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Ensuring Success with VMware NSX TAM Services

Curtis-Badge-PhotoBy Curtis Miller

For networking, VMware NSX is a game-changer in the same way VMware vSphere was for data center servers. NSX virtualizes and consolidates legacy networking functionality back into a hypervisor. As a result, adding or changing network capabilities no longer requires the costly replacement of networking gear. It’s all software based—so upgrades are now just a right-click away.

The resulting cost savings are dramatic because network hardware is replaced far less often and used more efficiently. Deployment times and scalability improve substantially because networks can be created in minutes instead of weeks; and if demand falls, those resources can just as easily be reclaimed. Enhanced security via NSX’s micro-segmentation capabilities is another important benefit as well.

Risk Reduction Experts

Because NSX is a new and powerful technology, your networking team may not yet have the expertise it needs. NSX TAMs make your deployment more successful by providing on-site, ongoing help in configuring, operating, managing and troubleshooting your NSX environment. They use proven best practices and a deep understanding of both your business and IT environment to reduce risks, incorporate valuable new feature sets, and make sure you get the most out of your NSX investment.

An NSX TAM can mean the difference between an implementation that just works and one that is truly successful. With the right help, NSX will make significant contributions toward the achievement of your business objectives, such as greater market responsiveness, global expansion, improvement of your disaster recovery capabilities, and better environment security.

Learn more about NSX TAM services by Curtis Miller.

Curtis Miller is a Technical Account Manager for VMware

Documenting Your IT Security Posture

Jason GaudreauBy Jason Gaudreau

The VMware Security Hardening Guides contain recommended processes for deploying and operating VMware products in a secure manner given a specified risk profile. You may not need, or may not be able, to follow each step in the security Hardening Guides because of the balance of operational efficiency, cost, risk tolerance and security requirements. The security hardening practices are recommended by VMware, but equally important is having a security controls document that incorporates VMware best practice recommendations combined with your specific security policies. It can be an invaluable tool during an audit.

Security has a wide scope that touches every aspect of the datacenter; an important part of security is recognizing the tolerance of risk. To do that, you need to understand the value of the assets you are trying to protect and the cost of protecting that asset. What is the likelihood of the asset being damaged or compromised? And what does it cost the company if that asset is compromised? A risk analysis provides a cost/benefit understanding of the cost to safeguard an item compared with the expected cost of loss. The security policy should be proportionate to the value of the asset, which may range from innocuous data processing up through mission-critical business process dealing with highly sensitive information. Each of these examples represents a different risk profile, which translates to different security requirements and thus different recommendations in the Hardening Guides.

Security Controls Image

Securing systems are not a low-cost endeavor. Even in terms of operations expenses, locking down systems can make internal operations teams less efficient when updating systems because of strict security controls. In many cases, a security policy will not be implemented unless the cost of the loss exceeds the security policy itself. In the end, you are the one who is best suited to make the decisions on the security posture of your IT assets.

You can learn all the details and begin planning your security controls document by reading the Security Controls Guide



Jason Gaudreau is a Senior Technical Account Manager, VMware Professional Services. To read more from Jason, be sure to visit his blog here.

Capacity Management Using vRealize Operations

Jason GaudreauBy Jason Gaudreau

In the physical world, we tend to overprovision because experience tells us when you have enough resources, there shouldn’t be problems. If you apply this mindset to a virtualized environment, you’ll negate the benefits of server consolidation.

What are some of the key goals of operations management?

  • Delivering high-quality infrastructure, services and applications
  • Operate IT assets as efficiently and cost-effective as possibly
  • Implement and adhere to IT policies, standards and regulatory requirements

Using a tool like vRealize Operations can assure that you are getting the most out of your technology investments by providing proactive insight into the operations of your data center. It provides greater visibility into your virtual infrastructure fabric, which decreases the amount of downtime for your business-critical applications.

