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QCT to Demo VMware’s EVO:RACK Technology Preview at Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2015

Quanta1By Edward Hsu, director of product marketing, Integrated Systems, VMware

Next week, QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) will demonstrate VMware’s EVO:RACK technology preview on Open Compute Project (OCP) certified hardware next week at OCP U.S. Summit 2015 (March 10-11) in San Jose, Calif. Read QCT’s press release to learn what they will showcase at the event.

We unveiled the EVO:RACK tech preview at VMworld 2014 U.S. in San Francisco. The EVO:RACK tech preview is a hyper-converged infrastructure project designed to dramatically simplify how enterprises buy, deploy, and operate software-defined data centers at scale. It will run on a range of pre-integrated hardware configurations ranging from Open Compute Project-based hardware designs to industry-standard OEM servers and converged infrastructure.

QCT demonstrated a half-rack version of the EVO:RACK tech preview at VMworld 2014 U.S. And we are pleased to continue to work with QCT to demonstrate the EVO:RACK tech preview to enterprises and service providers — this time at the OCP U.S. Summit. Be sure to drop by QCT’s booth (#C6) at the summit next week.

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VMware Named to FORTUNE’s 2015 “Best Company to Work For” List

People photoBy Betsy Sutter, Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

I am thrilled to announce that VMware has been named one of FORTUNE’s “Best Companies to Work For.” The competition was fierce, and VMware took the no. 65 spot.

2015 marks VMware’s first time applying for the designation and we’re delighted to have made the list, joining the ranks of highly respected companies like Google, Salesforce, Intuit, and NetApp. Not only was VMware ranked in the top 100 companies overall, but we were also recognized as no. 11 out of companies located in the San Francisco Bay Area, no. 11 out of technology companies and as one of the 25 “coolest offices” on the list.

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Explain It Like I’m Four: Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Pat at #MWC15In our new series “Explain It Like I’m Four,” we explore some of the more technically nuanced innovations taking place in cloud computing and enterprise IT. Our goal is to break them down and explain as plainly as possible what they mean and why they matter.

This week at Mobile World Congress 2015 (#MWC15), VMware unveiled vCloud for NFV with integrated OpenStack to help service providers accelerate service innovation. So for this installment, we’ll take a look at Network Functions Virtualization.

What is NFV?

NFV stands for Network Functions Virtualization. Let’s break that down:

  • Network means we’re talking about activities that occur in an operator’s core network related to moving and processing calls and packets.
  • Function means the specific activity a piece of network equipment does, or the role it plays.
  • Virtualization means taking a function that was previously performed by a dedicated piece of physical equipment, and doing it instead in a software application running inside a “virtual machine.” Virtual machines are software containers that themselves run inside commodity x86 based servers. They appear to be the actual hardware server to the applications running inside them, but they are in fact software containers, many of which can be running inside the same x86 server at the same time.

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Ask Away! Four FAQs on One Cloud, Any App, Any Device

Pat Gelsinger One Cloud Any App LaunchWith the launch of One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device in the beginning of February, VMware executives Pat Gelsinger, Raghu Raghuram, Bill Fathers and Ray O’Farrell met with members of the tech press for an open Q&A. Some of the topics covered include VMware Integrated OpenStack, Google Apps on vCloud Air and the future of the software-defined data center.

Check out some excerpts from the Q&A below:

Q: We heard about long-distance vMotion with the launch of VMware vSphere 6. Can you talk about the use cases you’re seeing for that technology?

A: [Raghuram:] “While talking with customers about this technology, they quickly saw new possibilities that they could not do before. For example, many customers struggled to do active-active data centers for traditional applications and with a technology like [vMotion], active-active data centers become possible. Follow-the-sun data center capability, where you’re moving your applications or desktops closer to where the users are — becomes possible. Disaster recovery planning, preempting DR scenarios — all of those kind of things that customers did not even think about seriously until now because the technology was not available.”

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The CSP Cloud of Tomorrow Has Arrived

Photo via @IntelSecurity

Photo via @IntelSecurity

Not since the first dot-com boom has the pace of data center innovation so rapidly transformed and disrupted old ways of doing business, engendering entirely new ways of consuming content, products and services. There are few mediums where this is more apparent than our mobile devices, but while the Googles and Amazons of the world reap the benefits of the transition toward cloud-based infrastructure, many communications service providers (CSPs) are struggling to keep up.

This is a challenge VMware is addressing today with the roll out of vCloud for NFV, a unified infrastructure platform that enables CSPs to leverage the benefits of a carrier-grade cloud platform in their core network infrastructure.

On the enterprise side, many data centers are already enjoying the benefits of the cloud transformation. These include innovations like resource virtualization and pooling, distributed storage, the ability to instantly create and tear down network topologies, as well as zero-trust security achieved through microsegmentation. Increasingly, CSPs are hoping to inject this same “cloud DNA” into their core network architectures, platforms and service models.

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Celebrating Engineers Week 2015 | #eweek2015

Happy Engineers Week! Here at Tribal Knowledge we believe that Engineers Week is more than a single event. It’s a year-round commitment to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. In partnership with the VMware Careers Blog, Tribal Knowledge is using this special week to kick off the VMware Innovation Series. Each month we’ll be connecting with members of the VMware R&D Organization to get a behind-the-scenes look at VMware’s innovations programs and the people and teams behind them.

We sat down with Senior Staff Engineer, Marcos Aguilera, for our first Innovation Series people spotlight. Hear what Marcos had to share about his passion for innovation in the video below.

Inspired by Marcos’ story? Visit the VMware Careers YouTube channel to hear from other VMware people about their journey toward what’s next. And be sure to check back on Tribal Knowledge for more updates in the VMware Innovation Series.

VMware Heads to Mobile World Congress

#MWC15If you happen to find yourself in Barcelona next week, the lineup for Mobile World Congress this year includes Mark Zuckerberg and Tom Wheeler, as well as industry leaders like Samsung and Nokia. In addition to stalwarts of the mobile world, VMware will again be participating in 2015, with a number of exciting announcements.

Last year at Mobile World Congress 2014, VMware officially announced the acquisition of AirWatch, the leader in enterprise mobile management. The AirWatch team will return this year to host a variety of technical, as well as higher-level sessions. With one of the largest booths at Mobile World Congress, there’s not doubt that AirWatch will again make a big splash, but it’s not the sole offering we’re eager to highlight at this year’s show.

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