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VMware Weekly News Recap: October 25

VMware News

This week VMware reported 2013 third quarter results, with Q3 revenues growing 14 percent year-over-year to $1.29 billion. Excluding pivotal and other divestitures, total revenues grew at a rate of 19 percent year-over-year. In the earnings call, CFO Jonathan Chadwick noted “We are seeing strong customer demand for new solutions such as the software-defined data center, and I’m excited about our prospects for the remainder of 2013 and beyond.”

Sruthi Ramakrishnan of Reuters reports on VMware’s earnings commenting that the company reported higher-than-expected results. Sruthi forecasts even stronger growth in 2014. Additionally, Bloomberg’s Dina Bass reports the Q3 earnings exceeded analysts’ expectations and The Register’s Jack Clark reports that customer growth was a key factor in the quarterly results.

The Q3 results and complete investor information is available at ir.vmware.com.

Industry News

This week, ComputerWeekly.com’s Jennifer Scott explains why large enterprises will be the first to benefit from software-defined networking. In the article, Patrick Zhang of Huawei’s enterprise business group notes that Huawei has already seen five large firms sign contracts to deploy SDN-enables switches to their campus networks and SDN will immediately make an impact on enterprise environments, even if technical standards had not been completed.

Brandon Butler at Network World reports from Cloud Connect in Chicago on “How the Cloud is Blowing Up the Network.” In the article Eric Hanselman from the 451 Group commented, “Virtualization, and especially cloud, significantly alter[s] traditional networking approaches. If the network doesn’t update with the adoption of new technologies like cloud computing, the entire system can be flawed.”

Shivani Shinde Nadhe of Business Standard reports that cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spending by 2016. Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner is quoted as saying, “Cloud computing continues to grow at rates much higher than IT spending generally. Growth in cloud services is being driven by new IT computing scenarios being deployed using cloud models, as well as the migration of traditional IT services to cloud service alternatives. Segments such as software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) have even higher projected CAGR growth rates of 34.4 percent and 39.8 percent.”

Rebecca Merrett of CIO covers on a new report from Gartner predicting that instead of battling with public and private cloud trade-offs, more organizations are turning to a hybrid cloud model. The research firm predicts almost half of large enterprises globally will have deployed hybrid cloud by the end of 2017, with 2016 being a “defining” year where they will start to move away from private into hybrid.

Wired contributor Nikolaus Kimla describes the future of cloud computing and how it will affect corporate environments down the road in his article “Cloud Computing and the Brave New World.” Nikolaus writes “The advent of the cloud is bringing about a new corporate environment in which there is no office. Everyone is working remotely from their own locations and the physical building is a thing of the past.” The article offers an interesting set of predictions on how cloud computing will create a “new mode of conducting business.”

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VMware Weekly News Recap: October 18

VMware News

This week, VMworld 2013 wraps up in Barcelona, where more than 8.500 attendees heard from Pat Gelsinger and his team how VMware is helping customers move from the client-server era to the mobile-cloud world. In the day one keynote, Pat and the VMware team made several key announcements in the areas of End User Computing, IT Management, and Hybrid Cloud:

In End User Computing news, the Horizon Suite was updated with new releases to further enable a mobile workforce. Pat was joined on stage by EUC SVP Sanjay Poonen to announce VMware acquired Desktone, a pioneer and industry leader in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).

IT management is a critical component of the software-defined data center and at the show we announced several new additions to our cloud management portfolio. The day two keynote featured president and COO Carl Eschenbach, Principal Engineer Kit Colbert and EMEA CTO Joe Baguley demonstrating how traditional IT management practices are giving way to automation. This is enabling IT teams to move faster by embracing a self-service model for delivering IT services and highlights the business value of cloud management tools.

As the hybrid cloud gains traction in the enterprise, Bill Fathers and the vCloud team announce the vCloud Hybrid Service is expanding to Europe, beginning with a data center in the UK. This continues the general availability momentum from VMworld San Francisco and the recently announced expansion of vCloud Hybrid Service to new data centers in the US.

