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Weekly News Recap, Oct. 24, 2014

VMware Company and Industry NewsVMware News

In VMware news this week, VMware announces financial results for the third quarter of 2014. Revenues for the third quarter were $1.52 billion, an increase of 18% from the third quarter of 2013.

Photo courtesy of @UmairMoheet

Photo courtesy of @UmairMoheet

Mobile was top-of-mind for attendees and analysts at the annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo earlier this month. And as usual, Gartner released its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. John Marshall, Senior Vice President and General Manager of AirWatch by VMware shares his top three mobile takeaways from the show in a new Tribal Knowledge guest post.

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Weekly News Roundup, #VMworld Europe 2014 Edition

#VMworld Europe 2014Thanks to everyone who came out to VMworld Europe 2014. What a show! We wish everyone safe travels home from Barcelona. With more than 9,000 attendees, the energy and excitement from this conference was palpable, whether you were on the showroom floor or tuning in digitally. Here’s a recap of news and buzz from the show:

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VMware Vertical Perspectives: EUC and Education

In this candid interview, VMware’s EUC Solutions Marketing Specialist, Geoffrey Murase, discusses how VMware products are helping to reshape and redefine education in the 21st Century. The needs of both students and teachers certainly are at the heart of the unique challenges that are faced when it comes to the concept of excellence in a digital world.

Geoffrey explains the benefits of a Google/VMware partnership and the ways this is raising the bar for educational excellence regardless of where the classroom might be located.

VMware Vertical Perspectives: EUC in Financial Services and Federated Markets

In this candid interview, VMware’s Product Line Marketing Manager for EUC, Muthu Somsasundaram talks about how VMware products are helping in the financial services and federated market space.

Both of these verticals have unique challenges when it comes to the type of access that is needed in their networks, but more are the concerns over security and regulatory compliance. Muthu explains how VMware is helping to address both.

This Is Your Firewall. This Is Your Firewall on NSX!

This Is Your Firewall. This Is Your Firewall On NSX (GIFs)

One of the biggest problems in IT security is the assumption that harm only comes from the outside, so anything inside the data center can be trusted. To understand why this presents a challenge, it’s helpful to visualize the current model.

This is what the security architecture typically looks like in a data center: a large high-performance firewall appliance sits at the perimeter, watching the traffic going into and out of the data center.

Perimeter-centric security architecture

An important takeaway from recent data breaches is that the perimeter firewall could work perfectly fine in most cases—it was simply circumvented in a way that rendered it powerless. That’s because the attacks came from the inside, and once past the perimeter firewall, malware spreads laterally across servers and workstations.

Wouldn’t it be great if the perimeter firewall protecting your network from external threats could be supplemented with a scalable, distributed firewalling capability that moved protections all the way down to every single host – without sacrificing performance with fully automated and programmable policy enforcement?

Through VMware NSX, administrators are doing just that—leveraging the power of micro-segmentation enabled by network virtualization and distributed firewalling to redefine data center security architecture. With this new model, malware that manages to breach the perimeter can be identified, blocked and remediated at any point within the data center as it tries to move east-west from server to server.

Distributed firewalling with VMware NSX



To learn more about how this new model, enabled by network virtualization, can allow your company to implement a Zero-Trust strategy for security architecture, check out our previous post on micro-segmentation.

VIDEO: A Stitch in Time Saves Patients

When Beaufort Memorial Hospital in Beaufort, S.C., needed to streamline interactions between doctors and patients, they knew they had to address one problem: “Applications aren’t mobile, but the clinicians are.” Their solution? Helping bridge the relationship between IT and doctors with both open dialog and technology like VMware’s Horizon View.

Now doctors and patients both are benefiting from the changes. Doctors can pull up their virtual desktop on any device, and they were quick to take to the changes. And patients have been quick to appreciate the easy, bedside access that doctors have to their records and treatment plans.

Learn more at Boundless.VMware.com.

VMware Ranks #1 Compared with Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco and RedHat, Analysts Say

Find out how VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center architecture scored top marks compared with other vendors.

Recently Taneja Group did an independent evaluation of these four vendors considering factors such as virtualization platform, business continuity, and security and compliance. VMware also ranked highest for software-defined networking and storage, self-service provmarketing-profile-2isioning, infrastructure operations management and hybrid cloud capabilities.

Read the Enterprise version of the report here http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/customers/vmw-comparative-study-tanejagroup-ENT.pdf, and the SMB version here http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/customers/vmw-comparative-study-tanejagroup-SMB.pdf