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Introducing Ben Fathi as VMware Chief Technology Officer

Today we’re excited to announce that Ben Fathi has been appointed chief technology officer at VMware. Fathi joined VMware in 2012 and most recently served as senior vice president, R&D. As CTO, he’ll help drive VMware’s technology strategy and work with the engineering teams to continue to deliver innovative products with a focus on staying ahead of customer needs.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said of the news “I am pleased and excited to have Ben serve as VMware’s CTO where he will lead innovative product development and programs, collaborate with the academic community and provide leadership across our R&D community for years to come.”

Fathi has more than 30 years of experience in the computer industry, with an expertise in developing operating system software. In his role as senior vice president of research and development, he led teams responsible for our core VMware products and product innovations.

Prior to joining VMware, Fathi served as a senior vice president at Cisco, where he led the operating systems and networking protocol teams. Before his time with Cisco, he held multiple roles at Microsoft over the course of 12 years, most recently as corporate vice president of development for the Windows core operating system division

Fathi holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Computer Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts. This appointment is effective immediately and Fathi will report to CEO Pat Gelsinger.

Read the press release for more information and stayed tuned for more insights from Ben on the future of IT.

VMware Weekly News Recap: December 20


VMware News

In VMware news this week, Peter McKay and the End-User Computing team announced that Cisco has chosen to partner with us to bring a new DaaS solution to the market. The new Cisco DaaS solution powered by VMware is immediately available to service provider partners globally.

Using a quadcopter, our own Alan Tan has recorded VMware’s progress in building one of the largest campuses in Silicon Valley. You can seeAlan’s series of aerial campus videos on the VMware Company Blog. Alan captured aerial videos of our campus in different stages of construction. The most recent quadcopter flight was recorded on November 29th.

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Data Centers Down the Street? What the Experts Predicted Will Happen to IT

Last week, we had a rare glimpse into the future; more specifically, into the future of IT. Meeting via Google Hangout, technology industry experts, futurists and journalists met to discuss where they see IT going.

The panel included Paul Saffo, an acclaimed futurist, MD of Foresight at Discern Analytics, and a Stanford University professor; Michael Webster, a New Zealand-based virtualization and cloud expert; Mark Burgess, researcher, author and founder of CFEngineChris Priemesberger, journalist and eWeek editor; and Paul Chapman, VMware’s VP of IT.

You can watch the entire Hangout here.

And catch some key highlights below.

People and Change

Whether we’re thinking about the first computer or whatever wearable devices we may be donning in the future, it’s difficult to move ahead with new technologies if the people aren’t on board–whether in an enterprise or a consumer setting.

This was the first topic up for debate and discussion: people and change management.

“The rate of change and the accelerated pace of change makes it taxing for people and organizations to keep up. Constant change is now the steady state. As certain IT roles start to shrink, new roles are appearing,” noted Chapman. “Technology is almost the implementation detail. Now how do we accelerate the people and process to adopt and embrace a new way of delivering services?

Futurist Saffo urges organizations to think both beyond roles and about innovation.

“It’s got to feel like a race with the Red Queen – that people have to run faster and faster just to stay in one place,” said Paul Saffo. “The larger issue here is it’s not just how an individual views their professional life, but also that management has created a safe space to feel free to keep innovating.”

The Data Center of the Future

In the second topic, panelists covered the data center and where it’s headed.

Burgess believes we’ll be carrying more and more of our data with us, because so many no longer trust having it in the public space anymore, perhaps due to recent allegations the NSA is listening. However, he also thinks data center capacity will be spread out, so perhaps we’ll see data centers at the end of our street one day.

Looking Ahead to the Future

We also peered 10, 20, even 30 years down the road. Saffo thinks smart phones will be gone in just a matter of years with even smarter phones sporting virtual keyboards. He also sees more robust voice recognition with domain-specific AI.

To hear the rest of the experts’ predictions, tune in via the You Tube video embedded above or visit the VMware Hangouts page.

Finally, though we did get a chance to answer many of our audience questions, there were still a couple remaining. Here are the answers to the questions we didn’t have time for on the broadcast, with a special thanks to Mark Burgess and Paul Saffo for their thoughts.