This week also means VMworld 2013 has officially come to a close, but also starts the next step of bringing all these news products and services to VMware customers around the world.

Industry News

Around the industry this week we heard from Brian Madden who highlights this week’s End User Computing news in his post “VMware announces plans for Horizon View 5.3. Here are 4 new features I love!” Brian highlights his four favorite features of the new product and concludes, “It looks like View 5.3 should be pretty good… it has some great new features (and a bunch of minor new features which I didn’t mention), so I’m looking forward to it.”

Over at Forrester David Johnson recaps the Desktone acquisition and how it will positively affect both Desktone and VMware customers. Noting a rising interest in DaaS over the past two years, David sees the market accelerated in part because Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers can use DaaS to monetize their existing infrastructure investments.

At eWEEK, Eric Lundquist writes that the Desktone acquisition further rounds out VMware’s strategy to shift from a virtualization provider to offering a range of cloud-based services to the enterprise. Eric writes that the ability of VMware to bring those capabilities to enterprise customers would be welcomed by organizations struggling to manage mobile workforces operating in varied locations and using various devices.

Brandon Butler of Network World covers VMware’s expanded support for management tools, noting, “the moves reflect VMware’s desire to be a central management platform for multiple types of workloads in an IT shop.” IDC analyst Mary Turner is quoted in the article, “Increasingly there is a recognition that the future of cloud and enterprise data centers is going to be hybrid. The fact that VMware is investing to support a range of cloud platforms makes a lot of sense in terms of what the market wants.”

Tony Kontzer of Network Computing highlights the newly launched management capabilities in “VMware Adds Public Cloud Management Tools.” He writes “VMware touts the tools as boosting IT’s position in an environment where it’s so easy for business units to sign up for public cloud applications that it threatens to make IT irrelevant.”

Matthew Finnegan of Computerworld UK covers the expanding vCloud hybrid service, writing “VMware has expanded its public cloud offering with the launch of its beta vCloud Hybrid Service in the UK, as it aims to challenge the dominant Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) players.” He notes that “according to IDC analyst Spencer Izard, the VMware public cloud offers an interesting option to enterprise customers which are happy to implement VMware across their organization, with ease of transition between internal and external workloads seen as a major plus for companies.”

Lastly, Maria Deutscher of SiliconANGLE covers the vCHS rollout to Europe in “VMware Brings vCloud Hybrid Service to Europe with First UK Location.” In the article, Maria highlights the debut of the vCloud Hybrid Service Online Marketplace, integration with vCloud Automation Center 5.2 and 6.0 and the complementary vSphere Web Client plugin that allows admins to manage their ESXi hosts and public cloud environments from a single interface.

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VMworld Europe 2013: News Summary from Barcelona

Today in Barcelona, CEO Pat Gelsinger and the VMware team made a series of announcements from the stage at VMworld 2013 Europe. Complete details of each announcement is highlighted in a post on the VMware Company blog and below is an overview of today’s announcements.

VMware Cloud Management Solutions: Announced today, new capabilities and enhancements across the portfolio of cloud management solutions will simplify and automate management of IT services for multiple clouds and platforms. New product releases include VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.8, VMware IT Business Management Suite, and VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5. Read the full post VMworld 2013: Cloud Management Launch by Ramin Sayar, senior vice president & general manager of the cloud management business unit.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service: VMware is expanding the vCloud Hybrid Service to Europe and will roll out vCloud Hybrid Service in the United Kingdom with a new data center location in Slough. VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is expanding in the US and this new data center addresses UK and European data locality, privacy, security and sovereignty. Also announced was the availability of the new vCloud Hybrid Service Online Marketplace, providing a platform where customers can discover, download, test-drive and buy solutions for vCloud Hybrid Service with access to 3,800 pre-qualified applications and rich online resources.

