.com cloud. In this session, Hosting.com will present the future of cloud recovery and planned migration to and within Clouds.

VMworld Europe 2011 Speaking Session
Tuesday, October 18 – 1:30pm CEST in Copenhagen

As a vCloud Powered Certified provider, Hosting.com is invited to speak at VMworld Europe on Tuesday, 18 October. Craig McClellan, CTO, is a featured speaker in DR to the Cloud with SRM 5 and vSphere Replication – Service Provider Perspective during the event. If you plan on attending VMworld Europe, please join Craig in meeting room C1-M5 in the Bella Center, Copenhagen, at 1:30-2:30.


Journey to the Cloud in Sonoma Valley
Thursday, October 13 – 5-8:30pm PT in Santa Monica, CA

FusionStorm and EMC invite you to a special event at Santa Monica’s beautiful Sonoma Wine Garden to meet peers, network, and attend a presentation from industry experts on everything Cloud related:

  • Making the journey from hybrid cloud to private cloudt
  • Integrating people, processes, technology, and business drivers relative to Cloud computing
  • Maintaining operational efficiency when evaluating or moving into The Cloud 

…and more!


Bluemile’s vCloud Powered Virtual Datacenter: Enabling Business and IT Agility
Wednesday, October 19 – 8am PT

Your cloud and utility services are only as good as the network, tools, hardware, and software foundation it runs on. Bluemile virtualizes your IT infrastructure using VMware vSphere, the industry’s most trusted virtualization platform. Built on the vBlock architecture combined with vCloud Director, Bluemile can securely connect your private cloud to the resources in our network. Join Wednesday’s webinar to learn more about using Bluemile’s vCloud Powered Virtual Datacenter service for your organization.

Be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP for future updates, and for the latest news from vCloud Powered Service Providers, check out our Twitter list!

vCloud Connector 1.5 – Must Knows

By: David Davis 

Launched at VMworld 2011, the vCloud Connector 1.5 beta offers some exciting new features. Those features are outlined by vCloud Connector and vCloud.VMware.com product marketing manager, Neha Sampat (@nehasf), in a new YouTube video, VMware vCloud Connector 1.5 Overview (watch below). In that video, I learned that vCloud Connector 1.5 beta offers:

  • Ability to move workloads, templates, and VMs between your public cloud and private cloud OR between internal private clouds
  • Ability to login at the vCloud.VMware.com site and manage your private and public cloud
  • The power to more reliability move workloads between private and public clouds thanks multi-part transfer, built-in compression, and checkpoint restart
  • Support for vSphere 5 and vCloud Director 1.5


Today, the vCloud.VMware.com website is essentially a catalog of vCloud service providers. However, when the vCloud Connector 1.5 beta goes live, you’ll be able to login to manage your public cloud – something that is covered in this YouTube video- VMware Launches Cloud Service Provider Ecosystem (vCloud) (watch below).


To see the vCloud Connector, version 1.0, in action, you can watch vExpert virtualization blogger, Eric Sloof (@esloof) in two YouTube videos – How to Use the vCloud Connector and How to move your VMs to BlueLock's vCloud Datacenter. While these don’t show version 1.5 yet, they are great resources to help you understand what vCloud Connector is and how it can help you.

Do you want to be a part of the public beta? It’s free and easy, just go Join the vCloud Connector 1.5 Beta here.  


I did, in fact, join the beta and was both granted access to the beta vCloud.VMware.com website and was allowed to download the vCloud Connector 1.5 beta application, which I am installing in my private vCloud lab. Stay tuned for my how-to posts and feedback on the upcoming beta version!



What’s next? Get started with the vCloud Connector 1.5 beta today! While support for the public beta has officially ended, the beta bits and beta-vcloud.vmware.com will continue to be available until the general availability of the product.

To keep up with the latest updates on vCloud Connector 1.5 and vcloud.vmware.com, be sure to follow @vCloud and @VMwareSP

David Davis is a VMware Evangelist and vSphere Video Training Author for TrainSignal. He has achieved CCIE, VCP, VCAP-DCA, and vExpert level status over his 18+ years in the IT industry. David has authored hundreds of articles on the Internet and over 10 video training courses for TrainSignal.com including the popular vSphere video training package. Learn more about David at his blog or on Twitter and check out a sample of his new vSphere 5 video training course over at TrainSignal.com.

Learn How and When to Use the VMware Hybrid Cloud During Upcoming Bluelock Webinar

By: Matt Sarrel

The hottest topic now in cloud computing is hybrid clouds, or clouds built on a combination of public and private resources. This may be because hybrid clouds maintain the flexibility of a public cloud while retaining complete control over a private cloud. This combination of flexibility and control doesn’t come easy though. Determining which applications are public cloud ready and which need to stay in your datacenter can be extremely challenging.

Join Pat O’Day, CTO of Bluelock, next Wednesday, October 12th at 2pm ET (11am PT), as he shares real-life use cases on how leading companies are successfully selecting and deploying VMware-based hybrid cloud services. Pat will discuss how to choose between different public and private cloud offerings and how to determine the best applications and workloads for public and private clouds. 

He’ll also explain VMware Virtual Datacenter and VMware vCloud and how they can be used to manage multiple clouds with a particular focus on moving virtual applications and machines between internal and external clouds. If you’re already running vSphere, then you won’t want to miss the section about how to make your current environment cloud aware.

As an added bonus, Bluelock is giving away an Amazon Kindle to two lucky webinar attendees.

Be sure to follow @VMwareSP and @vCloud to see live-tweets from the webcast! 

Matthew D. Sarrel (or Matt Sarrel) is executive director of Sarrel Group, a technology product testing, editorial services, and technical marketing consulting company.  He also holds editorial positions at pcmag.com, eweek, GigaOM, and Allbusiness.com, and blogs at TopTechDog.