Moreover, an important part of operations capacity management is helping IT leadership understand the trade-off between business demand and cost. For instance, being able to predict the impact of adding 10 more virtual machines into our Gold Cluster may result in having to purchase additional server resources or a server host. Coupled with a charge-back model and support service-level agreements (SLAs), business leaders can then decide if the new application or project should go into the Gold Cluster or a lower tier. In fact, with this kind of insight, they may decide the project should be on hold until the next budget cycle to avoid problems.

vRealize Operations can provide valuable insight into capacity planning and trending into your data center environment, and help ensure you have the required resources to meet business demand. You can learn all the details by reading the vRealize Operations 5.8 Guide.


Jason Gaudreau is a Senior Technical Account Manager, VMware Professional Services. To read more from Jason, be sure to visit his blog here.

Optimize Resources by Right-Sizing Your Virtual Machines

Jason GaudreauBy Jason Gaudreau

Virtualizing helps data centers provide rapid deployment and increased business continuity, and provides a tremendous amount of capital savings with the reduction of hardware. However, with the substantial benefits and ease of deployment comes virtualization sprawl and resource proliferation. “Right-sizing” is the process of reclaiming underutilized resource components, such as compute and memory resources. In conjunction, there should be a process in place to validate that a guest virtual machine is still required by the business—this is typically considered a re-certification.

Virtual machine right-sizing helps you gain the most out of your technology investment in VMware vSphere, so it’s important to learn the fundamentals of optimizing infrastructure resources being utilized by guest virtual machines. Right-sizingVM Right-Sizing Best Practice Guide can increase or decrease guest resources to either increase performance of applications that are starving for memory and/or vCPU, or decreasing wasted resource capacity to increase host efficiency and density.

A regular right-sizing lifecycle on a quarterly or semi-annual basis can ensure maximum performance of your workloads and the efficient use of your underlying hardware. But, in order to make certain you don’t impact the business, you are going to want a structured process to understand the application workload. You can learn all the details and begin planning your right-sizing project by reading the VM Right-Sizing Best Practice Guide.








Jason Gaudreau is a Senior Technical Account Manager, VMware Professional Services. To read more from Jason, be sure to visit his blog here.

Welcome to TAM Day at VMworld 2014 US


Welcome to San Francisco and TAM Day at VMworld 2014!

Today, marks the 10th year of this invitation-only event. It will provide you exclusive access to VMware experts who will discuss the best practices, innovative technologies and strategies that will accelerate your IT transformation.

We are providing a variety of content-rich sessions below that are designed to address challenges your IT organization is facing today.

Opening Keynote
Carl Eschenbach, President & COO

NSX: The Network and Security Virtualization Platform
with Bruce Davie, Principal Engineer

End-User Computing for the Mobile-Cloud Era: Seamless, Secure and Social
with Kit Colbert, Chief Technology Offices, End User Computing

Ask the Experts Lunch
Meet the Product Manager & Product Engineers

VMware Virtual SAN Deep Dive
with Rawlinson Rivera, Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VCDX

The VMware Advantage with OpenStack
with John Gilmartin, Vice President, Software-Defined Data Center
and Dan Wendlandt, Director of Product Management

How Does VMware Do It?
with Tony Scott, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
and Jobe Simon, Vice President, IT Architecture and Strategy

Five Reasons to Do Your Next IT Project on the Public Cloud That Works with What You Already Have
with Mathew Lodge, Vice President, Cloud Services Product Management
and David Hill, Senior Technical Marketing Architect

Closing Executive Keynote
Ben Fathi, Chief Technology Officer

Everything you need for today’s TAM Day is found in the VMworld 2014 US TAM Program Guide.

Head over to Moscone West this morning for registration at 9:00 a.m PT.

The doors to the General Session room open 9:40 a.m PT and the day’s events kick off at 10:00 a.m PT.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact directly with peers and industry leaders while gaining new perspectives to apply within your organization.


As part of VMware’s ongoing commitment to enhance your entire VMworld experience we are pleased to provide the third annual VMworld 2014 TAM Customer Central during the entire conference.

This is an exclusive area designed to ensure that TAM Customers have the best possible experience from Monday – Thursday during the conference. You will have exclusive access to VMware product managers and experts, in-depth technical deep dives and discussions, product road maps, technical previews, demos and more.

Review the agenda for VMworld 2014 US TAM Customer Central for the full schedule and join us for these exclusive opportunities.

