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Upgrade to VMware Fusion 6 and Save

Like Fusion 4 or 5? You’ll love Fusion 6!

If you are using Fusion 4 or 5, you’re missing out on feature improvements delivered in VMware Fusion 6, including:

  • Up to 2x faster performance: run Windows applications side-by-side faster with Fusion 6. Rebooting Windows 7 or Windows 8 with Fusion 6 is up to 2x faster than with Fusion 4. Fusion 5 users will see improvements of up to 25% when rebooting Windows.
  • Get the most out of OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1: get a more Mac-like experience when running Windows applications on a Mac. With Fusion 6, extend Mavericks’ unique capabilities to your Windows environment and get the most out of Windows 8.1 directly on your Mac.
  • Create the most powerful virtual machines: create virtual machines with up to 16vCPUs, 8TB disks, and up to 64GB of memory to run the most demanding applications.
  • Get advanced features when upgrading to Fusion 6 Professional: easily create full and linked clones to streamline development and testing, and use the virtual machine editor to quickly build custom virtual networking configurations.

To get these and more great new features, upgrade today to Fusion 6 or Fusion 6 Professional for 30% off the regular upgrade price.

This offer begins on June 1, 2014 at 8 pm Pacific Time and ends on July 25, 2014 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.


VMware Fusion Technology Preview May 2014

Today the VMware Fusion team is providing public access to the VMware Fusion Technology Preview. We would like to get feedback from individuals using a wide range of hardware and software configurations.

The VMware Fusion Technology Preview includes:

  • VMware Hardware Version 11, including improved CPU support and upgraded USB 3.0 controller
  • New icons in the library show state of VMs
  • Ability to configure per-VM hotkeys
  • Support for configuring the amount of graphics memory for each VM
  • Updated support for multi-monitor setups where one monitor is a Retina-class display

Additional details, including a list of what’s new, and the VMware Fusion Technology Preview May 2014 download are available HERE from the VMware Fusion Community.

Please post all of your feedback in the VMware Fusion Preview 2014 Community forum.  Our Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Support Teams, Technical Writers, Product Marketing Managers, and Product Managers will be monitoring the forum to ensure that we collect your suggestions and comments.

Many thanks for helping us to improve VMware Fusion.

The VMware Fusion Team

Still Here…for Now

Microsoft Windows XP end of support (AKA the XPocalypse) has come and gone, and we are all still here.

However, a recent Microsoft security alert should give Windows XP users cause for concern as it potentially exposes them to serious security risks. Luckily, Microsoft issued a patch on May 1st – including Windows XP.

The issue is that XP users can’t expect Microsoft to continue to provide security updates for their operating system as support officially ended on April 8th.

If you must continue using XP for a while longer, you can run your critical Windows XP applications in a VMware Fusion virtual environment and get the following benefits:

  • Forward compatibility—virtualization lets you run 12-year-old XP on today’s hardware.
  • Reduced vulnerability—putting XP into a virtual machine isolates it, enabling you to turn off features that make it vulnerable.
  • Safe state rollback—Fusion allows you to take periodic snapshots of a virtual machine that serves as a backup should your XP virtual machine become corrupted.

Click here to learn more about virtualizing Windows XP–and stay tuned for an upcoming blog with tips for what VMware Fusion users can do to protect XP running in Fusion from further security exploits.

Celebrate Earth Day and save on VMware Fusion

Go green—consolidate all your PCs into one with Fusion

Virtualization is a green choice because the technology allows you to run multiple virtual machines on one physical computer. When using Fusion 6 to run Windows on your Mac, you eliminate the need to have two computers, saving on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

And, since Fusion 6 is optimized to give you fast performance while efficiently utilizing your Mac’s battery power, you save even more.

Make a green choice and save up to 20% on Fusion:

This offer begins on April 21, 2014, at 8:00 pm Pacific Time and expires on April 24, 2014, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.


