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VMware Delivers VMware Horizon DaaS

By Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop Products, End-User Computing, VMware

Today, I’m excited to announce the arrival of VMware Horizon DaaS, a new cloud-based desktop service that delivers cost-effective enterprise-class virtual desktops running on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. I am confident that this new service is going to change the way customers look at desktop and application delivery for enterprise desktop computing and let me explain why.

As you’ve heard us say before, end-users want access to corporate content – from anywhere, at anytime and using any device. Progressive companies are looking for ways to embrace this new way to work and use it as a way to attract/retain talent or increase productivity among their mobile workforce. But managing and supporting traditional physical desktops to support this new work reality is expensive on many levels. Many customers have started with virtual desktops and applications and have found the concept interesting but have had challenges with costs, complexity and predictability.

VMware Horizon DaaS running on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is a game changer in that it enables customers to quickly deploy full Windows client desktops and applications, and deliver them through the cloud. Most importantly, this can be accomplished at a predictable and low price point of roughly $1 per day.

In addition, the service offers the industry’s first hybrid DaaS service providing customers with the ability to blend public cloud desktops and on-premise VMware Horizon View private cloud desktops for a seamless end-user experience. Following just a few simple steps, IT can provision, deploy and manage high quality, virtual desktops and applications to end-users that can be accessed from laptops, desktops, zero/thin clients, Chromebooks, and mobile devices.

This cloud delivery model has several benefits that customers will quickly realize including:

  1. Predictability: Organizations can move from a CAPEX to OPEX budget with consistent low cost monthly payments
  2. Ease of deployment: With a just few clicks, IT administrators can provision virtual desktops to any number of employees and let the VMware cloud experts manage the infrastructure
  3. Flexibility: Increase or decrease users on-demand depending on your changing needs

VMware Horizon DaaS is also unique compared to other vendor offerings in several ways.

First, it is the only DaaS solution that enables Hybrid DaaS. Customers can combine VMware Horizon DaaS and Horizon View, and create a seamless experience for their users, and get the right blend of cloud or on-premise deployment based on their needs.

Horizon Daas

Second, we offer full Windows desktops (Win 7/8) and other options including Windows server and RDS based desktops, compared to other DaaS providers’ offerings that are limited to bare metal Windows server and RDS desktops. With VMware’s offering, customers get the benefit of continuing to use their existing tools and best practices with our DaaS service instead of having to retool them for server  and RDS desktops.

Third, VMware Horizon DaaS is built on the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, a platform that enables customers to extend the same, industry leading applications, networking, management, operations and tools across both on-premise and off-premise environments. By leveraging vCloud Hybrid Service and Horizon DaaS, customers can deploy and manage their infrastructure and desktops through VMware and realize all of the benefits of the cloud for their infrastructure and enterprise desktops.

Lastly, we have an ever-expanding network of leading technology, service provider, channel and reseller partners that are building upon our solution to deliver a tailored service to their customers. With notable partners such as Google, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu and Navisite, just to name a few, customers can provision DaaS from VMware through their cloud provider of choice.

VMware is committed to building synergies across our portfolio so customers can realize the combined benefits of our products, and our hybrid DaaS is a great example of this – tying vCHS, EUC and SDDC technologies together. There is still more to VMware Horizon DaaS that I haven’t covered yet so please read the announcement and the blog post by Dave Grant, senior director of product marketing for DaaS at VMware, to learn more.

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