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What We Read This Week: A VMware News Recap, April 17, 2015

News from HIMSS 2015, A Solution to Cyber Security and an Illustrated Guide to The Connected Hospital

NSX Data Center HazardOn the tails of news this week that VMware unveiled a new solution that minimizes security threats from users and mobile devices inside the hybrid cloud, Noah Wasmer explains in a video how IT can begin to address the problem of over-provisioned access to data center resources.


Healthcare POC TechThis week at HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems) 2015, VMware announced the growing adoption of offerings like VMware vCloud for Healthcare and VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care—solutions that deliver not just the agility required for modern medical IT infrastructure, but the security as well.


Hospital AnimationThe Bridge shows us through a new illustrated photo series how technology is helping the healthcare industry work simpler and smarter.



In a new video, Bill Fathers provides an overview of vCloud Air in support of last week’s expansion of VMware vCloud Air with the general availability of service in Australia.


Business Mobility is improving how the healthcare industry operates

Hospital AnimationAn Illustrated Guide

This article originally appeared on The Bridge.

From protecting patient information to tracking patient check-ins to sending updates to families in real-time, technology is helping the healthcare industry work simpler and smarter. With secure, immediate access to accurate information, providers can now make point-of-care decisions from anywhere. The result is a radically improved quality of care and life. Read the illustrated piece on The Bridge for a glimpse into the inner workings of technology in a virtual hospital setting.

vCloud Air Update from Bill Fathers [VIDEO]

Last week, VMware announced the continued expansion of VMware vCloud Air with the general availability of service in Australia. In this video, Bill Fathers provides an overview of vCloud Air in support of the launch. Watch the video to learn how vCloud Air is making it safe, quick and easy for customers to make the move to the cloud.


Transforming Hybrid Cloud Security for Mobile Users [VIDEO]

NSX Data Center HazardToday VMware unveiled a new solution that minimizes security threats from users and mobile devices inside the hybrid cloud. Through the combination of the VMware NSX network virtualization platform with AirWatch EMM and/or VMware Horizon desktop virtualization, VMware provides IT administrators the ability to micro-segment the data center network. This grants users specific network access to the exact resources within the data center to which they are authorized. The ability to micro-segment the network in this way was previously neither feasible nor economical before the introduction of VMware NSX. Now with this combined solution, IT can begin to address the problem of over-provisioned access to data center resources, which is common with traditional VPN gateway access. Noah Wasmer, vice president of product management and CTO, End-User Computing at VMware, explains more in this video:

To learn more about these solutions coming together to address network security and access for mobile users, visit the VMware and AirWatch booth #1315 next week at RSA 2015, April 19-23.

One year later, VMware’s Airwatch acquisition continues to transform mobility

DeathtoStock_Wired7This post was originally published on The Bridge.

By 2020, “half of the world’s population will be connected through mobile devices,” predicted Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona earlier this month. Smartphones arespreading faster than any other digital technology, including the personal computer. And mobile computing has become the new PC because it delivers a unique, personal experience to every user.

Mobile devices, combined with the efficiencies of the hybrid cloud, make it possible for businesses to deliver personal customer experiences to billions of people using wireless technologies that span the globe. Scale is vitally important in business, so companies that get their mobile apps into the hands of consumers and employees before their competitors do will have the advantage.

There’s an unfortunate side effect, however. The proliferation of mobile devices is resulting in massive headaches for enterprise IT departments. Managing thousands upon thousands of employee devices — not to mention deploying apps at such a large scale and across multiple platforms — is an immensely complex task involving seemingly infinite security and privacy implications.

Visit The Bridge to learn more about AirWatch, the challenges brought about by the shift to business mobility and how the technology behind it will help address those concerns.


Modernizing Healthcare IT Through the Mobile Cloud

Healthcare POC TechJudging by the cutting edge technology inside many medical facilities in the U.S., it’s easy to assume that the IT solutions healthcare providers depend on are as modern and sophisticated as the MRI machines used to diagnose our ailments, or the supercomputers that map our DNA. But you don’t need to peek very far behind the curtain to find that often enough, this is simply not the case.

For many healthcare professionals, the primary interface for accessing patient records continues to be the paper chart. Although the transition to electronic medical records (EMR) has long been underway, a variety of obstacles have prevented EMR systems from being adopted ubiquitously. VMware is addressing these challenges by providing a unified IT platform encompassing the hybrid cloud, as well as end-user computing solutions.

At CoxHealth, an organization that runs five hospitals in Missouri and Arkansas, the decision to leverage VMware infrastructure is already helping to provide better healthcare experiences and attracting new patients, as well as clinicians.

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What We Read This Week

Why VMware Acquired AirWatch, The 2015 Top 50 Channel Influencers list & Supporting Innovative Ideas with Technology

#1Our latest ELI4 post deals with an innovative framework for IT security called micro-segmentation, enabled by the VMware NSX network virtualization platform.


Dawn Smith - Modern Counsel

Photo courtesy of Modern Counsel

VMware’s SVP and General Counsel Dawn Smith talks to Modern Counsel about the AirWatch acquisition: “[Why AirWatch] out of all the companies in this burgeoning field? “It was a combination of their technology, business leadership, and strong global customer base,” says Dawn.



Aaron Rosen Screenshot

In a new video interview, Aaron Rosen, a Staff Engineer at VMware and a diligent contributor to OpenStack, offers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the elements that help to create a culture of innovation at VMware and the people and teams driving them.



Dave O'Callaghan, senior vice president, Global Partner Organization, VMwareThe VAR Guy published its inaugural Top 50 Channel Influencers list, honoring the channel’s most influential people. Insider tip: Keep an eye out for VMware’s Dave O’Callaghan, who made the list – a reflection of the VMware Partner Organization’s combined efforts in 2015.




CloudsThe Bridge team explores how cloud computing, virtualization, and the emergence of the software-defined data center (SDDC) allow enterprises to think like startups and support innovative ideas.