VMware Black Friday Sale – Our Biggest Sale of the Year

Celebrate Black Friday with the best savings of the year on VMware Fusion 6 and VMware Fusion 6 Professional.


VMware Fusion 6 won PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and has received positive reviews from a variety of publications. Here’s a sample:

“VMware Fusion (6) is the smoothest-running and least obtrusive app on the market for running Windows or Linux apps under OS X.”

- Edward Mendelson, PC Magazine (PC Magazine Editor’s Choice)

“If you’re looking for solid launch-day support for Windows 8.1, Mavericks, or Linux in a VM, VMware Fusion 6 is highly recommended.”

- Dave Girard, arstechnica

“VMware Fusion 6 Professional is the most enterprise-capable version of VMware Fusion to date.  It also has a great user experience, making it an ideal choice for enterprises that don’t have much experience with virtualization or Macs.”

- Will Kelly, TechRepublic

Buy or upgrade now and save 35% through December 1, 2013:

  • Buy VMware Fusion 6
  • Upgrade from VMware Fusion 4 or 5
  • Buy VMware Fusion 6 Professional
  • Upgrade from VMware Fusion 5 Professional

Have a PC and a Mac?

Get 40% off when you buy VMware Fusion 6 Professional and VMware Workstation 10.

  • Buy VMware Fusion 6 Professional and VMware Workstation 10


Sale extended to Wednesday, December 4th, at midnight PST



-The VMware Fusion Team

WOW! We’re all digital.

When we first released VMware Fusion in 2007, we were really excited to design a physical box that would make it to retail shelves and on customer bookshelves around the world.

Since then, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the software industry:

The decline of Macs with optical drives. Most Macs don’t ship with an optical drive anymore. It started with the Macbook Air and we were one of the only software makers to include our software on a USB key and a DVD in every box of Fusion 4. We continued this with Fusion 5 but optical drives in Macs have become even more scarce.

The growth of Internet users and broadband access. Internet access and bandwidth has become ubiquitous. Downloading 500MB software ceased to be an ordeal and actually became convenient and that alone has helped the proliferation of software distribution online tremendously.

The VMware online store. In August, we introduced a major redesign and upgrade to our VMware online store, providing customers an improved navigation and simplified checkout to make buying VMware Fusion easier than before.

You. More importantly, over 75% of our customers were buying Fusion boxes in 2008. While our sales and our user-base continued to grow strongly over the years, the demand for boxes decreased with each new release of VMware Fusion. This year, more than 94% of our customers bought VMware Fusion 5 in electronic format.

We get it. Buying software as a download is a lot easier, uses fewer resources, and eliminates a trip to the store. We like the download-only model for the same reasons you do. We also like it because you can start using – and loving – Fusion a lot faster and you’re guaranteed to get the latest version when you buy it as a download.

So, following our customers’ lead, we’ve decided to stop making Fusion 5 boxes and sell future versions of Fusion only as an electronic download. This change is coming very soon, along with other exciting news, stay tuned!

The VMware Fusion team.



Holy Cute Overload: Switch from Boot Camp to Fusion And You’ll Be This Cute

I think the VMware Fusion team has found an aspiring intern.

Todd Wheeler asked very, very nicely, and got his son Myles to be the family spokesperson about switching from Boot Camp to VMware Fusion.

Why does Myles think that VMware Fusion is a better way to run Windows than Boot Camp alone?  Because you don’t have to reboot and because you can share clipboards between the Mac and the Windows environment.

What Myles didn’t mention is that you can run VMware Fusion right on top of your Boot Camp partition, and then reboot into it if you want to do something like high end 3D gaming, or have Windows access an external Firewire device.

And Myles also didn’t get into the benefits of running a “pure” virtual machine, rather than on top of Boot Camp, like being able to instantly suspend and resume your VM, and snapshot and rollback changes if something breaks.

Regardless, he’s got an open offer if the VMware Fusion team ever needs a mascot. Myles, you rock.

VMware Fusion or Parallels: What do the users have to say?

