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Administrators With Their Head in the vCloud – Vince

With AirWatch, Vince helps his company realize unprecedented levels of productivity and mobility, leaving plenty of time to question the status quo.


Five Questions with the CIO – Part Three

Tony Scott, VMware SVP & CIOFor the third installment of our interview series with VMware CIO Tony Scott (check out Parts One and Two), we look ahead to the evolution of IT and the role VMware will play in transforming static business models to dynamic, fluid ones.

Tribal Knowledge [TK]: How would you sum up some of the IT-driven transformation we’ve seen this year?

Tony Scott [TS]: We’re entering a new era of business, where models that once seemed solid and permanent are becoming more liquid. You need to be liquid to be disruptive in this day and age.. That means agile and flexible. Able to spin up new services in weeks not months or years. Poised to leverage mobile-cloud architecture to create new business models, revenue streams and means to create stronger connections with customers and partners. We’re going through this transformation at VMware and we’re excited to help our customers on their journey as software is always at the core of any liquid business.

TK: Why software?

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Top 5 Customer Success Videos: Partnering with VMware and HP for 2015

Teacher using VMwareThis past year we’ve posted dozens of YouTube videos featuring satisfied VMware/HP customers using our solutions to make IT vastly simpler and more efficient, speeding time-to-value, and lowering total cost of ownership.

The following are the top five videos for the year. Each represents many of the use cases we see trending for 2015.

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Avoiding the Frankencloud with True Hybrid (infographic)

IT can join the partyPerhaps the IT understatement of 2015 will be that not all hybrid clouds are created equal. Indeed, with new offerings popping up each quarter, it’s becoming clear that a vast cross section of “hybrid cloud solutions” don’t qualify as true hybrid clouds.

The reasons to invest in a hybrid cloud are many and varied (we’ve enumerated a few in the infographic below), but once you’re sold on the service, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re actually getting the right capabilities to address the needs of your business. Is your cloud easy-to-use and cost-effective? Or is it an unwieldy and expensive Frankencloud?

The infographic below will help you tell the difference.

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VMware Weekly News Recap, Jan. 9, 2015

VMware News 

141212-VMware-cloud-chartHappy New Year! This week in VMware news, the company announced that recently appointed VMware Fellows Martin Casado and Raj Yavatkar are being honored by endowments of $800,000 in each of their names to Northern Arizona University (Martin’s alma mater) and Scripps University (where Raj’s daughter graduated).

You may know that managing a heterogeneous hybrid cloud environment requires a different set of tools than those designed only for on-prem resources. This week, Tribal Knowledge, in conjunction with the cloud management team, published an infographic showing the ways vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite work best together.

Closing out the year, the VMware Foundation took on a big idea. What if every VMware person joined in giving back through at least one Foundation program? Mission Possible aims to encourage just that. Learn more about Mission Possible and track the company’s progress here.

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VMware to Grant $1.6 Million in Endowments for Technology Education

VMware Fellows Are Recognized for Exceptional Leadership and Technology Contributions

Tech EducationVMware, Inc. today announced that recently appointed VMware Fellows, Martin Casado and Raj Yavatkar, are being honored by endowments of $800,000 in each of their names to Northern Arizona University, Martin’s alma mater, and Scripps University, where Raj’s daughter graduated.

The VMware Fellows program recognizes the continued and dramatic contributions by outstanding VMware people to its products, the company and the industry at large.

“Martin and Raj are two incredible leaders who embody the broader VMware research and development philosophy,” said Ben Fathi, chief technology officer, VMware. “Their passion for continued innovation and relentless focus on product performance and quality have helped establish VMware’s leadership in the software-defined data center. These scholarships will continue their legacy by helping students follow in their footsteps and create the disruptions that will shape the future of technology.”

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Infographic: Good Management Goes a Long Way in the Hybrid Cloud

141212-VMware-cloud-chartYou’re a fast-growing vSphere shop with a thriving private cloud. As your company’s IT demands increase, you take the next logical step and start to deploy certain workloads off-prem in the public cloud. Everything runs smoothly for a while as you gain experience and confidence with hybrid cloud. But before you know it, your admin team is juggling a half-dozen single-purpose management solutions just to execute basic operations.

If that sounds cumbersome and inefficient, that’s because it is.

Managing a heterogeneous hybrid cloud environment requires a different set of tools than those designed only for on-prem resources. While the vCloud Suite should continue to function as the foundation of your private cloud, a solution like vRealize Suite is necessary to provide unified management capabilities as you extend your datacenter to the public cloud.

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