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VMware Weekly News Recap: November 1

VMware News

This week, VMware founder Diane Greene spoke at Y Combinator’s Startup School 2013. Green talks about the early days of VMware and how the company moved from start-up to a billion dollar company, touching on funding, business model, patent filing and the first product launch. Click on the image above to see Diane’s talk, or check out complete coverage of the event here.

InformationWeek’s Charles Babcock explains how VMware can stay ahead of the other commoditization vendors in the market in his article this week titled “VMware Killed By Commoditization? Not So Fast.” Babcock writes, “It’s called the commoditization of the virtualization market; everyone’s heard about it. And I’m here to tell you, it isn’t happening, at least not in the way that Wall Street analysts assume it is. It’s coming, as surely as the next ice age, but VMware keeps putting new management products on top of the data center’s virtualized environment. It’s started reaching out to manage other types of virtual machines. In various ways it stays three steps ahead of commoditization’s noose.”

Gabe Knuth of Brian Madden Blog refers to VMware as one of the companies making 2014 “The Year of DaaS,” highlighting the company’s acquisition of Desktone. In an article from Wednesday, Brian writes, “DaaS, you could say, has received the ultimate validation with VMware’s acquisition of Desktone which has long been the flagship company in the space. Sure, there are others, but Desktone’s management, reputation, and technology were the measuring stick to which all other solutions were compared. VMware bought the best of breed, and you can bet those IT shops that had little to no awareness of DaaS in the past will be flooded with information in the coming months.”

Industry News

In industry news this week, Data Center Knowledge’s Bill Kleyman writes about virtualization’s potential to create cloud-ready security options. He explains, “In working with virtualization, just like any other technology, security must be a priority. Although this data is always stored at the data center level, it doesn’t mean that accidental or malicious events won’t happen. With that in mind, the centralizing of information on a virtual node allows administrators to develop new types of security methodologies. This means that policies will need to be evolved and new layers of cloud security will need to be adopted.” Read the full article (linked above) to read Bill’s five tips for consideration when designing a security strategy.

InformationWeek’s Joe Masters Emison explains the debate surrounding how one should best use Amazon Machine Images in his article, “Cloud Deployment Debate: Bake or Bootstrap?” He writes, “There are three positions in this debate: the ‘bootstrappers,’ who focus on being able to orchestrate the creation and management of servers throughout their lifecycles; the ‘bakers,’ who focus on building machine images for speed and consistency; and the ‘babes in the woods,’ usually developers who’ve found that building machine images is a quick-and-dirty way to construct backups of servers that can then be cloned and replicated.” He goes on to spell out the pros and cons of each tactic.

Lastly, Nathan Eddy of eWEEK describes the challenges IT faces with the cloud and virtualization in his article, “Cloud, Virtualization Drive Enterprise Network Complexity.” Nathan details how IT professionals and C-level executives are tackling increasingly complex enterprise networks, with trends such as virtualization, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and the cloud requiring more automation of network management. He cites a survey of more than 500 IT professionals in the U.S. and United Kingdom by security specialist Tufin Technologies.

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