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Nicola Acutt

About Nicola Acutt

Nicola J. Acutt, Ph.D., is the Vice President of Global Community Affairs at VMware. Responsible for Employee Experience and Reputation, the VMware Foundation and Sustainability Strategy, Nicola is passionate about connecting the people side of the business with corporate strategy that differentiates VMware's workplace culture.

VMware Celebrates Community on Pi Day

By Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Philanthropy and Sustainability at VMwareVMware celebrates Pi Day by celebrating community

It’s Pi Day this week (3/14) and at VMware that means geeking out on giving back.

Together with our extended community, VMware will celebrate Pi Day tomorrow with a Service Learning fair, where employees can build connections with local causes and learn more about how they can give back.

Continuing our tradition of employee-led giving, VMware will donate $31,415.92 to local nonprofit causes and employee votes will determine how we slice the Pi.

Pi Day speaks to the spirit of community at VMware that recognizes our interconnectedness as citizens of the world. (Read more about VMware’s EPIC2 values here.)

Why do you serve your community?You might remember that our last blog post described VMware’s Service Learning program. For us, Service Learning goes beyond traditional volunteering, including an explicit focus on learning – through reflection – on our experience of service. On Pi Day, we inspire each other to serve and learn. As part of the celebration, we’ll have an “Inspiration Station” where people share what inspires them. For me, #iServe because IT matters.

I invite you to geek out with us by sharing what inspires you to serve. Use the hashtag #iServe to follow the Pi Day conversation and share your own inspiration or experience on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment below.

Following the event, we’ll be sharing a few fun pictures, so stay tuned to the Company Blog for Pi Day updates!

The VMware Foundation Launches the 2014 #iServe Challenge [video]

By Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Philanthropy and Sustainability at VMware

Kicking off the New Year with some cheer, the VMware Foundation team today announced the 2014 #iServe challenge for VMware employees. All VMware people are invited to share their Service Learning stories on VMware Link (our internal social networking platform powered by Socialcast) and then colleagues “like” the stories that inspire them the most. In keeping with our Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving, challenge winners will have the opportunity to direct a $1,000 USD grant to the charity of their choice. Check out this fun, short video to learn more about what the challenge is all about:

What is Service Learning, you might ask? At VMware, all employees are granted five days of paid time to serve in their community.  Service Learning is about both contributing our time and talent and receiving the gift of learning through that experience. The mission of the VMware Foundation is to provide a platform for our employees to contribute to and make a difference in the communities in which we work and live. We accomplish this goal primarily through global programs designed to amplify the personal contributions made to the causes closest to our people’s hearts.

While the contest is only open to VMware employees, we want to showcase some of the cool stuff that the people behind VMware’s great technology are doing, and we want you to have a front-row seat to all the goodness. The deadline for the first #iServe Challenge of the year is Thursday, May 1st and we’ll be posting the winners’ stories right here on the Company Blog. Be sure to stay tuned for more details.

A natural part of the Service Learning experience is reflection. And in this spirit, we also wanted to take a moment to reflect and share how VMware has given back together as a Community in 2013. For those of you who love numbers, last year over 6,600 people participated in at least one Foundation program (and this doesn’t include our holiday gift – where every employee was able to direct a $100 USD donation to the charity project of their choice!) With more than 14,000 people at VMware, this is the collective impact of Citizen Philanthropy.

We’re looking forward to updating you with the winners of the VMware #iServe challenge! Be sure to follow the Company Blog for updates from our Foundation as well as other Company News.

Multiplier Effect: Celebrating through Giving Back

Celebrating our people and their contributions to the company through “Milestone Awards” is just one way that we’re bringing our values to action. The VMware Foundation welcomes new employees to the company through employee-led donations to the causes closest to their heart. We continue the tradition for each employee when they celebrate their one-year anniversary by making a donation on their behalf to the charitable project of their choice.

Since the inception of this program 18 months ago, VMware people have directed more than USD $170,000 in charitable contributions to 1,100 projects in over 100 countries! Together, for example, VMware people have directed more than USD $12,760 of their Milestone Awards to the Association for Social and Environmental Development, an NGO that provides solar lamps to schoolchildren (as just ONE example of the many projects we supported).

As we welcome new people to VMware and celebrate their anniversaries, we’re multiplying our collective impact. I invite you to read this wonderful story “Virtual Community, Actual impact” recently posted by our partner, GlobalGiving, about the ripple effect of VMware’s Milestone Awards.

Amplifying the impact our people have across the communities where we live and work is at the heart of the VMware Foundation. The Milestone Award program is one of the many ways we are supporting charitable organizations and projects our people are passionate about.

VMware Pi Day

March 14th is pretty special at VMware. On Pi Day, we take the time to celebrate our inner geek and give back.

This year, we wanted Pi Day to inspire others to action. At our Palo Alto headquarters, we brought people together for a service learning fair where VMware people could learn about local nonprofits and sign up for pro bono and skills-based volunteer opportunities. We also donated an educational Pi kit to RAFT for every person that attended – with 1,500 participants, that’s 1,500 Pi kits for students!

Serving our extended community is a core value at VMware – we give back more than we take – and we leverage our time, talent and energy to provide meaningful contributions to our customers, our team members and our communities.

We put these values into action through the VMware Foundation, which provides a platform for our 13,000+ people globally to contribute back to, and make a difference in, the communities in which we all work and live. We accomplish this goal primarily through our “citizen philanthropy” approach, designed to amplify the personal commitments and contributions made to the organizations and causes closest to our people’s hearts.

For VMware, Pi Day is about exploring how we can give back through service (volunteer time) and employee-directed giving (matching gifts and grants). We made a quick video that captures the spirit of Pi Day. Check it out!

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