End-User Computing: VMware today announced the acquisition of Desktone, a pioneer and industry leader in the desktop-as-a-service space. End-user computing executive vice president and general manager Sanjay Poonen provides complete details in his blog post on the acquisition of Desktone. Additionally VMware is introducing new product offerings and capabilities across its end-user computing product portfolio to broaden IT support for the mobile workforce. New product releases include version updates to View and Mirage (Horizon View 5.3, Horizon Mirage, 4.3), ThinApp (version 5.0), new VMware Ready smartphones from Sony, the availability of the vSAN for Horizon View public beta and a new crowd sourcing feature in Socialcast.

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced: Included in the details of the Cloud Management news, powered by EMC Avamar, VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced delivers industry-leading storage-efficiency for backups, unique capabilities to accelerate recovery and unparalleled integration with VMware vSphere. Announced today, VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.5 Advanced will feature new capabilities including network-efficient backup data replication, integration with EMC Data Domain, a new Microsoft SharePoint agent, and automated backup verification.

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Bringing the VMware vCloud Hybrid Cloud Service to the UK

Today, we’re announcing that we are expanding the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to the United Kingdom. Our data center will be located in Slough, and for the first time UK clients will have access to a public cloud that is built on VMware infrastructure and managed by the team that knows VMware products best.  This is the first step in expanding our service to Europe, and we are extremely excited to broaden our footprint in the UK as a first step.

For clients in the UK, we will be delivering a hybrid solution that offers enterprises the opportunity to operate their own clouds with consistency while moving workloads without friction to a VMware public cloud.  We also know data location and sovereignty is important to every organization and public cloud data centers need to meet both internal IT standards as well and local data requirements. The Slough data center is the first step to providing our international clients a local service built with global best practices for architecting public clouds.

With a public cloud that matches existing infrastructure architectures and data location, IT departments can enable their business partners with new services and capacity and ensure the same security, compliance and piece of mind as their private cloud.

Our VP of Cloud Services Mathew Lodge provides more details on the vCloud blog about our UK expansion as well as some new features and capabilities to make managing hybrid cloud environments easier.

Every client has unique needs, and we designed vCloud Hybrid Service with the architectural flexibility to match their private cloud environments and move workloads to wherever they make the most sense. The VMware hybrid approach extends the same applications, networking, management, operations and tools across both on-premises and off-premises environments and is designed to be the fastest path to the cloud. For IT departments a hybrid cloud can remove traditional barriers to innovation and change the relationship between IT and the business. We’re excited to enable a new era of innovation for more clients around the world.

VMworld Europe 2013: Cloud Management Launch

Today marks a big day for VMware Cloud Management with the Q4 launch at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. CEO Pat Gelsinger kicks off a flurry of activities with a keynote that outlines what’s new with our management offerings, and how our solutions are simplifying and automating the way you, our customers, manage IT.

VMware’s mission is to help our customers on their journey to IT as a Service (ITaaS). IT organizations are on a journey that starts with the IT production phase, moves to business production, and finally reaches the goal of delivering IT as a Service. Seventy-five percent of IT organizations surveyed by VMware are in the second and third phases of the journey (1).

It’s one thing to know the destination; it’s quite another to know how to get there. We believe that it will require a transformation on the part of the IT organization. With this launch and next set of innovative cloud management releases, our solutions are helping transformative CIOs and their IT organizations achieve ITaaS by enabling them to become strategic brokers of IT services.

Regaining IT Control

It’s common knowledge that IT has been under siege in recent years. The rapid adoption of public cloud services has changed the expectations IT consumers have when it comes to getting the services they want, when they want them, and if necessary they will end-run IT to get them (hence the rise of Shadow IT).

To regain control, IT needs to evolve from being just a builder to a broker of services. Don’t be a bottleneck when it comes to the business gaining access to the valuable applications and services they rely on. Instead, provide self-service access to critical services by strategically sourcing them either internally or from the public cloud. That’s how you drive agility and efficiency. But don’t forget control – you’ve got to do this in the context of a governance framework and in compliance with regulatory and security policies. Otherwise, you’re putting your business at risk.

