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Fusion Geek Speak: Cooking up a Poor Man's RAID-Z with ZFS, USB Memory Sticks, Solaris, and VMware Fusion

OK, this post may not be for the faint of heart...put on your propeller beanies, because here we go.

Jim Laurent over at Sun has a really cool post over on his blog about using a VMware Fusion hosted Solaris 10 virtual machine to play around with the open source ZFS file system and  a trio of USB sticks to make a poor-man's Raid-Z array using USB sticks instead of actual hard drives.

So if you ever had a dream of using your Mac to make yourself a redundant array of inexpensive disks using USB sticks, but without having to deal with RAID-5's write hole (ed note: what a great name), well, now you know what you're doing this weekend.

You can see a more advanced version of what Jim did with his VMware Fusion Solaris VM and three USB sticks demo'd by some german colleagues of his in this video, where they use three separate USB hubs, each with four USB sticks in it, to demonstrate  the redundancy of zPools and ZFS in a RAID-Z configuration.

Are your propeller's spinning yet?

Fusion Geek Speak: Shawn Morel Talks About Virtualization at C4 Mac Dev Conference

Team Fusion member Shawn Morel gave a killer talk at Wolf Rentzsch's C4 indie Mac developer conference last year.

The talk was excitingly named "Virtualization Vivisection" and gets into as much nitty gritty detail about x86 virtualization as you can probably get before you have to start paying tuition.

Some of the topics Shawn dives into (and some helpful links for you to follow as you go along with the talk)?

1. Virtualization history and basics going back to Popek and Goldberg and their seminal paper on virtualization.

2. Why the Intel architecture was such a challenge to virtualize.

3. How VMware did it back in 1998 (or, how the researchers who eventually founded VMware did it, and then how that became what VMware is today).

4. "Hijacking OS X" and other things that sound scary, but make VMware Fusion possible.

5. Intel's VT versus good old fashioned Binary Translation (BT)

6. Virtual devices (and why USB is a tough nut to crack).

7. PowerPC virtualization (and why it's probably not going to happen any time soon).

8. 3D Graphics in virtualization

9. Virtualized Mac OS X on Mac OS X (which is funny, because this talk was given months before the Fusion Team demo'd Mac OS X Leopard Server virtualized at Macworld)

And, of course, much, much more.  Thanks to Wolf and company for getting these talks up on Viddler:

Some other great talks at the event:


VMware Fusion at Macworld Roundup

Recently Macworld posted up a bunch of the sessions from the annual conference for viewing online.  So we thought we'd join in on the fun too.

This may come under the heading of "You're only getting to this now?" but now that we're somewhat unburied from Macworld, we've pulled together some of our own experiences--pictures, customer quotes, and video--from the annual Mac pilgrimage to share back with the larger community.  Our Macworld landing page has been updated with those items, here.

We even created a video compilation of great moments from throughout the show, from when Sinbad showed up to rave about VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac, to when a user brought by cookies and a thank you note to let us know how much he likes the software.  Enjoy!

Monday Morning Fun: Sinbad Loves Fusion

Update: Welcome Gizmodo readers!  If you have an Intel Mac, and want to take VMware Fusion for a spin, feel free to download a 30-day fully-featured trial here.

And if you're already running Windows on your Mac with other solutions, we encourage you to still give us a try.  We're running a $30 competitive upgrade rebate for Parallels and Virtual PC users.


In an attempt to chase away the Monday morning blahs, we thought we'd share a favorite moment of ours from our time at Macworld. 

The comedian Sinbad stopped by our booth, and when I struck up a conversation with him, I was surprised to find out that not only is he a total Mac-nut, he's also a VMware Fusion user.

He started with Boot Camp, moved on to Parallels, and then switched to Fusion to help him run Windows on Mac.

Thank goodness I had my digital camera on my hip the whole week, because we got this great interview.  Enjoy!