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Business Mobility: VMware Customers Making it Real [VIDEO]

Business MobilityThe next decade of mobility is forcing leaders to fundamentally rethink business. Enabling any app to be delivered to any device across the enterprise gives way to new business processes to empower the workforce and create new experiences for customers.

VMware recently hosted an influencer event in San Francisco where partners, press and analysts gathered to hear news from the company about its strategy for the future of business mobility. Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen took to the stage to announce new solutions and partnerships.

VMware partners Box, DocuSign, Salesforce and AT&T​ gathered recently at VMware's event in San Francisco to discuss how they're making Business Mobility real.

Watch the video above for more details on how VMware is transforming industries. For more details on this week's news, check out these press releases and blogs:

Breaking News: VMware Shares End-User Computing Business Mobility Strategy​ [VIDEO]

Business MobilityThis evening, Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager of End-User Computing, outlined VMware’s strategy for the future of business mobility with new solutions and partnerships.

The news today marks the first step in executing on VMware’s vision of enabling enterprises to transform their business processes through mobility.

Watch the video below with Noah Wasmer, vice president of product management at VMware, as he outlines the news, including the launch of VMware Identity Manager, announcement of 15 new partners joining ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) and VMware’s further commitment to iOS support.

  • Tune in tomorrow for VMware's virtual Business Mobility event, where mobile thought leaders will talk about the news and speak to the shifting business landscape and how mobility is redefining the way we work
  • Read “Introducing VMware Identity Manager – Offering Cloud-Based Single Sign-On For Business Mobility” by Kevin Strohmeyer, senior director, product marketing, End-User Computing, VMware
  • Read how ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) expanded with 15 new members

Mobility pioneers to speak at VMware Business Mobility event

Tomorrow VMware is hosting the virtual Business Mobility Summit, where mobile thought leaders will speak to the shifting business landscape and how mobility is redefining the way we work.

Business MobilityThe event will boast an exciting panel of speakers, including VMware executives and customers, who will share their perspective on Business Mobility and how it has the power to reinvent companies through new business process innovation.



  • VMware executives:
    • Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware
    • Sanjay Poonen, EVP and general manager, End-User Computing, VMware
    • Robin Matlock, CMO, VMware
  • Business Mobility Pioneers:
    • Stryker’s Paul Donoghue, director of Enterprise Mobile Solutions
    • Gap Inc.’s Roger Kibbe, senior director, Omnichannel Architecture

VMware’s Vision

Executives from VMware will kick off the event by detailing VMware’s perspective and role in this new mobile era and how VMware’s Business Mobility strategy is helping shape the future of IT. VMware’s End-User Computing EVP and General Manager Sanjay Poonen will also share exciting new partnership updates and product announcements that will continue to help VMware customers succeed in the mobile-cloud era.

Customer Success Stories

VMware customers and mobility pioneers, Gap Inc. and Stryker will also take the stage to give attendees a glimpse of how they have successfully implemented mobile-first strategies to transform existing ways of working.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16, at 9 a.m. PT for the Business Mobility Summit by tuning in here.

VMware News Recap 6/12/15: What We Read This Week

This Week in VMware News: The Future of the Data Center, Gartner's EMM Magic Quadrant, An Interview with VMware's CIO and more...


VMware NewsLast week at the 2015 InformationWeek Conference (#IWConference), VMware’s EVP and GM of Cloud Services Bill Fathers joined Mike Stothers, IT Infrastructure Director at Boeing, and Sri Shivananda, VP of Global Platform and Infrastructure at eBay, to discuss the Future of the Data Center.

Watch the video>


On Wednesday, Gartner positioned AirWatch by VMware as a “Leader” and as the company that is ranked highest on its “Ability to Execute” axis in the firm’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management.

Learn more in the press release>


avondale3On Thursday, VMware announced that the City of Avondale, Ariz., has implemented VMware's unified platform for the hybrid cloud. Learn more about how the innovative city is better prepared to achieve quick recovery from unforeseen incidents that could impact the delivery of municipal services to citizens and businesses such as traffic management, water and wastewater utilities, and emergency response by police officers and firefighters.

