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vCloud Hybrid Service Now Available in Santa Clara, CA and Sterling, VA

I’m delighted to announce that VMware added new locations for vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in Santa Clara, CA and Sterling, VA today. You can purchase cloud capacity in both locations immediately, benefiting from greater resiliency and proximity to your customers, partners and your existing data center locations. Pricing for both locations is identical to our current prices in Las Vegas, NV, and is posted on our website here.

We call each location a Region, and existing customers will see that we’ve added new sections to the web console to allow you to see regions and your virtual data centers across all regions. You’ll continue to get a single view of all of your cloud resources from the web console, and you can programmatically manage your cloud via the API URL shown in the console. Massimo Re Ferre, one of our consulting architects, has two blog postings on how to use vCHS via APIs here and here.

Today’s announcement was cross-posted on our vCloud blog. Going forward, make sure to follow the vCloud blog to keep you up to date with developments and new capabilities. We make updates to the service every 4 to 6 weeks, so this provides an important channel to keep you up to date with what’s new, and you can subscribe with RSS. We have a packed roadmap and we’re excited to be able to deliver far more rapidly than is possible with traditional software.

This week at VMworld Barcelona, attendees can learn more about vCHS in my Spotlight Session, Everything you wanted to know about vCloud Hybrid Service but were afraid to ask on Wednesday at 11.00. We tried something new this year, basing the content on questions asked by you, our customers, via Twitter and other online forums. It was the number 4 session by attendance in San Francisco, and I hope to see you in Barcelona. I’ll be answering the questions posed by customers online, and will be joined by Angus Gregory and Andreas Antoniou from London-based software company Biomni. They were one of the earliest customers of vCHS outside the US. They’ll talk about their experiences adopting the service and how they were able to improve responsiveness to their clients as well as reducing costs.

VMworld attendees can also take the full vCHS “Jump start”, five sessions designed to fit together to give you a complete understanding of how to get the most out of the service, from the basics to topics like advanced networking. You can also get your own hands-on experience with vCHS at the VMworld Hands On Labs.

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