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Providing Horizon Workspace users access to Citrix published applications

Senior MTS Neena Razden demonstrated how you can configure Horizon Workspace to provide users access to Citrix-based applications.

Using VLANs to Isolate Traffic

Using VLANs in vSphere helps you adapt the environment to network changes. VLAN modes overcome the limitations of the networking equipment and of host physical connectivity.

Upgrading to vSphere 5.5

This video explains how to upgrade a 5.1 Simple Install environment, a vSphere 5.1
High Availability Mode environment, and a vSphere 5.1 Multisite Mode environment to vSphere 5.5. You also learn about changes after the upgrade, and
recommendations for large installations.

vCenter with Single Sign-On: Installation to Login

This video gives an overview of Simple Install, adding vCenter Single Sign-On identity sources, and setting the default identity source – everything you need to get your first vSphere 5.5 environment up and running.

Intro to PowerCLI

Senior Product Manager Alan Renouf discusses vSphere PowerCLI, a free product the contains over 400 cmdlets based on Microsoft PowerShell for automating your VMware environment.

Using Webcams and Microphones with Horizon View client with Mac OS X and Linux

Senior R&D Manager Peter Brown discusses the real-time audio-video features available to Mac OS X and Linux users in Horizon View.

Configuring vSphere Flash Read Cache

Senior Software Engineer Peter Shepherd shows you how Flash Read Cacheā„¢ lets you accelerate virtual machine performance through the use of host resident flash devices as a cache.

Configuring Virtual Flash Resource

Senior Software Engineer Peter Peter Shepherd shows you how to virtualize flash devices on a host to use as a virtual flash resource.

Increasing the security of vMotion data traffic

vMotion traffic is not encrypted by default. Depending on the needs of your environment, you can take one or several steps to increase the security of vMotion data traffic.

Virtual SAN

Senior staff engineer Melina McLarty discusses Virtual SAN functionality which virtualizes local physical storage resources of ESXi hosts and turns them into storage pools that can be carved up and assigned to virtual machines and applications according to their quality of service requirements.