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vCloud Air Meets PowerCLI – Part 1

PowerCLI is no doubt one of the most widely used automation tools among traditional vSphere Administrators.

In the past, we have made separate PowerCLI modules available to manage vCloud Director resources. As many of you know, vCloud Director is a core tenet we use to deliver the compute service in VMware vCloud® Air™ (for both subscription and OnDemand environments).

PowerCLI 6.0 R1 is the first step to make the experience “one and the same” by including the vCloud Director related module in the core product.

If you are a vSphere administrator, you can start leveraging the power of PowerCLI (no pun intended) today, with a brand new VMware compatible infrastructure consumed with an OPEX model (i.e. vCloud Air).

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Get on the Fast Track to the Cloud With VMware vCloud Air Network

Put your company on the fast track to a secure and flexible cloud with the VMware vCloud Air™ Network. The vCloud Air Network is the world’s largest network of VMware-based cloud service providers located in over 100 countries.

Powered by VMware, our providers protect your business with the strongest privacy, security and encryption technology to ensure you meet the specific compliance requirements your industry demands. That’s because our network of over 4,000 providers covers virtually every industry and every vertical market.

Meet your business’ exact needs in just a few clicks with the VMware vCloud Air Network at vcloudproviders.vmware.com. Simply use the “Find a Provider” tool to discover your ideal service provider in just a few clicks.

Watch part three (you can find part one here, and part two here) of our “VMware vCloud Air Network Overview” video series to learn more about the vCloud Air Network and how it can provide you with the safest, fastest path to the cloud:

If you’re ready to find a service provider, visit us at vCloudProviders.VMware.com.


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Connecting vRealize Automation to vCloud Air

By: George Kobar and Neal Elinski

Automation empowers you and your team to not only accelerate the delivery of infrastructure to the business but frees up precious IT time and resources. Using VMware vRealize Automation you can create self-service portals with catalogs of corporate-approved images. Your users can access these catalogs to choose what infrastructure they need, and vRealize Automation will automate the deployment of the requested resources. Additionally vRealize Automation has introduced flexible licensing options that can be used either on premises or in vCloud Air. As part of this offering, VMware is pleased to announce that you can select VMware vCloud® Air™ as the destination for these image deployments, including our newest service, VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

vCloud Air is available as a subscription service and OnDemand, providing more purchasing options. With vCloud Air OnDemand, you have instant access to infrastructure that can be managed by the same group that administers your on-premises vSphere environment. With this service, you are only billed for the resources you use on a per-minute basis, and pay only for the resources you consume. With vCloud Air subscription offering, you get a predictable monthly bill and ability to purchase cloud with a purchase order.

The combination of both vRealize Automation and vCloud Air lends you tools to become more agile and enable various use cases that are not found in the traditional data center. This article will guide you through connecting vRealize Automation to both vCloud Air OnDemand and subscription services.

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VMware Presents a Technical Demo on What’s New with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Every company should have a simple, cost-effective, and flexible disaster recovery solution to protect their data in the event of a disaster or disruptive event.

It’s time to consider the cloud with VMware vCloud® AirTM Disaster Recovery.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides a warm-standby virtual data center, requires zero changes to your existing vSphere environment, and supports the systems and applications you run today—without conversions.

We welcome you to join us on March 24, 2015 at 11:00 am PST for a free webcast where our featured speakers will demonstrate how to develop and improve a disaster recovery plan for your organization using VMware vCloud® AirTM. This webcast will walk viewers through the latest enhanced service capabilities, including native failback support, multiple recovery points, and self-service automation.

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Introducing the VMware vCloud Air Network Resource Center

Get the latest on the business side of the cloud with the VMware vCloud Air Network Resource Center. The vCloud Air Network Resource Center is your one stop shop for all the resources you need to migrate your cloud, increase agility and find cloud solutions.

So how does it work? All you need to do is navigate to the VMware Service Provider Facebook Page and click the VMware vCloud Air Network Resource Center tab! Once you’re in, click on the whitepaper, eBook, or other asset you wish to use, enter your information and voilà! Access to exclusive VMware vCloud Air Network content is yours.

We’ll be updating the vCloud Air Network Resource Center with fresh content every two to three weeks, putting the latest and greatest vCloud information at your fingertips.

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vCloud Air Strengthens Compliance Portfolio

By Tony Savoy

Concern around security, privacy and availability of critical business data is a common barrier to public cloud adoption. It doesn’t matter if that data is sensitive, private, or simply development and testing information; IT organizations are still required to sustain strict adherence to corporate security policies or regulatory controls. VMware understands these concerns, and continues to focus on investments in its compliance portfolio to ensure its cloud customers are confident that their data is safe and their cloud platforms can satisfy many of their corporate security and regulatory requirements.