Follow @VMwareTAM on Twitter and we’ll keep you up to date on the event.


Both the VMworld 2014 and VMware TAM Services social media activity streams will be very active during the conference and the our exclusive TAM Services events.

Whether you are a VMware TAM Services attending the events live or following from a distance, be sure to tune in and experience this dynamic event with the resources provided below.

Remember to grab your mobile device and bring it along to the conference to make this your best and most valuable conference social media experience ever!

Follow @VMwareTAM on Twitter and we’ll keep you up to date on all of the week’s activities.

- The VMworld 2014 (US) TAM Day Team


VMworld 2014 & TAM Services – Your Customized Experience

VMworld 2014 is just a couple days away and it’s going to be epic. Get ready for the next step in the VMworld journey: cutting-edge hands-on labs, high-impact breakout sessions, opportunities to network with the people shaping the future of IT and, of course, exclusive events for our TAM Services customers.

As we approach this year’s conference we want to reminder you about the exciting events designed exclusively for our TAM Services customers as well as provide you some tips during your time here in San Francisco.

And of course, follow @VMwareTAM on Twitter for updates and read our blog for daily recaps.


Where your VMworld experience begins!

In its 10th year this exclusive, invitation-only event provides our TAM Services customers access to VMware experts who will discuss the best practices, innovative technologies and strategies that will accelerate your IT transformation.

Moscone Center
Moscone West 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California USA

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doors Open at 9:00 a.m  PT
Keynote at 10:00 a.m. PT

Review the Full Event Agenda

Convention Center Parking Guide and Map 

Follow @VMwareTAM on Twitter for updates on each day’s events and updates.

VMworld 2014 TAM Day will provide a variety of content-rich sessions and roundtable engagements designed to address challenges your IT organization is facing today. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to interact directly with peers and industry leaders and gain new perspectives and IT strategies to apply within your organization.

TAM Day kicks off at 10:00 a.m. on the Sunday, August 24th!

TAM Customer Central

Be Part of the Hub – Engage, Listen & Learn

As a part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your VMworld 2014 experience we are pleased to announce that VMworld 2014 TAM Customer Central is back for a 3rd year. This exclusive resource is available to only VMware TAM Services customers and is designed to ensure that you have the best possible experience during the entirety of the conference.

You will have exclusive access to VMware product managers and experts, in-depth technical deep dives and discussions, product road maps, technical previews, demos and more.

San Francisco Marriott Marquis
780 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Headquarters: Foothill G1 & G2
Deep Dives: Foothill E, F & H (Map)

Monday, August 25, 2014          –     11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, August 26, 2014          –     11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014    –      8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, August 28, 2014        –     10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Review the Full Agenda

Before You Go

You will be empowered to take advantage of the best educational opportunity to expand your knowledge, maximize your investments, and gain a greater competitive edge with cloud and virtualization solutions all while having some fun in the process.

Solution Exchange

The Solutions Exchange is undoubtedly the most action-packed part of VMworld.

The industry’s most forward-thinking IT solution providers convene in the expo space every year to showcase their innovative products and meet their customers and partners. Be sure to schedule your time and visit these sponsors. This is an amazing opportunity to explore and learn about new cloud-era innovations. Don’t just get your badge scanned – get a live demo, ask the difficult questions and get a datasheet or card so you can follow-up after the conference.

Booths range from the small pods to entire palazzos on the show floor. This year, over 300 exhibitors will be there for you to visit. The VMware booth will include technology demos, and expert bar, and theater presentations.

    Don’t forget to bring business cards or contact apps, as well as your backpack or swag bag to collect materials and goodies.

Hands-On Labs

Each year the VMworld Hands-On Labs (HOLs) are a huge attraction at VMworld. This year will be no different as VMware continues to innovate and provide a user experience greater than any other in the industry. The HOLs are designed around typical customer use case and business scenarios. This allows conference attendees to have a hands-on experience exercising workflows that relate to real-world scenarios.

Take on the HOLs to get more in-depth knowledge of these innovative technologies that you want to learn more about.  If you need help with a lab, flag down a lab captain to speak with a product expert. We have over 225 Product Experts under one roof to answer your product questions.

