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Implementing Disaster Recovery Solutions: Navicure’s Case Story and Upcoming Webinar

Post by Brandon Sweeney, Vice President U.S. Mid-Market Businesses

As those in the health care field know, implementing a strong disaster recovery system is not only a business requirement for government compliance, it’s essential to ensure the health and safety of the end customer the business serves. I’d like to share the story of Navicure, a rapidly growing small company serving the health care industry, who turned to VMware to help meet the needs of their ever expanding business.

“Basically, our solutions enable our clients to speed their claims reimbursement from insurance companies, and make the entire process more productive for practice staff,” said Donald Wilkins, Director of IT at Navicure. “And as a web-based software as a service, virtually all that we do is real-time or near-time. In the event of a disaster, real-time transactions could mean lost business.”

Donald looked to VMware when he needed to grow his infrastructure, and implement a disaster recovery solution for planning and testing. Navicure deployed Site Recovery Manager as a beta tester, and the results were impressive. Ten virtual machines failed over within ten minutes—a process that previously would have taken close to two hours with manual processes.

“The test runs were totally nonintrusive and did not affect primary site virtual machines,” said Donald. “

What is the next step for Navicure’s cloud strategy? Donald believes it’s all based around building an elastic infrastructure to meet ever changing business needs.

“We’re looking at vCloud Suite to incorporate that next level of development. Our developers need to be able to spin up environments, and do it ad-hoc and tear down environments, and be able to it quickly without the roadblocks of IT being in the middle.”

Join me LIVE as I speak with Donald in an upcoming Webinar, `See how you can kick your IT infrastructure up a notch for less $$$, and make an impact’, November 13, 2013 at 8:30-9:30am PT.

Check out more information on Navicure’s IT journey in this case study or short video.

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