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An Award-Winning Holiday Gift for the Technophile in your Life

Fusion 7Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the techie in your life? Well look no further. The VMware Fusion team recently received an Editors’ Choice award from PCMag.com for VMware Fusion 7! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to give the gift of Windows on Mac?

VMware Fusion has always had a loyal following and the VMware Fusion product team has put a lot of effort into making it one of the leading solutions available to serve its customers.

Read more about the PCMag.com distinction on the VMware End-User Computing blog.

Administrators With Their Head in the vCloud – Luigi

The vCloud Suite has made it so easy to manage his company’s private cloud that Luigi now has time to contribute value in entirely new ways.


The New Normal: Networking in the Software Age

Guido HeadshotGuido Appenzeller is VMware’s Chief Technology Strategy Officer for networking and security. Previously he was the co-founder and CTO of Big Switch Networks, one of the pioneers in the software-defined networking market. Guido is responsible for analyzing and evaluating emerging trends across the networking ecosystem, and evangelizing VMware’s strategy for network virtualization. Below, Guido outlines his perspective on the importance of software for the advancement of the networking industry.

Networking Ball and Chain CartoonAnyone who’s tracked the evolution of enterprise IT over the last 20 years can probably point to a single trend as having catalyzed much of the innovation currently taking place inside the data center. That trend, of course, is abstraction, or the decoupling of functions from their underlying hardware.

Through virtualization, we’ve not only improved storage and compute technology by orders of magnitude, but also engendered entirely new use cases and laid the groundwork for advances still to come. Unfortunately, not every aspect of the data center has kept up with this breakneck pace of innovation.

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Five Questions with the CIO – Part Two

Tony Scott, VMware SVP & CIOFor the second part of our five-part interview series with VMware CIO Tony Scott (check out Part One here), we delve into Tony’s view of the IT market in the near future.

Tribal Knowledge [TK]: Tony, how do you see the IT market evolve over the next 12-24 months?

Tony Scott [TS]: There has been a lot of change in IT over the course of my career. We are in the midst of another big change and it’s a time of pretty significant business transformation, where businesses are digitizing and their products and go-to-market strategies are changing. How customers learn about their company’s products and how they support those products is also undergoing a lot of change. For IT, it’s a question of how do all of the things they do to support their businesses have to change to keep up with and help drive the transformation. We are in the middle of going towards IT as a Service – aka “ITaaS” to gain the flexibility, agility and innovation needed to succeed.

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Administrators With Their Head in the vCloud – Keenen

With the help of vRealize Suite, cloud management has become so streamlined that Keenen now has time to master brand new skills.


Is your CIO’s Head in the Cloud?

Tony Scott, VMware SVP & CIOThe rise of cloud-based services has made it much easier to procure IT resources and enabled organizations to treat new infrastructure investments as an operating expense rather than capital investment. While this transition continues to bring new agility to things like development and testing, many CIOs and IT departments are being left out of the conversation. So while IT is evolving, it’s often without a clear direction or strategy. CIOs need to figure out what the North Star is for their organization’s IT infrastructure, and point people in the right direction, vocally.

VMware CIO Tony Scott joined VMware in August 2013, and leads the company’s global information technology group, bringing more than 35 years of leadership and management experience in IT services. Tony recently sat down with Bruce Hoard, Editor of VMware Tech Center for an exclusive interview. Click through below to read the full Q&A.

“Hybrid is personal—it means something to every single CIO” — Exclusive Interview with Tony Scott, CIO, VMware

Update: Third Annual Fling Contest Closes

VMware 2014 Fling ContestWinner to be Announced Before Year End; Tribal Knowledge Catches up with Last Year’s Winner

Back in September, we blogged about the opening of VMware’s Third Annual Fling contest, which invites the VMware community to submit ideas that VMware may develop into a “Fling.” “What’s a Fling,” you may ask? Flings are software tools developed by VMware engineers that provide functionality that enhances or complements existing VMware products or explore new ideas.

This year’s Fling contest recently closed on Friday, Nov. 14 and the winner will be announced before the year’s end. Tribal Knowledge had a chance to catch up with last year’s winner, Steve Athanas. (He’s the Director of Platforms & Systems Engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell.)

Learn more about VMware’s Fling Contest at: https://flingcontest.vmware.com/about and check out our interview with Steve after the jump.

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