Why attend Hands-on Labs during VMworld?

#1. Be the first to take the latest Hands-on Labs.  Our labs are released every year at VMworld US. The labs feature the latest products, features and solutions from VMware and partners.

#2. Interact with over 225 VMware product experts under one roof. Our experts are ready to provide guidance, share best practices when using our products.  This is probably the only place in the universe where you can get access to this many product experts under one roof.

#3. Interact with your peers, and colleagues. This year we are featuring “Focus Areas” where like-minded individuals can take the same lab and share their experiences in a very casual and interactive manner.

VMworld Hands-on Labs Cloud Credits.

Attendees taking Hands-on Labs during VMworld will get points for taking labs. This is a great way to gain an upper edge on your peers and have fun taking Hands-on Labs.

New Hands-on Lab Content for 2014

We are extremely proud of our new Hands-on Lab content for 2014. We have taken the best from last year and improved upon it based on your feedback and comments. This year we are showcasing labs like Airwatch that will have outbound access to your device. This means you will be able to get an up close and personal look at how to manage mobile devices using Airwatch Management platform.

NSX Partner Solutions – we are featuring labs show casing integration with leading partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Juniper and Symantec. The NSX was the number one lab around the world last year and destined to continue to be in the top ranking this year. Be the first to test out our new labs.

The world around storage – We have great new modules dedicated to storage and storage performance monitoring. This is a great opportunity to get ahead on Virtual SAN technology.

We have a great deal of new content so be sure to check out our Hands-on Labs catalog on theVMworld.com Site. Plus, check out this sneak peek of the what you will see at the Hands-On Lab room:

Partner Created Hands-on Labs

This year we are featuring some top solutions created by our Partners who we incorporated as part of our development teams. We are very product of our solutions and hope you have time to take our Partner Hands-on Labs.

Please take a look at our complete Hands-on Lab catalog for VMworld 2014.

Introducing The Expert Led Workshops

The Expert Led Workshops provide an intimate experience with you and our product experts. The workshops are small by design and geared for you to take a lab, learn best practices and tips from the product Experts. You will follow along the Hands-on Lab and more important hear from the Experts on the tips and tricks when using our products. The Expert Led Workshops are scheduled through the Schedule Builder – they have filled up fast.

Self Paced Hands-on Labs

The Hands-on Lab we have known over the years. We are offering Traditional seating with desktops sponsored by Dell. These include the Dell Z90 and D90 Thin Clients and the beautiful 24” Monitors. We are also offering the ability for you to bring your own laptop to take a lab. If you do decide to take the lab using your laptop you will need the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (10+) Please be sure to check the Lab hours – You do not need to register to take a Self Paced Hands-on Lab – just show up.

Product Focus Areas

As we mentioned above these areas are dedicated for you to come in with your like-minded individuals, take a lab and share experiences. We will have Product Experts in the area to help with any questions if they come up.

The Hot Spot is Back

We are planning on having 1 Hot Spot in Moscone West for users that would like to take a Lab in between sessions and breaks. We will have the area supported with product experts who can help you with product questions.

Breakout Sessions

Choose from more than 300 Breakout Sessions covering topics such as the hybrid cloud, enabling IT as a service and delivering end-user freedom while maintaining IT control.  Visit the VMworld 2014 Content Catalog today and explore the session topics, abstracts and presenters across a range of session tracks.

The Schedule Builder allows you to register for the sessions you want to attend.  In order to get into a session you must register.  You will not be able to book multiple sessions as the same time. Registering doesn’t mean that you must attend but keep in mind that if you register and don’t attend someone else is missing the session.

There will be many must see sessions. If you review the content catalog and look at the presenters you will notice that presenters are experts – engineers, solution and consulting architects as well as product managers. Many of the names may be familiar to you and the community. Be sure to sign up, as these will fill up very quickly.

The good news is, that if it is a popular session it may be repeated on another day/time. Popular sessions will repeat at least once during the conference. Remember to check the schedule daily – the VMworld event staff will put out daily updates that show any changes, additions, and deletions to the schedule.

