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New: 7 Key Indicators that it’s Time for you to Move to Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

As a midmarket business, you’ve likely virtualized your data center as a cost-saving measure and found additional benefits such as reduced physical space, and a decrease in power and cooling expenses. However, traditional endpoint environments can be difficult to manage and can present a number of security risks that your organization can’t afford.   You may now be thinking about ways to deliver rich, flexible, mobile, and productive user experiences through centralized IT services.  And, you may be thinking about desktop virtualization (VDI) that can give you ways to simplify desktop and application management and data.

So how do you know when it’s time to move to desktop virtualization (VDI)?

Read this whitepaper on When It Makes Sense to Move to Desktop Virtualization to learn more about the 7 key indications that your business is ready for VDI. Find out how deploying VMware Horizon View can improve your IT infrastructure by:

  • Giving IT easy control over data access
  • Making regulatory compliance more manageable
  • Enabling quick and scalable management for you while avoiding crippling downtime for users

Read now!

How else has desktop virtualization benefited your business?    We look forward to your comments.



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