Q: How are you planning to drill this down to the ground level within the organization? The message has to flow through the ground in a collaborative way.

MB: For me this is about encouraging participation at every level of the organization to understand business goals and imperatives. It’s only when people feel they too are making a difference to the larger story that they feel themselves part of the larger narrative. There have been many attempts over the years to encourage this alignment (including white collar versions like ITIL), but I think the smartest example has to be what we see today in DevOps. They understand you build a culture of participation from the bottom up, encouraging individuals to collaborate across silos and optimize the whole business rather than their little corner of it. Both ITIL and DevOps borrow heavily from the work of W.E. Deming and his quality assurance work for Japan’s car industry.

PS: This is the sort of question inevitably answered in different ways at each organization.  Meanwhile, there is no shortage of schema for facilitating communication and collaboration. My favorite, which I have used both in my company and consulting with others, is the Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance Model.  It is specific enough to actually be useful, but also general enough that it applies across a wide range of circumstances. Here is a link to view the performance model on David Sibbet’s page. But note if you search Google (Images) you can find multiple PDFs and JPEGs of it with detailed write ups.

Q: Do we have to get away from this concept of DevOps and back to ubiquitous engineering? It seems much is being lost in the rush to be ‘pragmatic’ – which is word often misused.

MB: If I understand you right, you are saying it’s not just Dev and Ops that need to collaborate, but everyone, i.e. the engineering of the entire family of business process? I think you’re right – and there are no short cuts to building human relationships. That’s where collaboration starts.

Thanks for traveling with us to the future. What was the most surprising prediction you saw? Leave a comment or send a tweet to the #futureofIT hashtag.

Updated: Join us for a live Google Hangout where industry luminaries will gaze into a crystal ball and predict the future of IT

In 10 years, will the world’s data centers be shuttered?

In 20 years, will all technology be self healing, requiring no human interaction whatsoever?

As a result of shifts in the IT industry, will CIOs stop worrying about infrastructure and servers, refocusing on innovation?

What is the future of IT?

Updated – please note the new date

Join VMware for a live Google Hangout on December 5 at 10 a.m. PST to talk about the future of IT with futurologist Paul Saffo, along with a number of influential industry analysts and journalists.

You may remember Paul from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco where he shared his thoughts around the future of IT.  You can watch the video replay here.

During our hour-long chat, we’ll discuss trends, industry observations and how IT will affect business around the globe and our everyday lives.

Join the discussion

If you’re curious what the future of IT will hold next year, 10 or even 20 years from now, here’s how you can participate:

  • Post questions and thoughts below in the comments section of this blog
  • Visit and follow the VMware Hangouts Google Plus page and add your questions there
  • Tweet using the #futureofIT hashtag
  • Simply ask questions live during the event in the comments area of the Hangout

We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions during the live broadcast.

To join the Hangout, you can RSVP here or simply visit our Google Plus page at 10 a.m. PST and click the video to watch. Once the event is over, the video replay will be available on VMware’s YouTube channel, and we’ll post a recap here on this blog as well.

VMworld Europe 2013: News Summary from Barcelona

Today in Barcelona, CEO Pat Gelsinger and the VMware team made a series of announcements from the stage at VMworld 2013 Europe. Complete details of each announcement is highlighted in a post on the VMware Company blog and below is an overview of today’s announcements.

VMware Cloud Management Solutions: Announced today, new capabilities and enhancements across the portfolio of cloud management solutions will simplify and automate management of IT services for multiple clouds and platforms. New product releases include VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8, VMware IT Business Management Suite, and VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5. Read the full post VMworld 2013: Cloud Management Launch by Ramin Sayar, senior vice president & general manager of the cloud management business unit.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: VMware is expanding the vCloud Hybrid Service to Europe and will roll out vCloud Hybrid Service in the United Kingdom with a new data center location in Slough. VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is expanding in the US and this new data center addresses UK and European data locality, privacy, security and sovereignty. Also announced was the availability of the new vCloud Hybrid Service Online Marketplace, providing a platform where customers can discover, download, test-drive and buy solutions for vCloud Hybrid Service with access to 3,800 pre-qualified applications and rich online resources.