Last week, VMware announced that VMware vCloud® Air™ was officially accepted into the UK G-Cloud 6 program. Operating under the GCloud 6 framework means VMware has been properly vetted by the UK government and able to sell to government and public sector organizations in that region. In addition, we announced the general availability of VMware vCloud® Government Service provided by Carpathia™ in the United States. This service now has FedRAMP Provisional Authority to Operate issued by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB).  These two major achievements show our ability to execute the implementation and sustainment of controls for some of the most heavily regulated workloads in the industry.

In our continued path towards developing more transparency into our operating, security and compliance controls, vCloud Air recently added two new programs to its portfolio: the Cloud Security Alliance Security Trust and Assurance Registry (CSA STAR) and Service Organization Control (SOC) 3. The CSA Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) provides customers with industry-accepted ways to document what security controls exist in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings. Visit the CSA STAR Registry to view VMware’s response to over 250 questions related to cloud security, trust principals, and assurance controls. SOC 3, just like the SOC 2 framework, is composed of a comprehensive set of trust principles including security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Our SOC 3 report is publically available and can be viewed and distributed freely.

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What’s New with vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Today is an exciting day for the VMware vCloud® Air™ team, as we launch an update to our recovery-as-a-service offering – VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery. For those of you not familiar with this service, vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a low cost, cloud-based disaster recovery solution for your on-premises VMware vSphere® workloads.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides a warm standby virtual data center, with compute, storage, and networking capacity, that allows you to replicate your vSphere-based virtual machines to the cloud in the event of a data center failure. This capacity is available at any time that you need to initiate a failover, at a very low cost entry point.

In this release, we have added and updated several features designed to enhance the disaster recovery experience, including full native failback, multi-point-in-time recovery, and a failover automation solution via vRealize Orchestrator. This release continues to fulfill organizations’ needs for a reliable, cost efficient disaster recovery solution with a depth of features that make it simple to manage and use.

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VMware Announces the General Availability of vCloud Air in Germany

Today VMware announced the expansion of VMware vCloud® Air™ in Europe with the general availability of its hybrid cloud service in Germany.

Complementing VMware’s UK location and the VMware® vCloud Air™ Network of service providers, the new VMware-operated data center in Frankfurt will provide customers with a hybrid cloud service that addresses German and EU compliance and data sovereignty regulations while enabling them to take advantage of VMware’s enterprise-class cloud. This marks the extension of a true hybrid cloud service to German and European customers, allowing them to immediately benefit from a secure and easy to access public cloud offering.

To learn more about the opening of the German data center location, visit the VMware EMEA blog.

Looking to Ease Cloud Migration? Go With What You Know.

This is a guest post from iland, a member of the vCloud Air Network.

Running out of data center space?  Are short-term projects popping up more frequently? Just need more agility than physical hardware can provide?  There’s a slew of reasons to move to the cloud, but, many times, teams can become overwhelmed by or stuck in the migration process.

There’s good news. Cloud migration does not have to be as daunting as it once was.  Others have paved a path of best practices to ease the process, establishing systematic approaches to making the move.

The reality of transitioning to any new environment is that surprises should be expected. Naturally then, one of the most beneficial lessons learned by cloud trailblazers: minimize variables. The more you are able to match your cloud environment to your on-premise environment, the better. That’s not to say you should be stuck with your existing hypervisor though.  It’s important to remember you have options. Here’s what I mean…

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Another VMware Cloud in Action – Carisbrooke Shipping Sails Beyond Physical Limitations and into the Cloud

Headquartered in the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Shipping is one of the largest shipping companies in UK operating a fleet of over 50 modern dry cargo and multi-purpose vessels. In the forty years since it was founded, the company has had to combat rising fuel costs and increasing competition in the shipping industry. In order to continue growing its business, Carisbrooke decided to audit its IT systems to see how they could control costs and move beyond the limitations of their physical infrastructure. That’s when they began to consider the cloud.

While many companies offered varying levels of integration and support in their cloud solutions, Carisbrooke struggled at first to find a provider that offered the flexibility and control the company required. Carisbrooke IT Manager, Daniel Lewandowski, stated that his team needed to be able to move workloads into a cloud environment seamlessly and instantly, while still being able to maintain complete control. “We still wanted some level of control over the way the estate was run – both from the applications layer and the underlying estate beneath. Initially, there was nothing on the market that suited our need for a truly hybrid approach – with the ability to both outsource and retain complete management.”

Attracted to the seamless integration, flexibility, and control of VMware vCloud® Air™, and having already begun virtualizing three out of five of their offices with VMware vSphere®, Carisbrooke decided to move forward with vCloud Air last year. Lewandowski explained their decision, stating, “Not only did we have the experience with VMware, and were impressed with what we’d already achieved with vSphere, but in terms of the technology, functionality and pricing of vCloud Air, the service just couldn’t be beaten.”

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