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Partnership, Choice and the Hybrid Cloud

by Bogomil Balkansky,
Sr Vice President, Cloud
Infrastructure Platform

There is much rhetoric these days about “cloud wars”.  Beyond the rhetoric, the hype is there for a reason: the value of hybrid cloud environments is becoming real, and the market opportunity even more real.  We are proud to serve our customers as a leading provider of virtualization software and cloud infrastructure.  And we’re equally proud of what our customers are achieving with VMware as a partner.

As the spirited dialogue continues, I’d like to step back and simply communicate what we hear our customers say matters most, and how we’re extending VMware’s ability to best serve our customers.

But first, some context. There is an emerging class of technology providers—like eBay, Google and Amazon—with large-scale engineering organizations developing customized infrastructure solutions.    For these companies, their infrastructure is literally their product…and they invest deeply to create solutions optimized for very specific business needs.  However, this level of investment in custom solutions is typically not cost effective for most businesses.  The commercially supported solutions that serve these customers make the bulk of the market.  There is a ton of innovation in this market, which VMware is privileged to serve.

Our relationship with eBay and PayPal is a partnership we’re proud of, and a great example of the role VMware plays in both typical customer environments and in a bleeding-edge cloud development initiative.

Nat Rajesh Natarajan, VP of Platform Engineering & Operations at PayPal, says it best: “PayPal is focused on delivering agile platforms that seamlessly scale across multiple cloud environments. Our initiative with OpenStack is intended to enable agility, innovation and choice. We’re not interested in a “rip and replace’ approach. In fact, this collaboration will help us utilize robust virtualization technologies such as VMware. They are a valued PayPal partner, and we intend to continue leveraging their core strengths in our cutting edge cloud environment.”

(Yes, PayPal has given us permission to post Nat’s words.  We’d never speak on their behalf…this is their story to tell).

To serve our customers, VMware has made important decisions.  We support heterogeneous cloud environments—this is the reality of most of our customers’ environments, and they need to manage and automate this complexity quickly and efficiently.   This means we engage across a rich ecosystem of vendors and open-source solutions to give our customers the choice and flexibility they need to empower their people and their organizations.  To be clear, customers don’t want their vendors at war, they want them focused on their success.

We’ve also made a commitment to our customers’ future.  This means we have and continue to aggressively innovate, partner and acquire to extend the benefits of virtualization software across the entire data center…compute, network, storage and management. This is our Software-Defined Data Center architecture, and it’s why we’re building it to serve as an infrastructure or as a service, as our customers choose.

Thank you, PayPal, for your trust and partnership.   This type of relationship  with our customers is something we earn every day—through keeping our commitments, deepening our value, and giving them what they want most from VMware — the ability to run any application, anywhere and on any cloud;  the power that comes from efficiency, control and agility; and all of this, without sacrificing choice.