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Update on VMware Fusion

[photo of Srinivas Krishnamurti]

Posted by Srinivas Krishnamurti
Director of Product Management and Market Development

A lot has happened since I last wrote about Project Fusion in December 2006 so I figured it was time to share my latest thoughts on this initiative. 

First off, at Beta 3 we finalized the name – Fusion was a good project name and we all loved it enough that it became the final product name.  We think VMware Fusion™ is the best way to run Windows and other PC operating systems and applications on your Mac without rebooting.

We released our public beta in December and over the last 6 months, we added a number of new features, improved performance and fixed bugs.  Obviously there are far too many features and improvements to list here but the highlights are: Unity, 3D support, snapshots and Boot Camp integration.

Later tonight you will have access to VMware Fusion Beta 4.  This final beta introduces features we are extremely proud of and ones that will showcase our attention to detail and quality of work.  The two features I wanted to highlight are:

They say pictures (or videos) are better than words so I encourage you to view this video. Unity provides a seamless integration so that each Windows application is its own window on your Mac.  You can use Command-Tab or Expose to switch between applications, even if some of them are actually running in a secure virtual machine.  You can minimize your Windows apps to the Dock and even keep your favorite ones in the Dock.  The other feature I like is the new Applications menu that is automatically populated to closely resemble your Start menu in Windows.  You can also use Launcher to find and open any application on your virtual machine.  We all love the Mac experience and with Unity you don’t have to leave that behind to use your Windows applications.

Customizable Toolbar
A lot of our beta customers complained that the toolbar was rather crowded in Beta 3.  We introduced a feature in Beta 4 whereby you can completely customize the toolbar – simply right click on the toolbar and off you go.


With beta 4 out of the way, we are on the home stretch to the final release (GA).  We will continue to work even harder on stability issues now to ensure that VMware Fusion is a rock-solid product when it is GA, if it isn’t already.  We focus a lot on quality, attention to detail and polish.  Customers hold us to a high bar and we love it!  I guess 20,000 enterprises and over 4 million users don’t depend on our products if the bar wasn’t high.  We are very excited to bring all our years of virtualization experience to the Mac community.

Download Beta 4 from www.vmware.com/mac later tonight.  We look forward to your feedback.  And look for us at WWDC next week.

Thanks for participating in our beta program and for your invaluable feedback in helping us build VMware Fusion.