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NTT Communications Selects VMware Network Virtualization

This week we’re celebrating our Japan office’s 10th anniversary.  Japan has always been known for being on the bleeding edge of technology. So it seems only fitting that we announced today that NTT Communications (NTT Com), the cloud service provider of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies NTT Group, will deploy VMware network virtualization as a core technology for its new cloud service, Enterprise Cloud (EC). We’re excited that representatives of NTT Com will join VMware’s Martin Casado on stage at Interop Tokyo this Friday, June 15, to share their story.

NTT VMware Network Virtualization

So why is this technological innovator turning to VMware network virtualization to support its new EC service?  It turns out, that today’s enterprises see the value in moving workloads to the cloud, applications still require access to resources such as CRM/SRM systems, which must remain within the enterprise data center. Connecting cloud-based applications to the necessary resources in the enterprise data center previously required a costly and time-consuming deployment of specialized hardware in a customer’s data center.

By incorporating VMware network virtualization into its EC service, NTT Com will provide seamless and flexible connectivity between customer data centers and the NTT Com cloud without changing the IP addresses of a customer’s existing, on-premise environment. This virtualized network will help customers to easily migrate into the cloud, and also seamlessly and unobtrusively connects resources on the cloud and in the enterprise data center. NTT Com will use network virtualization as a network overlay built from software, eliminating the need for complicated manual provisioning of the network, thus vastly simplifying their customer onboarding process while lowering both operational and capital expenses.

Motoo Tanaka, senior vice president of cloud services at NTT Com, said in our announcement that “To deliver on NTT Com’s global cloud vision announced in 2011, NTT Com offers a new business cloud service that will utilize network virtualization technology in its production environment across 11 data centers in nine countries. “With advanced network virtualization technology from VMware, NTT Com will provide customers seamless connectivity between cloud infrastructures, and will support customers’ cloud migration by connecting with a customer’s on-premise data center. We continue to fully support customers using the cloud by offering services that deliver the latest technologies.”

We’ve been working with NTT Software Innovation Center (SIC) since 2010, and have gained great insight into the stringent product quality standards of customers in Japan. Having met these standards, VMware’s network virtualization platform is more than capable of meeting the requirements of customers worldwide.

Toshiaki Fujita, vice president and general manager of NTT SIC, said “As a result of our successful collaboration, NTT Com will now offer the world’s first cloud service that incorporates VMware’s network virtualization technology to seamlessly connect customers’ on-premise networks with NTT Com’s own data center network. Going forward, the NTT group looks forward to offering advanced cloud services in collaboration with VMware.”

NTT Com understands the value of decoupling the network from the underlying physical infrastructure, and is embracing network virtualization to deliver new cloud services. Today, VMware is the only company shipping a network virtualization platform that advances the capabilities of networking into the 21stcentury through the very same software-driven abstractions that enabled virtualized computing. We are transforming the operations of networking, and enabling customers such as NTT Com to create new cloud connectivity models for customers, while helping lower operational and capital expenses.

Stephen Mullaney
Senior Vice President And General Manager
Networking and Security Business Unit


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