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VMware Commits to DaaS with Acquisition of Desktone

By Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing

I am very excited to share with you today that VMware has acquired Desktone, a privately held company that is a pioneer and industry leader in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).  This company is the epitome of cutting edge innovation and can rightly boast of having an advanced multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform for delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service. With this acquisition, VMware instantly becomes a leading provider of desktop-as-a-service with the opportunity to set the course for the entire industry moving forward while placing VMware ahead of the competition in this category of cloud computing.

Before I go any further, let me first extend a warm welcome to Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone and his fabulous team of pioneers and innovators. Speaking on behalf of the leadership team at VMware, we are honored to have your team on board and you are joining the VMware End-User Computing group at an exciting time as we build towards forming the best team to develop the best products in the industry. VMware is a company that has a rich history of innovation and we look forward to introducing your innovative accomplishments to our 500,000 plus customers and 55,000 partners.

Now let me share with you in more detail why this is exciting news for VMware and its continued commitment to advancing end-user computing.

Leading Innovation and Expertise

Desktone has a complete and proven blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS through its industry-leading technology, operational expertise and global partner network – a combination that our competitors do not match.

When it comes to industry leading technology, Desktone’s multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform offers a unique architecture that includes multi-tenancy, self-service provisioning, multi-data center management, multi-desktop model support, role separation, grid-scale and security.

When examining operational expertise, Desktone has been running DaaS at scale for many years and has a strong reputation in helping service providers go to market quickly. Whether a service provider is in the beginning stage of mapping out a technology blueprint, in the middle stage of streamlining ongoing DaaS operations or in the latter stage where they are ready to go-to-market, Desktone can provide assistance to help simplify and expedite the process.

Opportunities That Lie Ahead

The combination of the Desktone DaaS platform along with VMware Horizon View will significantly accelerate VMware’s DaaS strategy and further extend the benefits of desktop virtualization by offering an excellent choice for organizations looking for predictable economics, flexibility of cloud deployment or a way to deploy VDI with limited resources or in-house expertise.

The third component of Desktone’s blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS is its global partner network. The combination of Desktone’s service provider base of roughly 40 established and highly reputable providers worldwide with VMware’s network of over 11,000 VMware service provider partners enables VMware to accelerate the delivery of DaaS much faster than many of our competitors. At VMworld Barcelona today, we were honored to have video testimonials from our strategic partners Cisco, Dell and NetApp. They are among the many companies we plan to partner with in this space moving forward.

By bringing Desktone’s platform in house, VMware can accelerate the delivery of DaaS in the marketplace through increased roadmap and go-to-market investment, opening up new opportunities for partners and resellers.

Commitment to Supporting the Mobile Workforce

The explosion of mobile devices, mobile and web applications, and increased interest in the cloud is driving businesses to re-evaluate their desktop strategy. As cloud adoption quickly gains acceptance, the market is ripe to leverage cloud technologies to deliver alternative desktop management and application delivery solutions and provide customers with a more flexible, predictable and streamlined way to evolve end-user computing.

DaaS gives enterprises the ability to manage costs, extend capacity on-demand and reduce the time required when desktop loads change.

This acquisition marks an exciting time for VMware End-User Computing and the industry as a whole as two dynamic companies join together to shape and lead an emerging DaaS market. This will introduce new opportunities for enterprises, service providers, partners and resellers alike. We will have more to share about VMware’s DaaS strategy in the near future so stay tuned. In the meantime, thanks for reading and tell us your opinions about DaaS in the comment section below.

17 thoughts on “VMware Commits to DaaS with Acquisition of Desktone

  1. Bhim Raju

    I’m interested to know how VMWare and Desktone combined can reduce the cost of delivery of desktops. If we look at Dass – it’s basically Windows OS which require MS SA license to work in any Virtual environment, whether you stream, access remotely via some kind of virtualization. So below statement looks bit intriguing to me.

    “cost of delivery – Open source based technology eliminates Microsoft licensing fees and third-party software management, resulting in cost savings over competitive desktop virtualization offerings”


    1. Brandon Sanders

      Bhim, I too noticed that broad statement regarding eliminating Microsoft licensing fees. Desktone approached us a service provider partner awhile back and made similiar statements then as well. Looking through my notes I recalled that this statement is based on eliminating Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server components of a virtual desktop deployment. If a customer/provider is delivering a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system to end users there is no legitimate way to avoid Microsoft’s VDA (Virtual Desktop Access) licensing for those desktops. At scale, this licensing element exceeds the cost of the Windows Server and SQL Server licensing, so the statement doesn’t make much impact with me personally. Regardless of this required Microsoft licensing component, the ecomonmics of desktop virtualization still prove out for a majority of use cases in our experience with clients in the Midwest US.

      – Brandon

    2. Gunnar Berger

      While Desktone does offer full VDI (which would require VDA) another offering it has is Windows Server OS as a desktop. This coincides with another announcement VMware made today about supporting Windows Server OS on VMware Horizon View. Server OS is how you reduce cost. Outside of that Brandon had some good pointers about the reduced need of Windows infrastructure to build the VDI offering.

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  3. Jason S.

    Regarding cost reduction, DaaS based on Windows Server needs SPLA licenses per user I think, or maybe per device.

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  10. elly

    i am a student. i would like to know, how vmware
    1.managing innovation within firms
    2. managing intellectual property
    3. how important are the role of technology transfer for company innovation.

    this is my assignment.. tQ

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