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Bringing the VMware vCloud Hybrid Cloud Service to the UK

Today, we’re announcing that we are expanding the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to the United Kingdom. Our data center will be located in Slough, and for the first time UK clients will have access to a public cloud that is built on VMware infrastructure and managed by the team that knows VMware products best.  This is the first step in expanding our service to Europe, and we are extremely excited to broaden our footprint in the UK as a first step.

For clients in the UK, we will be delivering a hybrid solution that offers enterprises the opportunity to operate their own clouds with consistency while moving workloads without friction to a VMware public cloud.  We also know data location and sovereignty is important to every organization and public cloud data centers need to meet both internal IT standards as well and local data requirements. The Slough data center is the first step to providing our international clients a local service built with global best practices for architecting public clouds.

With a public cloud that matches existing infrastructure architectures and data location, IT departments can enable their business partners with new services and capacity and ensure the same security, compliance and piece of mind as their private cloud.

Our VP of Cloud Services Mathew Lodge provides more details on the vCloud blog about our UK expansion as well as some new features and capabilities to make managing hybrid cloud environments easier.

Every client has unique needs, and we designed vCloud Hybrid Service with the architectural flexibility to match their private cloud environments and move workloads to wherever they make the most sense. The VMware hybrid approach extends the same applications, networking, management, operations and tools across both on-premises and off-premises environments and is designed to be the fastest path to the cloud. For IT departments a hybrid cloud can remove traditional barriers to innovation and change the relationship between IT and the business. We’re excited to enable a new era of innovation for more clients around the world.