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Behind the Scenes with a Hybrid Application: the VMworld 2014 Mobile App

By: Mathew Lodge

How do you build an application that can handle 2,000 requests/second in less than 6 weeks that has to integrate on-premises systems, native mobile and SaaS services? It has to pass a strict security audit, be managed as a single application, and absolutely cannot fail during one of the tech industry’s largest events in San Francisco and Barcelona? Using a hybrid cloud, of course! If you’ve ever wondered what a “hybrid cloud application” looks like, then the VMworld 2014 mobile application is a great example.

The VMworld application represents a new generation of hybrid applications: those that span on-premises, off-premises and SaaS services. The “backend” of the mobile application, containing the data layer and the core logic, ran on vCloud Air and integrated with all the other systems. We engaged mobile solutions provider raw engineering to build the application for VMware, who deployed their built.io app development platform on vCloud Air. The VMworld mobile application was designed and developed in 6 weeks using agile methodology with regular demonstrations and testing by the VMworld team. The rest of the project schedule was spent on scale testing, security and privacy audits, bug fixes and legal review before submitting to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store about a month before VMworld San Francisco.

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Introducing VMware’s Early Access Program for VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

At VMworld Europe, VMware announced plans for an Early Access Program for VMware vCloud® Air™ Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. The program, with an expanded footprint in North America and Europe, enables customers to self-provision on-demand access to vCloud Air with nothing more than a browser and a credit card. Today, we are pleased to launch the Early Access Program along with an introductory $1,000 USD service credit to approved participants.

VMware’s Early Access Program enables customers to provision VMware’s leading vCloud Air technology in minutes. There’s no up front resource or cost commitments, no need to submit a purchase order, and you can cancel your service at anytime. Access the infrastructure you need to meet elastic demand from a virtually unlimited pool of resources.  Pay only for the resources you use, when you use them.  Usage is metered per minute and conveniently billed monthly in arrears.

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Offer IT Business Continuity with Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service – Register for the 11/17 vmLIVE Session!

Business continuity – beset by the threat of everyday disaster – is essential in our world. Be it a power outage, a natural event or some unseen force, it is in your company’s best interest to make sure you are prepared.

On November 17th, at 8am PST, we invited you to join this vmLIVE session focusing on how you can offer business continuity with backup and disaster recovery as a service to your customers. By moving data and workloads between customer owned premises and VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider clouds for business continuity purposes, organizations avoid significant capital investments, benefits from the economies of scale and lower operating expenses with pay-go models.

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What the VMware vCloud Air Network Means For You: Q&A with Geoff Waters

Earlier this year, we announced the VMware vCloud Air Network, the evolution and expansion of our existing VMware Service Provider Program. As a result, our customers and partners have had a few common questions about what benefits the vCloud Air Network offers. We sat down with Geoff Waters, Vice President,Global Service Provider Channel  at VMware, to get additional detail about the announcement.

Q: VMware recently announced the vCloud Air Network. Why is this significant?

A: The vCloud Air Network is a manifestation of VMware’s broader hybrid cloud strategy, as we aim to meet the business needs for our more than 500,000 customers. The vCloud Air Network includes both VMware vCloud Air and the complete ecosystem of more than 3,800 Service Providers in over 100 countries. This provides our customers unprecedented control with regards to how they deploy workloads in the cloud. Customers get the flexibility to place workloads with VMware, partners or both.

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VMware vForum Online Fall Goes Live 11/18!


VMware’s Fall vForum event will take place entirely online on November 18 from 8 a.m to 1 p.m. PST. vForum will host five hours of interactive webcasts, expert chats, and Hands-on Labs. More than 12,000 registrants signed up for vForum Spring and the fall event is already filling up.

Kick off the event by attending the live keynote with VMware’s Vice President and CTO Americas Chris Wolf, where he will be discussing the rapidly changing world of technology – a world in which software-defined solutions are redefining business and empowering companies of all sizes to deliver apps more quickly and more reliably, all while reducing costs and maximizing resources.

Following the keynote, join our breakout session, Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery in Action, from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. to discover how real businesses use cloud-based disaster recovery for simplified failover and recovery operations. This breakout session will include a customer panel featuring Planview, MIT Labs and National Physicians.

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Disaster Recovery – Any Way You Want It

It’s a fact of life. Disasters happen, and when they do, they can sweep away your company’s data. This reality makes disaster recovery a requirement for all businesses, both large and small.

But here’s where things get more complicated. Traditional backup and data recovery solutions, which write data to tape, tend to be expensive, slow, and complex. For these reasons, some companies have implemented disaster recovery for only their most critical applications, leaving many workloads—and a lot of data—vulnerable to disasters.

Today, all of this is changing. When you virtualize your systems, you can now choose from a menu of disaster recovery options that are affordable, easy to manage, and reliable.

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VMware vCloud Air Continues Its Global Expansion – Now in Australia!

Today marks another exciting milestone in the global expansion of VMware vCloud Air – not only are we expanding our hybrid cloud service to Australia, but vCloud Air will also be generally available to all customers in Japan in the coming weeks! Between today’s announcement and our existing ecosystem of vCloud Air Network service providers, VMware now has more than 40 service locations in Asia, making it the largest hybrid cloud network in the Asia Pacific region.

VMware’s continued expansion in Asia underscores our commitment to provide our customers around the globe with the easiest path to cloud. For more information on today’s exciting news, read Bill Fathers’ post on the Tribal Knowledge blog.

For more information about VMware vCloud Air, visit vCloud.VMware.com.

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8 Myths on Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery…Busted!

As high-profile outages continue to make headlines, a secure disaster recovery plan is increasingly becoming a top priority for IT. Not only can a well-developed disaster recovery plan save your data, but it could also save your entire business.

Shockingly, not every company is planned for a disaster or outage – globally 3 out of 4 companies are not prepared for a disaster. There are many  myths about cloud-based disaster recovery, and some have detered business owners from implementing a solution all together. Below, we disclose 2 common myths that surround cloud-based disaster recovery. View the full fact sheet to uncover additional misconceptions about disaster recovery and how you can set up a secure plan.

Myth #1:  Downtime Doesn’t Cost THAT Much

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VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) Updates – Register for the 11/4 vmLIVE Session!

In case you haven’t heard, the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is being renamed the VMware vCloud Air Network Program, to align with the newly announced VMware vCloud Air Network.

This renaming also brings two important changes to the vCloud Air Network.

  • Firstly, all new Service Provider partners must complete the VMware Sales Professional – Cloud Provider (VSP–CP) and VMware Operations Professional – Cloud Provider (VOP–CP) accreditations prior to signing a rental contract with an Aggregator. All existing partners must meet these accreditations by May 2015.
  • Secondly, the Hybrid Cloud Powered (formerly vCloud Powered) badge is required only for Premier level partners. That means Enterprise level partners no longer need the Hybrid Cloud Powered badge. Partners wishing to maintain their Premier level status, however, will need to obtain the badge by May 2015.

The following infographic details all of the requirements of vCloud Air Network partners for all tiers.

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Five Ways Your Business Can Use Hybrid Cloud

IT has long debated the merits of public and private cloud. Public cloud allows organizations to gain capacity and scale services on-demand, while private cloud allows companies to maintain control and visibility of business critical applications. But there is one cloud model that stands apart: hybrid cloud.

Hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds: secure, on-demand access to IT resources with the flexibility to move workloads onsite or offsite to meet specific needs. It’s the security you need in your private cloud with the scalability required of your public cloud. VMware vCloud® Air™ is a dedicated hybrid cloud solution that is versatile, easy to use, and interoperable with your onsite vSphere environment.

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