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Infographic: “Pulse Check How Desktop Virtualization is Changing the Healthcare Industry” #VMworld

Desktop Virtualization in HealthcareAt Tuesday’s VMworld keynote, one of the thought-provoking demos presented at the rollout of VMware Workspace Suite involved Sanjay Poonen and Kit Colbert showcasing the transformative potential of desktop virtualization in healthcare. The pair showed how a unified user experience across devices saves time and money, while enabling doctors to deliver better care. The migration of patient data from endpoints to the cloud also provides a more secure environment for sensitive information – a perfect solution for industries that are highly regulated. Hit the jump for the graphic.

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The New Reality of Data Center Security

DC Security TodayMicro-segmentation redefines enterprise security

It seems every few days, a new, high profile data breach dominates the headlines. Tens of millions of user accounts hacked, 40 million credit card numbers leaked, customer names and addresses posted to forums: This is the reality of today’s cybersecurity landscape.

One of the oldest approaches to security both outside and within the realm of IT is compartmentalization. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and you don’t entrust the security of your data center solely to a perimeter firewall. Network World dubbed this approach “crustacean security“ way back in 2007.

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Daily Dispatches @ #VMworld 2014: Day 3

Oliver RollBy Oliver Roll, VP, Global Corporate Communications

We had a lot of fun yesterday and I hope everyone left the Solutions Exchange Hall Crawl with a heavy swag bag. Day Three at VMworld promises to be no less exciting, so without further ado, let’s get into today’s Dispatch.

In case you missed my tips from yesterday, check it out here. Hit the jump for a Day Two news recap and my recommendations on what you shouldn’t miss on Day Three of VMworld 2014.

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Introducing VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Editions

By Mike Adams, director of vSphere product marketing, VMware

Today at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, we introduced VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Standard and Advanced editions. These new offerings will allow us to provide new and existing customers of all sizes with enhanced service level, standardization and availability capabilities for remote and branch office locations.

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#VMworld 2014: Perspectives from the EVP and GM of the End-User Computing Division

Tribal Knowledge caught up with Sanjay Poonen after his keynote on Tuesday at VMworld to talk about the shift to the Mobile-Cloud era of computing.

Hit the jump for excerpts.

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VMworld 2014: Perspectives from the CTO

VMware’s Ben Fathi wants to transform businesses with software-defined architecture, and he wants to do it today. In Tuesday’s keynote address, Fathi explored the versatility of VMware technologies across a broad range of enterprise use cases. We caught up with Ben after he stepped off stage.

Hit the jump for excerpts.

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VMworld 2014 US: VMware Hybrid Cloud Momentum

Bill Fathers, EVP and GM, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit, VMwareBy Bill Fathers, executive vice president and general manager, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware 

It is only day two of VMworld, and there is so much excitement around cloud services from VMware. On August 21, we announced the rebranding of vCloud Hybrid Service to vCloud Air, our new name for the industry’s only enterprise-ready Hybrid Cloud. We also introduced the vCloud Air Network, providing more choice in cloud service options to our customers than any cloud provider in the industry.

The cloud is VMware’s second DNA, and the rebrand to vCloud Air represents how VMware will deliver innovation as a service, from the data center to the desktop and mobile applications, all on top of the vCloud Air platform.

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