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VMware Named to FORTUNE’s 2015 “Best Company to Work For” List

People photoBy Betsy Sutter, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

I am thrilled to announce that VMware has been named one of FORTUNE’s “Best Companies to Work For.” The competition was fierce, and VMware took the no. 65 spot.

2015 marks VMware’s first time applying for the designation and we’re delighted to have made the list, joining the ranks of highly respected companies like Google, Salesforce, Intuit, and NetApp. Not only was VMware ranked in the top 100 companies overall, but we were also recognized as no. 11 out of companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area, no. 11 out of technology companies and as one of the 25 “coolest offices” on the list.

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Our Giving Network

Citizen Philanthropists Year in Review 2015At VMware, we believe that each one of us has something to contribute.  As such, giving back is about more than writing a check; it’s about service and community. We call this Citizen Philanthropy.

We invite you to check out the VMware Foundation’s 2014 Year in Review to see the giving network that VMware people across the globe are building. This dynamic ecosystem of giving is powered by Citizen Philanthropy.

Citizen Philanthropy is about the power of choice. The choice of how and where to contribute. The choice to give more to each other. The choice to learn and grow through service. It’s also about the power of collective impact –– about combining individual efforts to create thriving ecosystems of giving throughout the world.

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VIDEO: Destination Giveback at #VMworld 2014

By Jonas Tichenor, News Director & Contributing Editor, Tribal Knowledge

How can a paper airplane at VMworld make a difference?

It all starts with Citizen Philanthropy – empowering people with the choice in how and where they give back. We believe that everyone has something to contribute, and the VMware Foundation therefore serves as a platform to support our collective efforts in the global communities in which we live and work.

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Daily Dispatches @ #VMworld 2014: Day 2

EVO:RAILBy Oliver Roll, VP, Global Corporate Communications

If you’re reading this blog post, it means you’ve made it to Day 2 of VMworld 2014. We hope you are pleased with how the show is progressing and looking forward to enjoying the rest of your time here.

Today promises to be action-filled, adventure-packed and memorable. We encourage you to explore and experience as much as possible. Still catching up on yesterday? Check out my Day 1 Dispatch here. 

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The VMware Foundation and “Destination Give Back” at VMworld 2014 – #vGiveBack

The VMware Foundation is an important part of the culture at VMware. This culture of service connects VMware employees with each other, as well as with our broader community.

At VMware, our giving is rooted in a philosophy that we call Citizen Philanthropy, which speaks to the power of choice in where and how we give back.  The choice in how to contribute one’s time, talent, and resources, as well as the choice of which causes to support. As such, the VMware Foundation is a platform to amplify employees’ contributions to the causes closest to their hearts.  Continue reading

Join us in Paying it Forward through Service Learning

DefyWhen we look back, many of us realize that somewhere along the way, someone did something for us that opened our eyes to the possible. Maybe it was a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a parent, or a friend who helped us learn to read…or to code, to ride a bike, or maybe it was to discover the wonder of science, technology or the arts.

Earlier this week, the VMware Foundation kicked off a campaign around Service Learning – a unique program that offers each VMware employee 40 paid hours to volunteer their time and talents to the community. Service Learning is one way that we can “pay it forward” by teaching and sharing our skills with others.

The inspiration for the campaign came directly from our VMware community. As you’ll see below, our global employees submitted adorable photographs of their children. The variety of images reflects the wide range of passions we all have and the choice we have in how we give back. And, the featured quotes speak to VMware’s history of lifelong learning and learning through service.

Through all of the VMware Foundation programs, employees are able to choose how and where they give back and support the causes that resonate with them.  This is one of many ways we live our shared EPIC2 values.

Join us in paying it forward. Don’t miss the photos below, and get inspired to harness your inner philanthropist and give back in a way that resonates with you.

The Wick of LearningWe LearnBeauty of LearningChange the CourseBegin WonderMove the World

VMware Celebrates Community on Pi Day

By Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Philanthropy and Sustainability at VMwareVMware celebrates Pi Day by celebrating community

It’s Pi Day this week (3/14) and at VMware that means geeking out on giving back.

Together with our extended community, VMware will celebrate Pi Day tomorrow with a Service Learning fair, where employees can build connections with local causes and learn more about how they can give back.

Continuing our tradition of employee-led giving, VMware will donate $31,415.92 to local nonprofit causes and employee votes will determine how we slice the Pi.

Pi Day speaks to the spirit of community at VMware that recognizes our interconnectedness as citizens of the world. (Read more about VMware’s EPIC2 values here.)

Why do you serve your community?You might remember that our last blog post described VMware’s Service Learning program. For us, Service Learning goes beyond traditional volunteering, including an explicit focus on learning – through reflection – on our experience of service. On Pi Day, we inspire each other to serve and learn. As part of the celebration, we’ll have an “Inspiration Station” where people share what inspires them. For me, #iServe because IT matters.

I invite you to geek out with us by sharing what inspires you to serve. Use the hashtag #iServe to follow the Pi Day conversation and share your own inspiration or experience on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment below.

Following the event, we’ll be sharing a few fun pictures, so stay tuned to the Company Blog for Pi Day updates!