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Introducing VMware Ready Devices on Verizon Wireless

Today I’m very excited to announce the immediate availability of two VMware Ready devices – LG Intuition and Razr M by Motorola – on Verizon Wireless.  These devices are now equipped with VMware’s virtualization technology required to run our dual personal solution, VMware Horizon Mobile.  This is an important milestone for VMware as we deliver on our end-user computing vision of managing users, not devices.  We will continue to work closely with Verizon Wireless to enable a broad set of new and existing devices to be VMware Ready. You might be asking yourself what is a VMware Ready device?  Well, in this blog I will provide a quick overview of Horizon Mobile and VMware Ready program.

VMware Horizon Mobile Overview

Perhaps even more profound than the BYOD trend is the change in how employees use their devices.  Irrespective of who actually buys or owns the device, the corporation or the user, most employees tend to download personal apps onto these devices – Facebook, Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc. coexist with work email/PIM.  It is fair to assume then that most devices will have both personal and corporate content (apps, data and services).

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