Be careful about scheduling sessions back-to-back. Sessions are spread out across the VMworld Campus and there is a chance that the next breakout session is a not near the last. If you’re registered for a session you should have a seat available but if you are late you might not be able to get in.

Get Certified.

The VMware Certification Exam Center will be available this year. Sign up now and get 50% off certification exams, including advanced certifications, taken during the conference.

Space is limited: Reserve your seat today!


Use promotion code 2014VW50 to take these exams: Pre-register NOW!

  • VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) – VCP550 or VCP510
  • VMware Certified Professional – Cloud (VCP-Cloud) - VCPC550 or VCPC510
  • VMware Certified Professional – Desktop (VCP-DT) - VCPD510
  • VMware Infrastructure as a Service exam - VCPVCD510
  • VMware View exam - VCP510-DT

Use promotion code 2014VWADV50 to take these exams: Pre-register NOW!

  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD)- VDCD550 or VDCD510
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Adminitration (VCAP-DCA)- VDCA550 or VDCA510
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Design (VCAP-CID) – VCID510
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration (VCAP-CIA) – VCIA510
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Design (VCAP-DTD)- VDTD510
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Administration (VCAP-DTA)- VDTA510

*Please note: you must have authorization from VMware before you can register for these exams.

This is a great opportunity to validate your skills – at a significant discount.


VMworld 2014 is a powerful networking opportunity. Who you know has a huge influence on your success. Don’t miss out on this chance to build a professional network.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with VMware engineers, architects, consultants and product managers, industry-leading analysts, bloggers, authors, peers and technology partners. Connect individually or in groups throughout the conference in Breakout Sessions, Hands-on Labs, Discussion Groups, the Hang Space, VMworld Party, Social Media.

It might be hard to read name tags so watch for the color scheme on the badge or lanyard. Each attendee will have a distinct color code that will identify their role. Pins are often used on the lanyards to identify special groups such as VMUG Leaders, vExperts and more. Lunch is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

Take advantage of every moment, from discussions with session & theater speakers — to demos with booth staff — to hallway conversations with other attendees. Don’t be afraid to tap the shoulder of that person standing or sitting next to you and introduce yourself.  Use VMword social media conversations to amplify your networking with the extended VMworld community.

And of course, follow @VMwareTAM on Twitter and read our blog for daily recaps.

NOTE: if you are attending and haven’t done so already, be sure to add your Twitter @name in the VMworld registration form. This is an opt-in option for printing this on your badge.

Hang Space

The Hang Space, a huge open-space  room next to the General Session theater, will be a destination for many attendees who share a passion for social media.  Plan to spend time at the Hang Space to network with bloggers, subject experts, executives and VMworld Attendees.  It’s the perfect place to meet-up, get organized, catch up on news & email, blog, charge devices, or just relax with lounge seating, interactive games and beverages.

  • LIVE streamed Community Tech Talks (stage and seating)
  • VMware Communities Info Desk (meet VMware Community Mgrs)
  • CloudCred Pod (prizes based on Hands-on Lab tasks)
  • Blogger Tables (powerstrips and high speed wired internet)
  • Social Media Command Center (monitoring & publishing for VMworld social media)
  • Jumbo Screens for social media, General Session video broadcast & show highlights

Other Lounges

Explore the various Lounges around the VMworld venue — from the Partner Lounge — to Advocacy Lounge — to Certification Lounge — to Alumni Lounge.  Each of these lounges offers a unique networking experience based on different audiences. Check the Conference maps for exact location of each.

Social Media Offerings and Opportunities

For a summary of all offerings, visit our VMworld Social Media & Community page or download the Social Media Guide . Please share this with your peers.

VMworld Mobile App

We highly recommend all attendees download and use the Mobile App this year. It has been refreshed for 2014 and integrated with social media, session and schedule info (with hashtags to tweet about specific sessions), daily agenda highlights and even a mobile game for attendees with leaderboard. The mobile app will be available for download for both iOS and Android devices from Mobile App Stores. (mid-Aug for U.S. and Oct for Europe).

VMworld Hashtags

The official VMworld conference hashtag is #vmworld.

