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VMware Joins the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program

Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners ProgramToday, VMware is pleased to announce that the company has joined the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program.

VMware joins 10 other leading Silicon Valley companies to partner with Stanford Medicine to transform health care and medicine – from treating disease to promoting lifelong health.

VMware’s philanthropic commitment to this program will support construction of the new Stanford Hospital and expansion of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Joining the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program is a nod to Community, one of VMware’s EPIC2 values, as well as to the Stanford University ties that launched VMware as a company.

“We are pleased to team with VMware [along with other leaders in the high-tech industry] to help transform healthcare for people around the world. Real change truly does take a community approach and this relationship allows us to extend innovative and technologically advanced healthcare delivery to countless individuals.” –Amir Dan Rubin, President & CEO, Stanford Health Care

VMware is committed to making a difference in people’s lives and through this partnership, will help to transform health care for people around the world. Our partnership also enables us to further support the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families by providing access to Stanford’s Health Navigation services and clinical education programs.

We are thrilled to be part of a partnership that will contribute to making a world of difference, profoundly impacting humanity and enabling the gift of health, hope and healing. We are extremely proud to give back to our global community.

Explain It Like I’m Four: Cloud-Native Apps

Cloud Native AppsIn a previous “Explain It Like I’m Four” post, we took a look at micro-segmentation, an increasingly popular framework for IT security.  Now let’s turn our attention to a software paradigm that redefines the way applications are developed and deployed by making full use of modern IaaS and PaaS technology: cloud-native apps.

What are cloud-native apps?

Put simply, cloud-native apps are a type of software specifically designed and developed to run optimally within a cloud-computing architecture, as opposed to apps that are migrated to the cloud after they have been designed.  Cloud-native apps therefore depend on the infrastructure and services (e.g., vCloud Air, Force.com, or Amazon EC2) offered by cloud computing, freed from specific physical resources.  And as an ideal complement to agile, continuous deployment workflows by making use of microservices and similar scalable architectures, they make it easy for DevOps teams to reap the full benefits of the cloud, too.

Some of the defining characteristics of cloud-native apps include:

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Recognizing Honorees for CRN’s Women of the Channel 2015

WOTC_2015_LogoBy Dave O’Callaghan, senior vice president, Global Channels and Alliances, and co-leader, Global Partner Organization, and Todd Surdey, vice president, Strategic Alliances and Emerging Partners, and co-leader, Global Partner Organization

Today, we are very honored to have 15 women from VMware recognized in this year’s Women of the Channel list.

The annual list profiles outstanding female executives across vendor channel organizations, distributors, solution providers and other women prominently involved in the IT channel ecosystem for their successes and the far-reaching impact they are having on the technology industry.

This year’s Women of the Channel were carefully reviewed and selected by the editors of CRN based on their accomplishments and the influence they wield over the technology channel.

We are very proud to have strong representation on this year’s list.

In addition to the 15 VMware women recognized, Sandra Haan, senior director, Global Partner Marketing, and Colleen Kapase, vice president, Partner Go-to-Market Experience, have also been named to CRN’s 2015 Power 100 list.

Honorees for VMware this year include:

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Creating the next-generation clinical workspace

Next-gen clinical workspaceThis post was originally published on The Bridge.

Having virtualized their datacenters and clinical care applications, providers are now focused on leveraging these investments to help them transform the delivery of patient care.  One of Healthcare IT’s many new challenges is improving caregiver productivity.  Mobile and wearable technologies, for example, will play a key role and completely redefine the Healthcare technology landscape in the coming years, said Frank Nydam, VMware Senior Director of Healthcare Solutions.

Nydam leads a team in the VMware CTO office responsible for implementing custom solutions for healthcare clients – so caregiver productivity is something near and dear to his heart. “It isn’t just about seeing more patients,” Nydam said. “It’s about assuring the technology works for the caregiver rather than getting in their way.”  As the Healthcare industry continues its transformation from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to one based on the quality of the outcome, a tremendous amount of new technology has been introduced into the care delivery process.

Learn more about AlwaysOn Point of Care and the future of the next-gen clinical workspace by reading the full article on The Bridge by VMware.

An Interview with 2014 Fling Contest Winner Zachary Widing

VMware 2014 Fling ContestLate last year, we announced the winner of the 2014 VMware Fling Contest -- Zachary Widing. He won for his idea to update the Onyx Fling to support the vSphere Web Client. You can read additional details on Zachary’s winning submission here.

We caught up with Zachary to discuss winning the Fling contest. It’s been a busy start to 2015 for Zachary, who joined VMware recently.

Q. What was your reaction to learning your idea won the 2014 VMware Fling contest?

A. I was ecstatic to find out that I had won. While the reward was nice, the fact that my Fling submission would be continued into the vSphere Web Client was "reward" for me enough.


Q. What inspired you to enter the contest?

A. I was inspired to enter the VMware Fling contest because I believe in the idea of open innovation, and that possibly "my" idea could be considered good enough to become reality.

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Seeding Indigenous Innovation in China

Brave New World of ITLast October, VMware established a new R&D hub in China with the aim of fostering IT innovation and closer collaboration with the country’s local organizations and institutions. As work at VMware Labs Asia continues to thrive, we wanted to offer an overview of the types of projects that will be hosted there, as well as some of the reasons VMware chose to expand its footprint in China.

VMware Labs Asia adds to VMware’s already robust presence in China, which includes a global R&D center. First and foremost, the new lab will serve to spur collaboration between VMware and various local bodies in an effort to leverage the unique market opportunities for virtualization technology in the country.

Markets such as mobile are booming, but many aspects of IT infrastructure still lag behind other developed nations. This is a challenge that VMware is uniquely suited to tackle.

“For a lot of customers in China—whether enterprise, industrial, telco, etc.— VMware is in a very unique position to become the most attractive technology partner,” said Dr. Ying Li, managing director, VMware Labs Asia. “Most customers understand that Unix and mainframe are not going to get them to the next generation of IT. They get the message—they need to transform IT infrastructure—and they’re actively looking for input to help them transform their data center.”

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VMware’s Perspective on Recent Good Litigation

Dawn Smith headshotBy Dawn Smith, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary

Last week, Good Technology issued a news release relating to reputed developments in an infringement lawsuit it filed against AirWatch in Germany last December.  In this release, Good Technology suggests AirWatch’s products have been found to infringe Good Technology’s patents and that an injunction would soon be issued against AirWatch.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This lawsuit is only in the very early stages, there have been no substantive rulings in the case, and there has not been a finding that AirWatch’s products infringe any Good Technology patent.  Our AirWatch business is experiencing rapid growth and remains fully open for business in Germany, across Europe, and around the world.

In this German lawsuit, Good Technology also brought claims against one of AirWatch’s numerous German resellers in an effort to obtain a procedural advantage in the dispute.  But there was no substantive basis for including this reseller – Envision, because it has not had any sales for AirWatch.  To avoid the burdens associated with such frivolous litigation, Envision used a procedural tool in the German court to extract itself from the lawsuit without requiring any merits rulings from the German court.

VMware and AirWatch believe Good Technology’s infringement claims lack merit.  We also believe Good Technology’s patents are invalid and AirWatch will be filing nullity actions in Germany to invalidate those patents.

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