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VMworld Recap: Top 5 “Must-Knows” by VMware’s SE Team

By Charlie Nichol, Systems Engineering Manager – US Midmarket, VMware

If you couldn’t make it to VMworld 2013, I wanted to share some key highlights and technical “must-knows” that my team and I took away from the conference.   It was VMworld’s 10 year anniversary, and the conference didn’t disappoint.  The conference helps organizations’ journey to the cloud by further enabling and announcing solutions that help extend your virtualization, manage your IT infrastructure with simplicity and automation, and give you the foundation to build a forward-looking IT infrastructure.

The amount of education and information is extensive.   Based on the trends we’re seeing in Mid-Market and requests we receive, here are the top 5 takeaways and “must-knows” we wanted to distill for you to help you deliver IT as a service to your organization:

1)      VMware® vSphere®5.5.  In fact, 2X as many and 32X the data – supporting 62.9TB, and it now extends support for business-critical applications and new workloads, including big data extensions

  • Release of App High Availability (HA): vSphere 5.5 releases App HA, which supports availability for your off-the-shelf applications, such as SharePoint & SQL, without having to shut down a virtual machine completely and set up policy-based remediation.   VMware vSphere 5.5 introduces vSphere App HA to detect and recover from application or operating system failure. New VMware vSphere Flash Read CacheTM virtualizes server-side flash to lower application latency dramatically. To further improve the response time of latency-sensitive applications, VMware vSphere 5.5 introduces a low-latency sensitivity feature. VMware vSphere 5.5 enables configurations two times the previous physical CPU, memory and NUMA node limits.

2)      vCloud Suite 5.5.  This is a new release of the leading Cloud Infrastructure and Management Suite.  The VMware vCloud Suite will enable you to build and operate a vSphere-based private cloud using the software-defined data center architecture, providing virtualized infrastructure services with built-in intelligence to automate on-demand provisioning, placement, configuration and control of applications based on policies. The comprehensive, integrated private cloud infrastructure solution simplifies your IT operations while also delivering the best SLAs for all your applications.  Our Tech Marketing team has created a series of “click-thru” demos of these products as well.

3)      Virtual SAN™ (VSAN) public Beta. VMware Virtual SAN introduces a new approach to storage, delivering simple, self-tuning storage for virtual machines.  This is a breakthrough technology that extends VMware vSphere to pool compute and direct-attached storage. VMware Virtual SAN will deliver a virtual data plane that clusters server disks and flash to create high-performance, resilient shared storage designed for virtual machines. It will unlock a new tier of converged infrastructure that enables rapid and granular scaling of compute and storage resources for your business.

4)      VMware NSX.  VMware NSX™ does for networking what ESX did for servers. VMware NSX network virtualization platform delivers a new network operational model that improves agility and advances data center economics.  Like server virtualization, VMware’s approach to network virtualization enables data center operators to treat their physical network as a pool of transport capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on-demand. Virtual networks are programmatically created, provisioned and managed, utilizing the underlying physical network for simple IP connectivity. VMware NSX brings together the best of Nicira NVP™ and VMware vCloud Network and Security™ into one unified platform, delivering the entire networking and security model (Layer 2 – Layer 7) in software. In addition, the VMware NSX virtual networks support existing applications, unchanged, on any physical network infrastructure.

Learn more here.

5)      vCloud Hybrid Service – GA: Now available broadly across the US from multiple data center locations, ranging coast to coast from Las Vegas to Virginia

  • Management: According to IDC, VMware is #1 for cloud management market share. New versions of VMware vCloud® Suite and vSphere with Operations Management™ increase management and automation capabilities to strengthen foundation of a software-defined data center architecture

The goals for your business are clear as the industry adopts our innovations and upticks in this direction:

  • Virtualization extends to ALL of IT, small, medium and large
  • Management gives way to automation
  • Compatible hybrid cloud will be ubiquitous

Look for more updates from me and my team in the VMware SMB blog.    Additionally, you can find more information about what we announced at VMworld 2013 here: VMware NOW.

I look forward to your comments.

Until next time, keep virtualizing!


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