Read the press release>


Sanjay at M6As we gear up for VMware’s Business Mobility Online Event next week, check out this new video featuring an interview with VMware EVP and General Manager of End-User Computing Sanjay Poonen from the recent 2015 M6 Mobility xChange. Sanjay discusses the importance of an enterprise mobility strategy and how business mobility technology and trends will impact business decisions.

Watch the video>

NUMBERS-05Bask Leadership PerspectivesVMware CIO Bask Iyer talks to Tribal Knowledge about the biggest changes he's seen in the tech industry in the past 12 months.

Watch the video interview>


Stay tuned for more VMware news on Tribal Knowledge, the official VMware company blog.

EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge: VMware Announces First Winners

By Michael Gandy, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, EVO:RAIL, VMware

Editor’s Note: This post, initially published on June 12, 2015, was updated on June 18, 2015 to add the name of the third conference pass winner.

In the spirit of competition, we are excited to announce the winners of the EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge for May. In the contest, you are faced with three challenges and have 60 minutes to complete them.

EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge

We have seen a lot of enthusiasm for the contest with more than 400 participants worldwide to date. The winners for the first month of the EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge with the three best scores (minimum time to complete the lab) are Ryan Harris, Paul Sheard and Krishna Boini.

All three winners will each receive a conference pass to their choice of VMworld 2015 San Francisco or VMworld 2015 Europe in Barcelona. Learn more about VMworld 2015 here.

Additionally, those who achieved the next seven best scores will each receive an EVO:RAIL backpack, t-shirt and water bottle.

If you’d like to take a shot at the EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge and potentially win a free conference pass to VMworld 2015 or some free EVO:RAIL swag, simply take the lab. There is plenty of time to participate in the challenge which will run through August 20, 2015 with new winners selected monthly.

To learn more about the EVO:RAIL Hands-on Lab Challenge including the prizes, rules as well as terms and conditions, go to: https://www.vmware.com/promotions/evorail-challenge

To learn more about VMware EVO:RAIL, please visit us at: http://www.vmware.com/products/evorail

Best of luck!

Leadership Perspectives with Bask Iyer - Part One

In the first of this two-part edition of Leadership Perspectives, VMware CIO Bask Iyer talks to Tribal Knowledge about the biggest changes he's seen in the tech industry in the past 12 months.

Comment below with your take on the biggest changes in the tech industry in the past twelve months. Then learn more about VMware and industry trends on Tribal Knowledge.

Business Mobility & the Future of End-User Computing [VIDEO]

As we gear up for VMware’s Business Mobility Online Event next week, check out this new video featuring an interview with VMware EVP and General Manager of End-User Computing Sanjay Poonen.

Maribel Lopez, Conference Chair of Lopez Research LLC guides the discussion with Sanjay in front of an audience of CIOs and IT leaders at the recent 2015 M6 Mobility xChange. The pair discuss the importance of an enterprise mobility strategy and how current and future business mobility technology and trends will impact business and investment decisions. The goal of the conference is to bring to light for senior managers and business executives strategic level insights into how these investments will improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency, customer experience and service. This session did just that.

During the session, Maribel interviews Sanjay about the future of end-user computing and business mobility. They discuss the business mobility transformation that’s underway and the demands — from users, IT, and lines of business — that are shaping how it continues to unfold. Sanjay touches on security and other challenges organizations must overcome to take full advantage of the transformation’s opportunities to drive business-process innovation and competitive advantage. Sanjay highlights that mobility is a platform for transforming customer engagement, redefining mission-critical apps, and empowering employees in new ways — business-process innovation. He underscores the fact that to achieve true business mobility, companies need to deliver the digital workspace, enable any application (SaaS, mobile, Windows), and build a mobile-cloud architecture. Lastly, he discusses how specific technologies like VMware Workspace Suite can help companies to enable their business mobility strategies. Watch the full video for more details.

If you’d like to keep up with business mobility news coming out of VMware, be sure to tune in next week. We will be announcing the acceleration of VMware’s Business Mobility position and strategy during an Online Event for customers next Tuesday - June 16th - from 9-10 a.m. PST. Join us to hear how organizations can change the way they evolve to a mobile-first approach in order to innovate the way they are able to compete and thrive.

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