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Zero to Virtual Desktop in under 30 minutes with Horizon View and Nutanix

Post by Josue Fontanez, Sr. Marketing Manager, VMware

BYOD. It’s a term we hear often as many organizations are feeling increasing pressure to enable their end users to bring their own device. But it doesn’t end there. Those end users also need a way to access do real work from those devices. And that’s where IT comes in, sometimes begrudgingly, to enable access to corporate resources without sacrificing security and sacrificing a certain level of control. It’s with those needs in mind that according to Spiceworks, 60% of small and medium businesses are considering virtual desktops (VDI) as part of their BYOD strategy.

Yet with smaller IT staff, compared to their enterprise counterparts, small and medium businesses need solutions that they can get up and running quickly and are easy to use. That’s why here at VMware, we’ve invested in the Rapid Desktop program, where we’ve integrated technology from VMware and our partner ecosystem to make it easier to deploy VDI and scale as your needs grow.

One of our partners in the Rapid Desktop program, Nutanix, has released some amazing all-in-one appliances that have garnered great interest by customers looking at Horizon View. We’ve asked Anjan Srinivas, Sr. Director of Product Management, Nutanix, to come online with us and tell us a bit more about the Nutanix solution.

Q: We’re seeing quite a few vendors introduce integrated platforms for VDI. What is so different about the Nutanix approach?

A: Nutanix offers a high performance and cost effective solution for both persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops. By providing an amazing virtual desktop experience to users, we maximize end-user acceptance and deliver scalability so that IT administrators can implement Nutanix and then grow their cluster incrementally. We also offer best-in-class management and analytics that helps provision infrastructure, identify issues and troubleshoot that is unique in the industry. Specifically for VDI we even have an internal tool that deploys VMware Horizon View in under 30 minutes from start to finish. Finally, Nutanix is proven in hundreds of production Horizon View deployments all the way from a few hundred desktops to large deployments of over three to five thousand desktops.

Q: How does it work? What is the Nutanix secret sauce?

A: Nutanix provides integrated compute and storage with a highly distributed system software that provides high desktop and application performance even at scale. This means that customers can start small and pay as they grow. Nutanix uses server-side flash and HDD to provide a flexible storage tier that spans across hosts to provide a high performance and highly reliable compute and storage tier. The software intelligently places data closer to VM compute resources resulting in a greater user experience that is critical to a Horizon View environment.

Q: So for a customer who decides to move forward with Horizon View on a Nutanix appliance, what is the deployment experience like?

A: We can go from racking hardware to vSphere installation to VM creation in under 30 minutes. We offer IT the freedom to use non-persistent and persistent desktops and server virtualization infrastructure on the same platform without the need to manage multiple silos with infrastructure. This enables agile, fast desktops with an experience that is on par or better than physical desktops. We’ve recently introduced a smaller form factor appliance, the NX-1000 series, which is ideal for small deployments below 100 desktops and branch office deployments. This is a very effective option for those who want to start small. You can learn more about the product here.

Q: Can you tell me more about what you’re seeing in the marketplace?

A: We are seeing increasing demand for Horizon View. IT teams who were unable to justify the CAPEX costs are now able to purchase virtual desktops at the same price as physical machines. In addition, we are the only platform that can run the complete Horizon Suite (View and Workspace). A list of our case studies, from customers of all sizes and verticals, is available here.

Q: What’s the best way to learn more about Nutanix with Horizon View?

A: Reach out to our sales at sales@nutanix.com for a demo or visit www.nutanix.com.

To get started learning more about Horizon View and the Rapid Desktop program, check out the following links:


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