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ClearSlide Acquires SlideRocket

by Chuck Dietrich, Vice President

ClearSlide Acquires SlideRocket

In 2013, VMware is executing against three growth priorities – Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud and End-User Computing.  Given these growth priorities, the time has come to part ways with SlideRocket.

Today ClearSlide announced that they have acquired SlideRocket from VMware. As part of the acquisition, ClearSlide is acquiring SlideRocket’s engineering platform, existing customers and the core SlideRocket team.

Clearslide and SlideRocket have both been leading the reinvention of workplace presentations and now have the opportunity to build an even more robust platform together. Together with SlideRocket, ClearSlide will be able to create one simple and powerful solution for engaging sales prospects.

SlideRocket reached some significant milestones since being acquired by VMware, including 400 percent growth and reinventing the way more than one million companies tell their stories.  By acquiring SlideRocket, VMware gained a stronger understanding of end-user applications and  infused a new way to work into the VMware culture.

It was important to VMware to find a partner to be a good fit for existing SlideRocket customers. ClearSlide is committed to providing continuity for existing SlideRocket users.

The acquisition is final and current SlideRocket customers have been notified. If you’re interested in learning more about ClearSlide and SlideRocket visit the ClearSlide blog: http://www.clearslide.com/public/content/company/blog