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Government Demands Met Faster with vCloud Air

With vCloud Air, SAIC Responds to Government Demands FasterThis post was originally published on The Bridge.

The U.S. government has always had a lot of data to work with; indeed, it had big data long before there was a term for it, and is now well into the depths of extreme data. For decades, the government has struggled with storing, retrieving, and analyzing all this data for myriad agencies, functions, and missions.

But now there are two other elements pressuring government IT leaders to do more with this data and do it faster: the Open Government Initiative and the need for real-time information to drive numerous, ongoing missions. To complicate the situation further, the government must also provide increasing data privacy for citizens and security for all.

Visit The Bridge to learn how SAIC is using vCloud Air to achieve its goals.

VMware CEO at IIT Alumni Global Leadership Conference

Last month, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger joined some of the brightest minds from across professions and disciplines for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)'s Global Leadership Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Since 2003, the IIT Aalumni Global Leadership Conferences have been organized by volunteer IIT alumni every year, and are held in the U.S. during odd years, and in India during even years. These sell-out conferences have attracted over 3,500 participants, and have had iconic speakers such as Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton to name a few.

After giving his plenary keynote, Pat Gelsinger joined IIT's Mateen Syed for an interview about virtualization, markets and leadership. Watch the video below to hear Pat's thoughts from the floor at the IIT Alumni Global Leadership Conference.

Windows 10: A Milestone Moment for The Industry and VMware Customers

Erik FriebergBy Erik Frieberg, vice president of marketing, End-User Computing, VMware


If you felt a tremor in “the force” yesterday, you weren’t mistaken.

This week is certainly different than most since it is the launch of Microsoft Windows 10, which is a milestone release for Microsoft and represents a fundamental shift in the way IT can manage all devices, as well as run both old and new software.

The Force

"The Force"

The improvements in Windows 10 address many of the challenges that have limited effective Windows management for many organizations.  In this mobile-cloud era, management innovations that are used with mobile platforms are now available in Windows 10 and are making their way to the PC.  This is great news for our customers, as they now have many options as to how best manage their EUC platforms.

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The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

Pat Gelsinger talks Enterprise Hybrid CloudDuring EMC World 2015, SiliconANGLE’s John Furrier and Dave Vellante sat down with VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, for a conversation about changes in the enterprise hybrid cloud market and the wide array of products and updates announced by VMware since the beginning of this year.

During the wide-ranging, 30-minute dialogue, Gelsinger was also asked for an update on the EMC Federation and the progress that's been made so far, as VMware and its partner companies work together to help enterprises everywhere embrace the cloud.

The Federation is, by design, architected so that it offers choice,” says Gelsinger.  “We’re off working with our independent ecosystem players, but fundamentally we’re first and best [working] with each other.  We see big wins that we are able to accomplish together and we are delivering some clear solutions.”

After explaining the latest versions of vCloud Air and VMware vSphere, as well as a new native app for developers, Gelsinger shared his thoughts on the passing fads of Silicon Valley and the primary role of IT in enterprises today.

“IT is about building a platform for any application,” he says, “in which you’ve created more flexibility—that is the job of IT now.  It’s creating an environment that allows [CIOs] to future-proof their business, take all of their old apps, data, applications, et cetera, and be able to transform them for the future of the business that they’re a part of.”

Gelsinger also dismissed rumors that the exponential pace of Moore’s Law—which has been successfully predicting the rate of technological change for the past 50 years—may soon be coming to an end. Innovative chemical nano-engineering methods and the power of virtualization, he says, can probably bypass any physical limits in the way of greater compute power.

“Moore’s Law,” he argues, “allows us scale out environments we almost thought limited.  That’s the magic of the cloud.  You know, if you can architecture your application to be a distribution application, the compute capacity that you can apply to it is essentially infinite, and at a diminishingly small cost.”

For more on Pat's take on the enterprise hybrid cloud, watch the full video below:

VMware Headquarters Featured in New Video

Our Palo Alto Headquarters was designed for collaboration and connection. Sitting on 105 acres in Stanford Research Park with more than 1,500 trees, beautiful landscape, and green facilities, VMware's “campus-in-a-forest” is a refuge for nature lovers and a source of rejuvenation for all.

Join us for a behind the scenes look at VMware Headquarters and discover why we are a community inside a company. 

VMware News Recap 7/24/15: What We Read This Week

Q2 2015 Earnings, Tech Coding Schools Foster Diversity, VMware Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation + More This Week in VMware News


Pat G at VMwareOn Tuesday, VMware reported second quarter 2015 results. Coming out of the earnings call, The Motley Fool covers “5 Things VMware Inc’s Management Wants You to Know”

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cloudyFor a sixth year in a row, VMware announced is once again a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure.

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SchoolTrend alert: VMware and other Silicon Valley companies are using independent tech coding schools to help foster diversity.

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Kit Colbert HeadshotOn Tuesday, VMware announced that it is joining Google and the Linux Foundation (among others) as inaugural members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. VMware’s Kit Colbert gives his perspective.

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Girls Who CodeLastly, the Summer Immersion Program students from Girls Who Code created video responses to questions from our social followers. They talk about their final VMware projects, how to get more girls interested in coding, what tips they had for an elementary school teacher and more.

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VMware Joins the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program

Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners ProgramToday, VMware is pleased to announce that the company has joined the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program.

VMware joins 10 other leading Silicon Valley companies to partner with Stanford Medicine to transform health care and medicine – from treating disease to promoting lifelong health.

VMware’s philanthropic commitment to this program will support construction of the new Stanford Hospital and expansion of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Joining the Stanford Medicine Corporate Partners Program is a nod to Community, one of VMware’s EPIC2 values, as well as to the Stanford University ties that launched VMware as a company.

“We are pleased to team with VMware [along with other leaders in the high-tech industry] to help transform healthcare for people around the world. Real change truly does take a community approach and this relationship allows us to extend innovative and technologically advanced healthcare delivery to countless individuals.” –Amir Dan Rubin, President & CEO, Stanford Health Care

VMware is committed to making a difference in people’s lives and through this partnership, will help to transform health care for people around the world. Our partnership also enables us to further support the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families by providing access to Stanford’s Health Navigation services and clinical education programs.

We are thrilled to be part of a partnership that will contribute to making a world of difference, profoundly impacting humanity and enabling the gift of health, hope and healing. We are extremely proud to give back to our global community.