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VMware Joins Industrial Internet Consortium to Accelerate Internet of Things in the Enterprise

Industrial Internet ConsortiumBy Sanjay Poonen, EVP/GM of VMware’s end-user computing business

Today, as AirWatch® by VMware chairman Alan Dabbiere gives a keynote at the Cisco Internet of Things World Forum, I am thrilled to announce that VMware, as part of the EMC Federation, has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) to further advance and support enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. Joining the IIC demonstrates our commitment to drive innovation in the mobile-cloud era and enable customers to execute on practical IoT use cases.

In our conversations with customers, we continue to hear the modern workforce seeking more information and the right solutions sets to leverage devices beyond laptops, tablets and smartphones into the exponentially growing world of connected “things.” With our existing set of capabilities, technology roadmap, partner ecosystem and membership in a leading organization like IIC, we will enable fresh possibilities for enterprise IoT, which is poised to completely transform how we do business and truly enable end users to work at the speed of life.

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VMware End-User Computing Continues Momentum

Sanjay PoonenBy Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM, End-User Computing, VMware

Here we are VMworld Europe 2014. If you’re in Barcelona for the show as I am, you know what I mean when I say this city is amazing. The people, the energy and the rich culture – it’s everywhere you look and everywhere you go!

But if you step inside the VMworld conference, you’ll see that we have a lot of the same energy as well. People are excited about our products because VMware is a disruptive company with innovative solutions and you can feel the infectious energy from our loyal customers at the show.

As I said during the keynote session today, the world we live in is shifting from a client-server world to a mobile-cloud era, where there is more software today in a modern car than there was in early 1970’s space crafts. This transition to the mobile cloud era will leave many legacy vendors in the cemetery of IT, while creating huge opportunity for a whole new generation of innovators in the next decade.

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Plymouth Public Schools Pass the Technology Test

Over the past year, the schools in Plymouth, Mass., have begun a digital revolution. Leveraging 21st century learning solutions, administrators and teachers are breaking down walls that educators have long struggled against, and deepening the relationship students have with their education.

Chris Campbell, assistant superintendent of schools, remembers a very different landscape  when he arrived five years ago: “Limited connectivity. Aging machines. Not much usage in the classroom.” An influx of federal stimulus dollars gave Campbell and his team the resources to make the changes he knew would give Plymouth’s students the opportunity to achieve.

The advent of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests was a significant factor in driving the district to embrace new technology. PARCC is a set of computer-based assessments adopted by Massachusetts (and several other states) in order to comply with Common Core education metrics established by the National Governors Association…

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#VMchat Recap: Creating #Boundless Experiences with Mobile-Cloud Collaboration

Twitter ChatLast week, VMware End-User Computing chief Sanjay Poonen joined communications head Oliver Roll for the first in a series of #VMchats. They discussed the current state of the mobile-cloud, including how desktop, collaboration and mobile are being reinvented to create #boundless experiences for customers; the innovations in the new version of Horizon; and AirWatch’s ground-breaking mobile device management solution. They even touched on the Apple Watch and state of wearables, and took a look back on last month’s #VMWorld US.

Hit the break for a visual recap of the conversation and be sure to tune-in to the next #VMchat coming up later this month. Stay tuned to Tribal Knowledge for details!

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VMware continues EUC momentum at AirWatch Connect

AirWatch ConnectOn the heels of a successful VMworld, VMware’s EUC division is keeping the momentum going with an enterprise mobility conference beginning next Monday. AirWatch Connect Atlanta brings together the brightest minds in mobility, Sept. 8–11 for four days of education, product updates, networking and more. Follow along on the AirWatch Blog for the latest EUC news and product updates released during the event.

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Infographic: “Pulse Check How Desktop Virtualization is Changing the Healthcare Industry” #VMworld

Desktop Virtualization in HealthcareAt Tuesday’s VMworld keynote, one of the thought-provoking demos presented at the rollout of VMware Workspace Suite involved Sanjay Poonen and Kit Colbert showcasing the transformative potential of desktop virtualization in healthcare. The pair showed how a unified user experience across devices saves time and money, while enabling doctors to deliver better care. The migration of patient data from endpoints to the cloud also provides a more secure environment for sensitive information – a perfect solution for industries that are highly regulated. Hit the jump for the graphic.

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Daily Dispatches @ #VMworld 2014: Day 3

Oliver RollBy Oliver Roll, VP, Global Corporate Communications

We had a lot of fun yesterday and I hope everyone left the Solutions Exchange Hall Crawl with a heavy swag bag. Day Three at VMworld promises to be no less exciting, so without further ado, let’s get into today’s Dispatch.

In case you missed my tips from yesterday, check it out here. Hit the jump for a Day Two news recap and my recommendations on what you shouldn’t miss on Day Three of VMworld 2014.

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