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VMworld Europe 2013: Cloud Management Launch

Today marks a big day for VMware Cloud Management with the Q4 launch at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. CEO Pat Gelsinger kicks off a flurry of activities with a keynote that outlines what’s new with our management offerings, and how our solutions are simplifying and automating the way you, our customers, manage IT.

VMware’s mission is to help our customers on their journey to IT as a Service (ITaaS). IT organizations are on a journey that starts with the IT production phase, moves to business production, and finally reaches the goal of delivering IT as a Service. Seventy-five percent of IT organizations surveyed by VMware are in the second and third phases of the journey (1).

It’s one thing to know the destination; it’s quite another to know how to get there. We believe that it will require a transformation on the part of the IT organization. With this launch and next set of innovative cloud management releases, our solutions are helping transformative CIOs and their IT organizations achieve ITaaS by enabling them to become strategic brokers of IT services.

Regaining IT Control

It’s common knowledge that IT has been under siege in recent years. The rapid adoption of public cloud services has changed the expectations IT consumers have when it comes to getting the services they want, when they want them, and if necessary they will end-run IT to get them (hence the rise of Shadow IT).

To regain control, IT needs to evolve from being just a builder to a broker of services. Don’t be a bottleneck when it comes to the business gaining access to the valuable applications and services they rely on. Instead, provide self-service access to critical services by strategically sourcing them either internally or from the public cloud. That’s how you drive agility and efficiency. But don’t forget control – you’ve got to do this in the context of a governance framework and in compliance with regulatory and security policies. Otherwise, you’re putting your business at risk.

How do you accomplish this? There are four areas in which we help IT organizations make the transition to a service broker to deliver IT as a Service:

  • On-demand Access to Any Service: Without the ability to meet growing business demands in an agile manner, IT struggles to stay relevant. IT gains agility via the automated delivery of services that are consumed on demand and provisioned according to policies that deliver the necessary control. By providing immediate yet controlled access to any type of service – application, desktop, infrastructure, even custom offerings such as network services (via a new integration between vCloud Automation Center and NSX)– on the clouds and platforms of their choice. In this way IT enables the business to tackle new opportunities and challenges, for example supporting DevOps initiatives to rapidly roll out new applications
  • Cost Transparency: A continuing challenge for IT organizations and the business is understanding the actual cost and consumption of IT services – whether provided internally or delivered by a public cloud provider. IT organizations can make major strides in becoming partners to the business through greater transparency into the cost of VMs and infrastructure services, as well as the consumption of shared resources. This level of visibility increases accountability and enables more efficient use of resources. In addition, it helps IT and the business make better, fact-based decisions about what services IT should be offering and the value it should be delivering, given the budget it receives.
  • Automated Operations: Managing highly dynamic software-defined data centers and cloud environments requires a new approach. We believe operations management solutions must be purpose-built for the cloud. Our unified management approach employs intelligent, policy-based automation and big data analytics to deliver proactive management, deep operational visibility, continuous compliance and capacity optimization across the stack, from the virtual infrastructure layer up to the application.
  • Any Platform, Any Cloud: We also believe that vSphere provides the best environment and SLAs for workloads, and the continuing virtualization of business critical applications suggests our customers agree with us.  However, choice is important to them as well. They want to maximize the value of their IT investments, which may include public cloud services or other hypervisor or physical environments. We are committed to customer choice and flexibility. While our management solutions are optimized for vSphere, they are also designed for heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments.

Launch Details

Today, we introduce new products and enhancements including new releases of the vCenter Operations Management Suite, vCenter Log Insight, vCloud Automation Center, and IT Business Management Suite. Additionally, we introduce VMware IT Business Management 1.0 Standard edition, the newest member of the VMware Cloud Management family of solutions. (Read press release)

We’re excited to announce these new capabilities and products across our portfolio.  These new solutions help address the myriad challenges customers face today – whether their aim is to more efficiently  manage a virtualized environment, build a vSphere-based private cloud, extend to the hybrid cloud or broker services across many providers. We look forward to showing you how they can help you and all our customers progress on the journey to IT as a Service.

(1) VMware, “IT Evolution: Today and Tomorrow,” survey based on 1,028 VMware customers, August 2013