How do you accomplish this? There are four areas in which we help IT organizations make the transition to a service broker to deliver IT as a Service:

  • On-demand Access to Any Service: Without the ability to meet growing business demands in an agile manner, IT struggles to stay relevant. IT gains agility via the automated delivery of services that are consumed on demand and provisioned according to policies that deliver the necessary control. By providing immediate yet controlled access to any type of service – application, desktop, infrastructure, even custom offerings such as network services (via a new integration between vCloud Automation Center and NSX)– on the clouds and platforms of their choice. In this way IT enables the business to tackle new opportunities and challenges, for example supporting DevOps initiatives to rapidly roll out new applications
  • Cost Transparency: A continuing challenge for IT organizations and the business is understanding the actual cost and consumption of IT services – whether provided internally or delivered by a public cloud provider. IT organizations can make major strides in becoming partners to the business through greater transparency into the cost of VMs and infrastructure services, as well as the consumption of shared resources. This level of visibility increases accountability and enables more efficient use of resources. In addition, it helps IT and the business make better, fact-based decisions about what services IT should be offering and the value it should be delivering, given the budget it receives.
  • Automated Operations: Managing highly dynamic software-defined data centers and cloud environments requires a new approach. We believe operations management solutions must be purpose-built for the cloud. Our unified management approach employs intelligent, policy-based automation and big data analytics to deliver proactive management, deep operational visibility, continuous compliance and capacity optimization across the stack, from the virtual infrastructure layer up to the application.
  • Any Platform, Any Cloud: We also believe that vSphere provides the best environment and SLAs for workloads, and the continuing virtualization of business critical applications suggests our customers agree with us.  However, choice is important to them as well. They want to maximize the value of their IT investments, which may include public cloud services or other hypervisor or physical environments. We are committed to customer choice and flexibility. While our management solutions are optimized for vSphere, they are also designed for heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments.

Launch Details

Today, we introduce new products and enhancements including new releases of the vCenter Operations Management Suite, vCenter Log Insight, vCloud Automation Center, and IT Business Management Suite. Additionally, we introduce VMware IT Business Management 1.0 Standard edition, the newest member of the VMware Cloud Management family of solutions. (Read press release)

We’re excited to announce these new capabilities and products across our portfolio.  These new solutions help address the myriad challenges customers face today – whether their aim is to more efficiently  manage a virtualized environment, build a vSphere-based private cloud, extend to the hybrid cloud or broker services across many providers. We look forward to showing you how they can help you and all our customers progress on the journey to IT as a Service.

(1) VMware, “IT Evolution: Today and Tomorrow,” survey based on 1,028 VMware customers, August 2013


VMware Commits to DaaS with Acquisition of Desktone

By Sanjay Poonen, executive vice president and general manager, End-User Computing

I am very excited to share with you today that VMware has acquired Desktone, a privately held company that is a pioneer and industry leader in desktop-as-a-service (DaaS).  This company is the epitome of cutting edge innovation and can rightly boast of having an advanced multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform for delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service. With this acquisition, VMware instantly becomes a leading provider of desktop-as-a-service with the opportunity to set the course for the entire industry moving forward while placing VMware ahead of the competition in this category of cloud computing.

Before I go any further, let me first extend a warm welcome to Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone and his fabulous team of pioneers and innovators. Speaking on behalf of the leadership team at VMware, we are honored to have your team on board and you are joining the VMware End-User Computing group at an exciting time as we build towards forming the best team to develop the best products in the industry. VMware is a company that has a rich history of innovation and we look forward to introducing your innovative accomplishments to our 500,000 plus customers and 55,000 partners.

Now let me share with you in more detail why this is exciting news for VMware and its continued commitment to advancing end-user computing.

Leading Innovation and Expertise

Desktone has a complete and proven blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS through its industry-leading technology, operational expertise and global partner network – a combination that our competitors do not match.

When it comes to industry leading technology, Desktone’s multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform offers a unique architecture that includes multi-tenancy, self-service provisioning, multi-data center management, multi-desktop model support, role separation, grid-scale and security.

When examining operational expertise, Desktone has been running DaaS at scale for many years and has a strong reputation in helping service providers go to market quickly. Whether a service provider is in the beginning stage of mapping out a technology blueprint, in the middle stage of streamlining ongoing DaaS operations or in the latter stage where they are ready to go-to-market, Desktone can provide assistance to help simplify and expedite the process.

