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From the Bloggers Bench: Improving Windows 2008/Windows 7 OS Mouse & Video Performance on ESXi

Running Windows 2008 and Windows 7 operating systems on ESXi is common in today’s
IT world.  Every customer I talk to is running one form of Microsoft operating system in their virtual environment.  While the operating system may work, this may pose challenges for you on the VMware console.  Possibly you have experienced a jumpy mouse pointer, lagging on its movement especially if you are accessing a server at another location with high latency.  This is a result of Windows using the “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter” as the default driver.

Improving Your User Experience

In this post I will walk you through the steps to improve your user experience through the console by changing the video driver to the preferred VMware SVGA 3D driver.

1.  Select Start, right mouse click on computer and select manage.

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