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Introducing the vFabric Suite 5.1 and vFabric SQLFire

Posted by Jerry Chen
Vice President, Cloud
and Application Services

In 2009, VMware acquired SpringSource because we saw a fundamental change in the way our customers were building and running their applications.  More than ever, our customers were using technology to build new applications to improve their business, respond to competition, and get closer to their customers. These new applications were built for mobile, used social networks and leveraged enormous volumes of real-time data to make better decisions.  The underlying frameworks and technologies powering these applications needed to be lightweight and cloud-ready so they could be developed, deployed, and scaled out in rapid succession. 

Part of this broader shift in application infrastructure was the move to cloud and application deployment on virtual infrastructure. Traditional application servers simply weren’t designed, optimized or licensed for this new world. These legacy systems are too cumbersome, too costly, and definitely not cloud-ready. We saw the need for a new breed of application infrastructure to support this new world of applications.   

The VMware vFabric product family seeks to address the complexity and cost of traditional Java platforms by providing a simple, lightweight development and runtime optimized for VMware cloud infrastructure.  

Today we continue to advance our vision with the introduction of vFabric Suite 5.1 and vFabric SQLFire Enterprise Edition. The new suite includes vFabric Application Director to automate the deployment and management of vFabric applications on VMware cloud infrastructure. SQLFire Enterprise Edition is an in-memory distributed SQL database that will enable application data to meet cloud scale and performance needs. VMware vFabric Suite 5.1 will provide the core application services required to build, run and manage Java Spring applications whether on-premise or in the cloud.

As enterprises move to the cloud, they are choosing vFabric to effectively build and architect new cloud-ready applications. With vFabric, our customers are increasing the reliability, availability and scalability of applications and enhancing application portability between their private clouds and VMware-enabled public clouds. They are also improving application performance through advanced management, monitoring and optimization.

At VMware, we believe the cloud is changing enterprise IT, and we are excited about the opportunities this transformation will open up for our customers.  We believe the vFabric Suite represents the best platform for building and running modern applications on VMware cloud infrastructure.