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VMware Weekly News Recap, Feb. 6, 2015

Pat at LaunchVMware News

It’s been a busy week for VMware! On Monday, at a live event in San Francisco, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Ben Fathi introduced our latest innovations across virtual compute, networking and storage. The theme of the event – One Cloud, Any Application – speaks to our new products and services that help you to deliver a consistent environment for building, running and managing any cloud-native or traditional application, through a software-defined platform that spans private and public cloud environments. Read more about the launch on Tribal Knowledge.

Also on Monday, the end-user computing team was excited to announce that VMware acquired Immidio, a privately held company that offers a user environment management (UEM) solution. The Immidio UEM solution provides a consistent and dynamic desktop experience that is independent of operating system, device and location.

On Tuesday, the EVO:RAIL group welcomed EMC’s VSPEX BLUE to the VMware EVO:RAIL family of systems. Announced Tuesday at VMware Partner Exchange 2015 in San Francisco, VSPEX Blue is a radically simplified hyper-converged infrastructure appliance 100 percent powered by EMC and VMware EVO:RAIL. Read more from Mornay Van Der Walt, vice president of the EVO: RAIL Group at VMware.

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Administrators With Their Head in the vCloud – Vince

With AirWatch, Vince helps his company realize unprecedented levels of productivity and mobility, leaving plenty of time to question the status quo.


Five Questions with the CIO – Part Three

Tony Scott, VMware SVP & CIOFor the third installment of our interview series with VMware CIO Tony Scott (check out Parts One and Two), we look ahead to the evolution of IT and the role VMware will play in transforming static business models to dynamic, fluid ones.

Tribal Knowledge [TK]: How would you sum up some of the IT-driven transformation we’ve seen this year?

Tony Scott [TS]: We’re entering a new era of business, where models that once seemed solid and permanent are becoming more liquid. You need to be liquid to be disruptive in this day and age.. That means agile and flexible. Able to spin up new services in weeks not months or years. Poised to leverage mobile-cloud architecture to create new business models, revenue streams and means to create stronger connections with customers and partners. We’re going through this transformation at VMware and we’re excited to help our customers on their journey as software is always at the core of any liquid business.

TK: Why software?

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VMware to Grant $1.6 Million in Endowments for Technology Education

VMware Fellows Are Recognized for Exceptional Leadership and Technology Contributions

Tech EducationVMware, Inc. today announced that recently appointed VMware Fellows, Martin Casado and Raj Yavatkar, are being honored by endowments of $800,000 in each of their names to Northern Arizona University, Martin’s alma mater, and Scripps University, where Raj’s daughter graduated.

The VMware Fellows program recognizes the continued and dramatic contributions by outstanding VMware people to its products, the company and the industry at large.

“Martin and Raj are two incredible leaders who embody the broader VMware research and development philosophy,” said Ben Fathi, chief technology officer, VMware. “Their passion for continued innovation and relentless focus on product performance and quality have helped establish VMware’s leadership in the software-defined data center. These scholarships will continue their legacy by helping students follow in their footsteps and create the disruptions that will shape the future of technology.”

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VMware Foundation: Mission Possible

Track VMware's "Gift of Giving" by clicking above.

Track VMware’s “Gift of Giving” by clicking above.

VMware might be known best as the first software firm to succeed in virtualizing x86 architecture, but the idea of Citizen Philanthropy may not be as well known. Here at VMware, our giving is called Citizen Philanthropy—an idea that promotes choice in where and how to contribute, as well as the belief that individual actions matter and add up to our collective impact. If you stopped by Destination Give Back at VMworld, you saw Citizen Philanthropy in action—with attendees taking a symbolic action of flying a paper airplane to support their cause of choice. Together these actions added up to our collective support for the global community.

Closing out the year, the VMware Foundation took on another ambitious big idea. What if every VMware person joined in giving back through at least one Foundation program? We call it Mission Possible. As of Q3, 6,169 VMware employees have contributed their time, talents, and/or directed financial resources to a cause they are passionate about. While that’s 38% of VMware’s global workforce, we know this number doesn’t fully reflect our culture of service and gratitude.

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An Award-Winning Holiday Gift for the Technophile in your Life

Fusion 7Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for the techie in your life? Well look no further. The VMware Fusion team recently received an Editors’ Choice award from PCMag.com for VMware Fusion 7! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to give the gift of Windows on Mac?

VMware Fusion has always had a loyal following and the VMware Fusion product team has put a lot of effort into making it one of the leading solutions available to serve its customers.

Read more about the PCMag.com distinction on the VMware End-User Computing blog.

Administrators With Their Head in the vCloud – Luigi

The vCloud Suite has made it so easy to manage his company’s private cloud that Luigi now has time to contribute value in entirely new ways.