With more and more people switching to the Mac, people are going to wonder what the best way is for them to bring their favorite Windows apps, peripherals, and more along with them as they switch.

The Mac publications and pundits have given there take on which is superior.

And of course we have a strong opinion about the best way to run Windows on Mac, of course, but then again, of course we’d say that, right?

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

But that’s why we sponsored the “My Switch to VMware Fusion” video contest, to let our every day users share their take on why they switched to VMware Fusion.

In this case, these are the six or so best videos out of the 50+ submissions we received talking about switching from Parallels Desktop for Mac to VMware Fusion.

I think it’s instructive to see what our users decide to talk about in their minute-long clips.

Most ended up focusing on the ease of use, the stability, and the power of VMware Fusion—this is what 10+ years of leading virtualization technology combined with an obsessive Mac fanatical development team gets you.

We’ll be posting more up in the future, but I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by how articulate (and funny!) our users are! 

These users make the case for switching from Parallels to VMware Fusion better than we ever could.

“My Switch to VMware Fusion” Video Contest: The Results Are Out!

A couple months ago we challenged Fusion Fans to flex their creativity by making a video telling their story of switching to VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac – whether from Boot Camp or from other competing products in the market.

Since then we’ve received no fewer than 50 entries from our awesome users – users who told the tale how switching to VMware Fusion had improved their Mac experiences by making Windows on the Mac finally “just work.”

First off, we want to thank all of you who submitted to the contest. Not only were the videos fun to watch, but they also made us feel proud to be a part of the VMware Fusion team.

A Winner Has Emerged: Cara Jean Means, the Super-Mom

Our internal judging panel has decided on a winner! Congratulations to Cara Jean Means, full-time mother and part-time student from Utah, on winning our grand prize – a new MacBook Air! (Not too shabby, eh?)

Cara loves to use the slick media applications on her Mac to organize family photos, but she also needs to run Internet Explorer to access her school’s web apps, along with other Windows-only apps.

Instead of using Boot Camp to switch between her Mac and Windows OS, Cara uses VMware Fusion for a seamless user experience.

Wait! There’s More.

We’re not done giving away prizes yet. There were so many great videos that we decided to give away two runner-up prizes.

Congratulations to Griffin Hammond and Joshua Lindsey, our first and second runner-ups! Each of them will be receiving a new iPod Touch.

A while ago, we’ve blogged about Griffin Hammond’s switch to VMware Fusion to run Adobe Audition on his Mac.


Joshua Lindsey from Kentucky uses VMware Fusion for work at school and play at home. (Microsoft Works and Doom on the Mac, anyone?)

Watch All the Videos: Why Everyone’s Switching to Fusion

There are many other great videos showing the why other Mac users have switched to VMware Fusion. Watch them here.

By the way, every contestant will be getting an awesome VMware Fusion t-shirt, a “My MAC <3 VMware” bumper sticker, and, as a bonus, an iPod speaker docking station.

Thanks for all your support!

Mark Madsen Switched from Parallels to VMware Fusion for OS Options


Pete_s VMware Dell-2Mark Madsen is an agile software consultant–he shows software developers how to get things done faster and better, always with an eye on improvement.

Mark had previously been using Parallels to run Windows on his Mac, but he wasn’t happy with how long operating system installations took.  He wants to run Windows on his Mac to get things done; not to babysit Windows.

And because Mark has to use lots of different types of operating systems in his work, it’s even better if he can get a pre-made virtual machine–a “virtual appliance“–with the application and OS already built it, rather than having to spend time to build a new virtual machine, and install the operating system and applications from scratch.  Again, he really couldn’t get this with Parallels.

Pete_s VMware Dell-3So Mark’s switched to VMware Fusion, and is loving VMware Fusion’s “Easy Install”  feature that performs an unattended install of Windows–no babysitting required.

And Mark’s a big fan of VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace, where he can go and download a pre-built virtual machine of whatever operating system he wants, with applications already installed.

Check out his video above, and his blog post on his switch.