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Five Questions with the CIO – Part One

Tony Scott, VMware SVP & CIOTony Scott joined VMware in August 2013 and leads the company’s global information technology group as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Tribal Knowledge was eager to sit down with Tony to ask him a few questions about VMware, his leadership and management experience in IT services, the future of IT and more.

Read on for the first in a series of five questions with VMware’s CIO:

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#VMworld 2014: Perspectives from the EVP of the Software-Defined Data Center Division

VMware is has been up to some pretty exciting stuff in the data center, and EVP of the Software-Defined Data Center Division Raghu Raghuram fills us in on the details after he steps off the keynote stage.

Hit the jump for the Q&A.

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VMworld 2014: Q&A with President Carl Eschenbach

After today’s keynote, we know that VMware is calling its customers and partners to be brave, but what exactly does that mean? VMware President and Chief Operating Officer Carl Eschenbach gives us an inside look.

Hit the jump for excerpts from our Q&A.

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#VMworld 2014: Q&A with CEO Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger discusses some of the highlights from his morning keynote.

Hit the jump for highlights from our Q&A.

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Daily Dispatches @ VMworld 2014: Day 1

Oliver RollBy Oliver Roll, VP, Global Corporate Communications at VMware

Welcome to VMworld 2014! This year’s conference­ was an absolute blast to put together.

Over the next few days, there are more than 500 sessions and 800 speakers on the docket, and as always, we’ve more than a couple of surprises up our sleeve. The VMworld Party last year was a gala to remember and for 2014, we’re taking it a step further. Microbrews and acrobats, anyone?

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The VMware Foundation and “Destination Give Back” at VMworld 2014 – #vGiveBack

The VMware Foundation is an important part of the culture at VMware. This culture of service connects VMware employees with each other, as well as with our broader community.

At VMware, our giving is rooted in a philosophy that we call Citizen Philanthropy, which speaks to the power of choice in where and how we give back.  The choice in how to contribute one’s time, talent, and resources, as well as the choice of which causes to support. As such, the VMware Foundation is a platform to amplify employees’ contributions to the causes closest to their hearts.  Continue reading

New Video! CTO Kit Colbert on the Future of End User Computing

Learn VMware’s strategy to deliver on its mission in the changing end user computing space—to provide secure virtual workspaces that let end users work at the speed of life. VMware CTO Kit Colbert discusses four key priorities to help IT deliver value to the business as the mobile-cloud era matures: desktop, mobile, content collaboration and workspace services. This new strategy video will help you understand how end users benefit from a software-defined approach to the data center and the cloud.  Continue reading