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New Whitepaper: Finding the Right Virtualization and Cloud Vendor for Your Business

Mid-Market businesses face several challenges when implementing virtualization and cloud computing technology: limited IT budgets, mobile accessibility and security, scalability, and limited resources to plan for, adopt and learn new technology solutions.

Choosing the right vendor to meet these needs is crucial, but evaluating the marketplace can be a daunting task for small to midmarket business decision makers. Technology analysis and consulting firm Taneja Group recently performed an analysis of the leading virtualization and cloud solution vendors and public cloud IaaS ecosystems (including VMware), evaluating each across a variety of factors.

In Taneja Group’s new whitepaper , you will learn how each vendor performed across each of these categories, as well as several key takeaways to keep in mind when searching for the right partner for your organization, including:

  • Go beyond “kicking the tires” when evaluating cloud solutions. Demand proof-of-concept engagements that exercise key capabilities.
  • Start with a solid foundation by choosing a robust and proven underlying platform.
  • Insist on virtual security by looking for solutions with virtualization-aware security, rather than physical infrastructure security solutions grafted on to a virtualized environment.
  • Look for vendors that are building large ecosystems of compatible cloud providers, so you have freedom to move from one off-premise provider to another

You can download the whitepaper here.  Has your organization recently engaged a new virtualization or cloud market vendor? If so, what tips for this process would you share with others who are just beginning their search? Please share in the comments.

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