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VMware Weekly News Recap: January 10

VMware News

We hope you enjoyed your holiday season and are gearing up for a fantastic 2014! And we’d like to take a minute to thank you for following the VMware Company Blog. In 2014, we want to create an even more dynamic source of VMware and industry news. If you have any feedback on what you like, or how we can make reading more enjoyable, please leave your ideas in the comments section below. We’ll call it our New Year’s Resolution!

In VMware news this week, Ben Fathi was appointed chief technology officer at VMware. Fathi joined VMware in 2012 and most recently served as senior vice president, R&D. As CTO, he’ll help drive VMware’s technology strategy and work with the engineering teams to continue to deliver innovative products with a focus on staying ahead of customer needs.

On Tuesday the lastest version of VMware vCenter Log Insight was made generally available. Version 1.5 includes new features for enterprise readiness and support for an additional range of enterprise log sources. You can download the latest software from the VMware Product Evaluation Center (after logging in) here or learn more from Bill Roth in his blog post announcing general availability.

On Monday, Sanjay Poonen announced three industry veterans joined VMware’s End-User Computing (EUC) leadership team. Poonen shared his thoughts on the new development in a blog post, writing, “These individuals will give our group even deeper end-user computing and industry expertise going into 2014 and position us very well to continue to provide customers with industry leading solutions!”

Industry News

In industry news this week, GigaOM’s Barb Darrow reports on VMware’s new additions to its EUC leadership team in her article, “VMware poaches top Citrix desktop virtualization talent: it just got real in here.” Darrow writes, “VMware snagged two key veteran execs from category leader Citrix. This signals that VMware is really serious about the desktop. Seriously.”

Think VMware’s datacenter growth is sooo 2013? Think again. InformationWeek’s Charles Babcock explains why VMware’s datacenter growth is far from over. According to Babcock, “Some observers say the virtualization wave is nearly over because it’s reached the 40%-50% of applications that are agreeable to migration into virtual machines.” He disagrees, writing, “I believe virtualization still has far to go and will bring many changes in 2014.”

In an article published this week in CITEworld, Freelancer Nancy Gohring highlights EUC’s new hires as “part of a broader plan to bring the ease of use and simplicity of consumer products to desktop virtualization.” Give the article a read!

Marcel van den Berg of Virtualization.info also makes note of the new additions to VMware’s EUC leadership team. He highlights the changes and concludes: “This shows that VMware is very serious about End User Computing.”

Virtualization Review’s Michael Domingo reports on the release of VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5, highlighting “more support for Active Directory and a number of improvements in the way it uses and shares content pack information.”

Later in the week, Domingo also reports on VMware’s Ben Fathi’s promotion to CTO in his article, “VMware, Citrix Start 2014 with New Execs.”

In other industry news, InformationWeek contributor Jeff Aaron (of PernixData) explains why flash hypervisors could be the solution to increase application performance in an article titled “Flash Virtualization: Enabling The Software-Defined Datacenter.” Aaron writes, “Storage has long been a war-of-the-boxes, with marginal innovation. [Flash hypervisor technology’s] enterprise-class features and unparalleled benefits make it a strategic infrastructure investment that will fundamentally change datacenter storage design.”

When you think of virtualization implementation, do you usually envision a Fortune 500 company? SearchServerVirtualization.com’s Brian Kirsch explains how a small business can take advantage of virtualization. He points out that, “A small to medium-sized business (SMB) may only have a few servers in a closet or wiring room. Virtualizing these servers is less about consolidation and more about flexibility and growth.”

IBM’s announced a partnership with media service and technology provider, Technicolor, to develop a cloud-based monitoring and management service that will target the Internet of Things and M2M. Jonathan Brandon of Business Cloud News tells is that “the service, which can be used to track performance for a range of IP-connected devices, will be hosted on IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure.”

Network Computing’s Bill Kleyman explains five ways software-defined tech simplifies datacenter management. According to Kleyman, “if you are trying to get a better grasp of the modern datacenter, it’s critical to understand the goal of these new technologies: to reduce the complexity associated with distance.”

Ethan Banks of SearchSDN.com explains why you need to define your operational needs before adopting a software-defined networking platform. He writes that “when considering an SDN platform, you need to be able to articulate your specific business and technology needs clearly and with a high level of detail. After all, SDN will generally require a re-architecture that affects the entire IT spectrum.”

Have you heard of IBM’s latest supercomputer venture? IDG News Service’s Joab Jackson reports on IBM’s announcement to launch a newly formed business unit division based in New York called Watson Business Group to offer cognitive computing systems and services. Jackson writes that the company “will invest $1 billion in the group, including $100 million earmarked to invest in startup companies building applications that run on the Watson Developer cloud.”

We had a little fun with @Scott_Lowe poking fun of the world going “as-a-Service” and wanted to ask what’s your favorite “new” “as-a-Service?” Let us know via Twitter and be sure to follow @VMwareNews for all the latest from VMware.

VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5 is Generally Available Today!

By Bill Roth, Group Product Marketing Manager, VMware

We’re pleased to announce the release of VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5, which includes new features for enterprise readiness, and support for an additional range of enterprise log sources. You can download the latest software from the VMware Product Evaluation Center (after logging in) here: https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/evalcenter?p=log-insight.

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VMware vCenter Log Insight: A new approach to analyzing unstructured machine data

Today, I am very excited to announce the availability of VMware vCenter Log Insight, our new log analytics and management solution. vCenter Log Insight helps customers quickly search and analyze all their IT log data, providing them with meaningful, actionable operational insights.

With vCenter Operations Management Suite, VMware introduced an analytics-based operations management solution that targets structured data (metrics, KPIs, events, alerts). Today, vCenter Log Insight extends our analytics-based approach to logs and unstructured machine-generated data. Together, these offerings provide a complete and integrated solution for cloud operations management.

vCenter Log Insight is now available as a full-featured beta download that customers can access and try out for free here.

The Emerging Need for Log Analytics

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