We are also encouraging fun hashtags such as

  • #vmworld3word
    (your best 3-word tweet) and
  • #vmworldselfie
    (for selfies and group pics). Hashtags are also available for every Session & Lab by making a hashtag out of any SessionID or LabID (remove all dashes).

For more details on hashtags and to view realtime VMworld Twitter streams, visit VMworld Twitter Hashtags.

VMworld Discussions

Post VMworld discussions, reply to threads, share Q&A or upload documents for the community at our VMworld Discussion Forum.

This is a great place to connect with other attendees, browse topics or reach out to the Event staff. If you prefer Twitter, use the VMworld hashtags listed above to view conversations, network and post your tweets.

VMworld Bloggers

Blogger tables will be setup in the Hang Space and at the front of the General Session theater for use by VMworld bloggers. Blogger buttons will be available at the Hang Space tables and an unofficial Blogger list is available online along with a rollup of blog posts from contributing bloggers. View and signup at VMworld Bloggers.

VMworld Videos

At the Hang Space, there will be a Community Tech Talks stage with LIVE streaming video for sessions throughout the week. In the lobby of Moscone South, theCUBE, hosted by SiliconAngle and Wikibon, will be LIVE streaming interviews with executives, tech influencers and analysts. And roaming the conference hallways will be our own VMworld TV crew, providing conference highlights and interviews. Watch it all online and learn about schedules and signup at VMworld Videos.

VMworld Photo & Video Sharing

If you plan to take photos at VMworld, please tag them with #vmworld or #vmworldselfie and share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For any videos you create, please upload them to YouTube, Vimeo or try short video loops using Vine App and Instagram.

VMworld Gatherings

Plan time in your schedules for both official and unofficial conference events, community gatherings and sponsor parties — happening all week, night and day. We’ve put together aVMworld Gatherings list for you – and if you have an additional gathering you wish to add, please use the submission form on this page.

VMworld Channels / Social Networks

Here is a quick rundown on VMworld Social Media accounts to follow or subscribe to:

Pack Smart

Business casual attire is appropriate for attending all General Sessions, Breakout Sessions and Hand-On Labs while casual attire is appropriate for the VMworld 2014 Party.

Be sure to have some comfortable shoes – you will be doing a lot of walking. summer in San Francisco can be cool so bring a light jacket in case it gets chilly.

Oh yeah, you might also want to bring a small spare swag bag for all the stuff you take home.

Social Events

We know how to have fun….

Welcome Reception – Sunday, August 24 | 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Start your time at the conference with good food and good conversation. Catch up with colleagues, talk to technology partners, bump into Knowledge Experts and enjoy some down time with professionals in your field at the Solutions Exchange.

Hall Crawl – Tuesday, August 26 | 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Enjoy a refreshing beverage while you see the latest products and services from over 250 exhibitors at the Solutions Exchange.

VMworld 2014 Party – Wednesday, August 27 | 7:00pm – 10:00pm

This year’s VMworld party is the culmination of our 11th annual celebration! Join your VMworld community at Moscone Center and Yerba Buena Gardens for an evening of fun, feasting, and fantastic entertainment.

Casual attire; summer in San Francisco can be cool, a jacket is recommended.

Want More Fun? (Of course you do!)

If you are still looking for something to do outside of the official VMware parties, ask around and monitor the social media venues. There will be a host of unofficial parties nearly every day.

Check out the schedule of Gatherings, Tweetups, Parties and Activities are posted and being updated regularly up to VMworld.

Don’t Worry, It’s Recorded

The fact is that you can’t attend everything. So remember, the General Sessions and most Breakout Sessions are being recorded. The sessions and recordings will be posted and accessible to your account on www.vmworld.com in the coming weeks after VMworld 2014 US. Catch the sessions that you missed or repeat those ones you want to review again in the comfort of your own home or office.

The VMworld 2014 conference promises to be an amazing event and the VMware TAM Services social media activity streams will be very active during the conference and the our exclusive TAM Services events. Tune in to contribute and experience this dynamic event in a whole new way.

Follow us on Twitter and read our blog:    VMware TAM Program Blog      VMware TAM Program on Twitter - @VMwareTAM

See you at VMworld 2014 US!