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Telligent Acquires Zimbra from VMware

Today VMware announced that Telligent, a leader in enterprise social software for customer support, digital marketing and employee collaboration, acquired Zimbra, which VMware acquired from Yahoo! Inc. in February 2010. Telligent is acquiring the assets of Zimbra, including product IP, existing customer and partner relationships and the core team, and following the closing will merge into a single company under the Zimbra brand.

In 2013, VMware is executing against three priorities – software-defined data center, hybrid cloud and end-user computing. In order to continue focusing on these areas, we determined that the collaboration and communication features of Zimbra as a standalone product would be best delivered by a partner such as Telligent in order to continue enhancing the Zimbra technology platform and growing the business.

Telligent, headquartered in Dallas, is a global enterprise collaboration and customer-centric community software company that is transforming the way organizations listen to, engage and measure interaction with customers, partners and prospects. Given its focus and complementary technology, we believe Telligent is ideally suited to enable continued growth for the Zimbra community and help deliver an even more robust collaboration platform for Zimbra customers.

Of note is the success delivered by the hard work of the Zimbra team during the course of the last few years. Since it was acquired, Zimbra has experienced significant growth in its email and collaboration business, adding more than 2,600 net-new customers and growing its footprint to more than 85 million mailboxes. VMware has also made significant technology investments in the platform through major product releases, including improvements to the end-user experience, addition of sync client support, enhanced security and compliance capabilities, and new administration and operations features.

It was important to VMware to find a buyer that would be a good home for Zimbra’s people, customers and partners, and we believe Telligent is a great fit. VMware will continue working with Telligent as a strategic partner to maximize customer and partner continuity, which includes maintaining a minority equity investment in Telligent along with a number of other investors. In transitioning Zimbra to Telligent, we are confident that customers will be in good hands with seamless product support, further technology innovation and go-to-market investments.

For more information, please refer to the Telligent news release, Telligent blog and Zimbra blog.

– Erik Frieberg, VP, product marketing, End-User Computing

9 thoughts on “Telligent Acquires Zimbra from VMware

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  2. Diego Cousino

    Do you know what will happen to Zimbra in the VSPP program?
    Will it continue to exist as a product or will we have to become a Telligent partner in order to continue providing Zimbra to our clients?


  3. Muhammad


    Kindly advise whether the new company formation will provide Open Source community the solution Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition ? Thank you

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  6. Nelson Huygen

    Zimbra was an albatross around Yahoo’s neck, and it was an albatross around VMware’s neck. At the end of the day, Zimbra delivers nothing of value that cannot be delivered by a pure open source solution such as Citadel or Kolab. If people truly want to overpay for a messaging and collaboration system, they’re generally going to go with Exchange.

    Kudos to VMware for unloading the albatross.

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