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Force or schedule AppSync on a package

This method could be used to AppSync packages that are being streamed
(accessed from a network share). Schedule the AppSync.exe on the
fileserver and the fileserver is updating the packages automatically.
Since we are using AppSync it is only the differences that are being
downloaded and therefore you will have limited payload on the WAN/LAN.

In the Setup Capture folder you will find AppSync.exe. With AppSync.exe
could you force a AppSync to take place for a curtain ThinApped

appsync <URL to updated package> package.exe

appsync "file:///c:/updates/Mozilla Firefox.exe" "Mozilla Firefox.exe"

For AppSync.exe to work you need to activate AppSync in package.ini for
the package but it doesn’t need to be a valid URL. A working
package.ini could look like this:
;——– AppSync Parameters ———-



It is very important that you specify AppSyncExpirePeriod=never if it is not a valid URL you are using.

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