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Protect Your Business by Upgrading to vSphere Enterprise Acceleration Kit Today

One of the top concerns that we consistently see plaguing SMB IT decision-makers centers on finding ways to better protect business processes and assets. According to Gartner, 40% of companies that suffer a business interruption fail within 5 years.

If you’re currently using VMware’s vSphere Essentials Plus Kit, one way to better protect your business is to upgrade to VMware’s vSphere Enterprise Acceleration Kit, which includes vCenter Server Standard and 6 CPUs of vSphere Enterprise. From now until June 15th, 2012, we’re running a promotion that takes 30% off the regular upgrade price, saving you more than $4,500. With vSphere Enterprise Acceleration Kit, you can ensure that your business production apps always get the computing power they need, even at the highest consolidation ratios (get more from your existing hardware using DRS!). VSphere Accelleration Kit

Protect your business with Enterprise Acceleration Kit, which keeps your business running through server failures with uninterrupted application availability (see our Fault Tolerance feature) and put an end to planned downtime for server or storage maintenance (read more on vMotion and Storage vMotion).

To upgrade today, click here.

Suggestions, questions, or more concerns that we can help out with?  Make sure to leave us a note. 

-Julia Lee, Product Marketing Manager, VMware