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Five Ways Your Business Can Use Hybrid Cloud

IT has long debated the merits of public and private cloud. Public cloud allows organizations to gain capacity and scale services on-demand, while private cloud allows companies to maintain control and visibility of business critical applications. But there is one cloud model that stands apart: hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds: secure, on-demand access to IT resources with the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs. It’s the security you need in your private cloud with the scalability required of your public cloud. VMware vCloud® Air™ is a dedicated hybrid cloud solution that is versatile, easy to use, and interoperable with your onsite vSphere environment.

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In Case You Missed It – Cloud Foundry Open Source Foundation Bylaws

By Jay Marshall, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Cloud Application Development, Hybrid Cloud Services Division, VMware

Last week Cloud Foundry published governing documents for the Cloud Foundry open source Foundation. It’s an important moment that gets the industry one step closer to delivering on the promise of PaaS. At VMware, it’s especially near to our hearts because it continues an effort that we started several years ago.

The Cloud Foundry open source PaaS project began at VMware and publicly launched in April 2011. We spun out the Cloud Foundry project as part of Pivotal in the spring of 2013, and have continued to work closely with the team as one of the leading sponsors for this open PaaS initiative.

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VMware Acquires Continuent

By Ajay Patel, Vice President, Application as a Service, VMware

I am excited to announce that VMware today acquired the assets of Continuent, a leading provider of database clustering and replication, enabling enterprises to run business-critical applications on cost-effective open source software. The Continuent team joins VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Business Unit.

Continuent’s products bring the power of advanced clustering and replication, including high availability, disaster recovery, multi-master operation and real-time data warehouse loading, to MySQL. In particular, Continuent Tungsten enables customers to apply the full power of both MySQL and a full range of data management systems including Hadoop, Oracle and Amazon Redshift, to deliver complete transaction processing and analytics.

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Introducing the vCloud Air Information Hot Spot!

We at VMware aim to provide you with the information you need, when you need it, to help guide you on your journey to the hybrid cloud. To that end, today we’re introducing a new Facebook application where you can access key vCloud Air resources whenever and wherever you need them.


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TPS (Transparent Page Sharing) and vCloud Air

Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) is a memory oversubscription technique that reduces physical memory usage by sharing identical memory pages between virtual machines (VMs) – e.g., when two VMs are running the same operating system. Academic security researchers have recently shown that TPS may be used to gain unauthorized access to data running in VMs on vSphere and Xen hypervisors under certain highly controlled conditions. In a lab environment, the researchers demonstrated that they could recover an AES encryption key used by another VM running on the same physical server.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have turned off TPS in vCloud Air multi-tenant environments (the VPC and DR services). There is no impact to customers from this change.

For more information on the research and the changes to TPS in VMware vSphere, see VMware Knowledge Base article 2080735 http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2080735

The VMware security team’s blog is here: https://blogs.vmware.com/security/2014/10/transparent-page-sharing-additional-management-capabilities-new-default-settings.html

Announcing the Expansion of vCloud Air in Europe

VMworld Europe 2014 is officially underway, and we’ve kicked off the show with a lot of exciting news for VMware vCloud® Air™! In his keynote, our own Pat Gelsinger announced plans to bring vCloud Air to all VMware customers in Germany, an important first step to introducing an easy, fast path to an efficient and agile public cloud.

As Gavin Jackson notes in his recent blog, there has been a strong appetite among customers for vCloud Air in Europe, and our new datacenter in Germany is an exciting addition to the vCloud Air network. Today’s announcement underlines our continued commitment to providing customers around the globe a cloud solution that’s both flexible and in line with local data requirements.

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Direct Connect: Now Available at a vCloud Air Location Near You

By popular demand, we are excited to announce the worldwide rollout of the VMware vCloud® Air™ Direct Connect™ service introduced last year to all existing VMware vCloud® Air™ locations. By providing a dedicated and secure connection with a streamlined deployment process, VMware is enabling customers around the world to seamlessly integrate vCloud Air into their internal networks and to more fully realize the benefits of the hybrid cloud.

What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect enables secure, consistent, and high-bandwidth connectivity with max speeds of 1 or 10 Gbps, depending on compute service, through dedicated private lines from your facility or cross-connections from your co-located data center into your vCloud Air instance. These circuits are provided jointly with our Cross Connect Partners or with your Network Service Provider (NSP) for WAN private lines, enabling:

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Everything You Need to Know About the Hybrid Cloud at VMworld Barcelona 2014


Viva, Barcelona! VMworld Europe 2014 is right around the corner, and VMware has a lot in store for the hybrid cloud, for both our VMware vCloud® Air™ customers and our vCloud Air Network Service Providers.

From sessions, events, demos and more, here’s everything you need to know if you’ll be attending the show next week.

Visit vCloud Air Network Service Providers in the Service Provider Pavilion

As you make your way around the show floor this year, be sure to stop by the vCloud Air pods at the VMware booth. There will be live demos of vCloud Air, including management and application services, availability and networking capabilities and more. We’ll also have four vCloud Air Experts on hand to provide insight on various areas of expertise, including RaaS, Cloud Performance and Security, as well as general vCloud Air knowledge.

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Achieve Success in Cloud Services – Details on the New VMware vCloud Air Network Badge Program!

You may remember when we announced the launch of the VMware vCloud Air Network back in August.  By positioning VMware vCloud Air with our global ecosystem of over 3,800 VMware Service Provider partners in more than 100 countries, the vCloud Air Network offers greater consistency for customers transitioning to the hybrid cloud. To further support the growing global network, we’ve revamped the VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partner badging program to help our partners market their specific services.

Through our updated partner badging, vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners can now advertise validated VMware service offerings based on the technologies they use:

  • Hybrid Cloud Powered: For partners that have validated their services using VMware vCloud Director®, enabling bi-directional workflow between customer environments and partner clouds.
  • IaaS Powered: For providers that have clouds based on VMware vSphere®.
  • Horizon DaaS Powered: For partners that have validated clouds to support Desktop-as-a-Service deployments.

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Extend Your vSphere Data Center to the cloud with vCloud Air — Register for the 10/14 Webcast- Live Demo!


The hybrid cloud enables businesses to enjoy the agility and convenience of the public cloud with the flexibility to run applications onsite, offsite or both.

Join us on Tuesday, October 14, for a webcast with Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services at VMware, at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST). During the webcast Mathew will guide attendees through VMware vCloud® Air™, our secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service hybrid cloud solution built on VMware vSphere®, and explain how your organization can activate a production-ready cloud that’s 100% compatible with your vSphere environment. This enables you to use the same management, security, and networking tools you’ve already come to know and trust.

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