End-User Computing: VMware today announced the acquisition of Desktone, a pioneer and industry leader in the desktop-as-a-service space. End-user computing executive vice president and general manager Sanjay Poonen provides complete details in his blog post on the acquisition of Desktone. Additionally VMware is introducing new product offerings and capabilities across its end-user computing product portfolio to broaden IT support for the mobile workforce. New product releases include version updates to View and Mirage (Horizon View 5.3, Horizon Mirage, 4.3), ThinApp (version 5.0), new VMware Ready smartphones from Sony, the availability of the vSAN for Horizon View public beta and a new crowd sourcing feature in Socialcast.

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced: Included in the details of the Cloud Management news, powered by EMC Avamar, VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced delivers industry-leading storage-efficiency for backups, unique capabilities to accelerate recovery and unparalleled integration with VMware vSphere. Announced today, VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.5 Advanced will feature new capabilities including network-efficient backup data replication, integration with EMC Data Domain, a new Microsoft SharePoint agent, and automated backup verification.

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VMware Weekly News Recap: October 11

VMware News

This week we announced the keynote sessions for the VMworld Europe conference in Barcelona. Tuesday, October 15 at 9 a.m. CEST, CEO Pat Gelsinger kicks off the show with a discussion of the next generation of IT and how the software-defined data center is extending the proven model of virtualization and automated management across storage, networking and security. This presentation will include key announcements and discussions with customers who have used virtualization to become champions of next-generation IT in their own organizations. Watch the keynote live at http://vmware.com/go/now.

On Wednesday, October 16 at 9 a.m. CEST, VMware President and COO Carl Eschenbach and VMware engineers will showcase state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT by virtualizing and automating compute, storage, networking and security across private and hybrid clouds. Watch it live here

Both keynote sessions will be available for reply by 6 am PT following each day’s presentation. For more information on VMworld 2013 Europe, please visit: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/europe

Industry News

This week Venture Beat takes a look forward to 2014 with “Microsoft, VMware, and the year of the hybrid cloud.” Examining the data reveals that 50 percent of cloud buyers are looking at or already invested in a hybrid cloud solutions, and according to Forrester, 76 percent of enterprise companies could adopt a hybrid cloud solution in 2014.

If you’re interested in all things Hybrid Cloud, make sure to follow the VMware vCloud team’s Blog, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Over at ArsTechnica  takes a look at VMware Fusion and Parallels in an extensive review, while the article is worth a read, Girard concludes “VMware’s robust IT-oriented security features make it the best choice if data security is a concern. The linked clone feature is also great for testing environments where you need one master VM but with different settings. If you’re looking for solid launch-day support for Windows 8.1, Mavericks, or Linux in a VM, VMware Fusion 6 is highly recommended.”

Lastly, eWeek hosted a Twitter chat this week with a discussion on the Software Defined Data Center. You can review the questions and comments by searching on #eweekchat and be sure to follow Chris Preimesberger and @eWeekNews to participate in their monthly Twitter chats on IT industry topics.

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VMware Weekly News Recap: October 4

VMware News

With VMworld Barcelona rapidly approaching the VMworld Team outlined all the VMworld social channels you should be following to get involved with the VMworld conversation and stay up to date on what’s happening at the show, even if you’re not able to attend.  If you’re producing coverage of the Barcelona show, make sure to sign up to be part of the VMworld Blogger community.

Industry News

This week, Sally Johnson at TechTarget takes a look at how software-defined networking is a rare case of technology led by security. In the article she talks with Niciria founder Martin Casado about his path from the intelligence community to network virtualization at VMware: Security: The genesis of SDN

Hybrid Cloud is gaining momentum and Gartner estimates that half of large enterprises companies will implement a hybrid cloud solution by the end of 2017. CJ Arlotta dives into the details at Talking Cloud: Gartner: Half of Large Enterprises to Go Hybrid Cloud by End of 2017

Finally, Matthew Nawrocki at TechRepublic takes a look at the newest version of VMware Workstation and notes, “VMware isn’t standing still with their new release of Workstation 10. With several new features, Oracle and Microsoft should take notice.” Review: VMware Workstation 10

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