Opportunities That Lie Ahead

The combination of the Desktone DaaS platform along with VMware Horizon View will significantly accelerate VMware’s DaaS strategy and further extend the benefits of desktop virtualization by offering an excellent choice for organizations looking for predictable economics, flexibility of cloud deployment or a way to deploy VDI with limited resources or in-house expertise.

The third component of Desktone’s blueprint for enabling service providers to deliver DaaS is its global partner network. The combination of Desktone’s service provider base of roughly 40 established and highly reputable providers worldwide with VMware’s network of over 11,000 VMware service provider partners enables VMware to accelerate the delivery of DaaS much faster than many of our competitors. At VMworld Barcelona today, we were honored to have video testimonials from our strategic partners Cisco, Dell and NetApp. They are among the many companies we plan to partner with in this space moving forward.

By bringing Desktone’s platform in house, VMware can accelerate the delivery of DaaS in the marketplace through increased roadmap and go-to-market investment, opening up new opportunities for partners and resellers.

Commitment to Supporting the Mobile Workforce

The explosion of mobile devices, mobile and web applications, and increased interest in the cloud is driving businesses to re-evaluate their desktop strategy. As cloud adoption quickly gains acceptance, the market is ripe to leverage cloud technologies to deliver alternative desktop management and application delivery solutions and provide customers with a more flexible, predictable and streamlined way to evolve end-user computing.

DaaS gives enterprises the ability to manage costs, extend capacity on-demand and reduce the time required when desktop loads change.

This acquisition marks an exciting time for VMware End-User Computing and the industry as a whole as two dynamic companies join together to shape and lead an emerging DaaS market. This will introduce new opportunities for enterprises, service providers, partners and resellers alike. We will have more to share about VMware’s DaaS strategy in the near future so stay tuned. In the meantime, thanks for reading and tell us your opinions about DaaS in the comment section below.

vCloud Hybrid Service Now Available in Santa Clara, CA and Sterling, VA

I’m delighted to announce that VMware added new locations for vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in Santa Clara, CA and Sterling, VA today. You can purchase cloud capacity in both locations immediately, benefiting from greater resiliency and proximity to your customers, partners and your existing data center locations. Pricing for both locations is identical to our current prices in Las Vegas, NV, and is posted on our website here.

We call each location a Region, and existing customers will see that we’ve added new sections to the web console to allow you to see regions and your virtual data centers across all regions. You’ll continue to get a single view of all of your cloud resources from the web console, and you can programmatically manage your cloud via the API URL shown in the console. Massimo Re Ferre, one of our consulting architects, has two blog postings on how to use vCHS via APIs here and here.

Today’s announcement was cross-posted on our vCloud blog. Going forward, make sure to follow the vCloud blog to keep you up to date with developments and new capabilities. We make updates to the service every 4 to 6 weeks, so this provides an important channel to keep you up to date with what’s new, and you can subscribe with RSS. We have a packed roadmap and we’re excited to be able to deliver far more rapidly than is possible with traditional software.

This week at VMworld Barcelona, attendees can learn more about vCHS in my Spotlight Session, Everything you wanted to know about vCloud Hybrid Service but were afraid to ask on Wednesday at 11.00. We tried something new this year, basing the content on questions asked by you, our customers, via Twitter and other online forums. It was the number 4 session by attendance in San Francisco, and I hope to see you in Barcelona. I’ll be answering the questions posed by customers online, and will be joined by Angus Gregory and Andreas Antoniou from London-based software company Biomni. They were one of the earliest customers of vCHS outside the US. They’ll talk about their experiences adopting the service and how they were able to improve responsiveness to their clients as well as reducing costs.

VMworld attendees can also take the full vCHS “Jump start”, five sessions designed to fit together to give you a complete understanding of how to get the most out of the service, from the basics to topics like advanced networking. You can also get your own hands-on experience with vCHS at the VMworld Hands On Labs.