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VMware vCenter Log Insight Now Available

Today, I’m pleased to announce the general availability of VMware vCenter Log Insight, which was introduced in Beta on June 11th.

vCenter Log Insight is VMware’s new automated log analytics and management solution. It helps IT organizations gain meaningful real-time insights from log data produced by applications, physical hardware and virtualized infrastructure. Ultimately, vCenter Log Insight is all about simplifying troubleshooting in new and emerging dynamic hybrid cloud environments.

Machine-generated log data provide indispensable operational and diagnostic details that can be used to identify and solve IT infrastructure problems, assuming you can leverage them. vCenter Log Insight lets you do just that through automated log management that spans log analytics, aggregation and search for system monitoring, troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Featuring built-in knowledge and native support for VMware vSphere, vCenter Log Insight is simply the best log analytics solution for VMware environments. It includes pre-packaged dashboards and reports based on best practices shared by VMware engineering and global support organizations. If you’re looking for an end-to-end operations management solution based on the analysis of both structured and unstructured data, you can take advantage of the integration between vCenter Log Insight and VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. The integration lets you easily shift from monitoring your IT infrastructure to troubleshooting. Together, these products deliver best of breed capabilities for performance, capacity, and configuration management.

Predictable Pricing Model

With vCenter Log Insight we are taking a different approach to log analytics and management. This is nowhere more true than in the area of pricing. Unlike competing products in the marketplace, vCenter Log Insight is priced on a per OSI basis rather than by the amount of log data customers analyze.  This simple and predictable pricing model does not force you to purchase licenses based on your peak log data volumes. These can be difficult to predict, and end up costing you a lot more than you anticipated.

vCenter Log Insight is priced at $200 per operating system instance (OSI) with unlimited amounts of log data.  An operating system instance is defined as any server, virtual or physical, with an IP address that generates logs, including network devices and storage arrays.

Community Feedback on vCenter Log Insight

Since the launch last month, we’ve had a tremendous response from the community to vCenter Log Insight through the public beta program. People are kicking the tires on the product, discovering new use cases and having success identifying and solving problems in their infrastructure. For example, one beta tester used vCenter Log Insight to capture Edge Firewall logs as well as develop a dashboard for tracking Cisco Switch logs.  Another beta tester identified a host experiencing an issue with its Active Directory configuration within 10 minutes of having installed vCenter Log Insight.

Beyond sharing uses cases and success stories, beta testers have provided feedback regarding bugs and issues they’ve encountered while using the product.

Public Beta Program Marches On

While we’re announcing general availability of vCenter Log Insight today, the public beta program remains open. So download the latest beta version of vCenter Log Insight, and share your thoughts with us to help us improve the product so we can better meet your needs.

To learn more about vCenter Log Insight:

– Rob Smoot, Senior Director, Cloud Management Marketing