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Shall We Play a Game? – CloudCred

SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?  In one of my favorite movies, the 1983 epic “War Games,” high school computer geek (a term ahead of his time) David Lightman (played by 21-year-old Matthew Broderick) wants to play an unreleased computer game — and impress a pretty girl (Ally Sheedy).  So, he starts hacking…which wasn’t a coined phrase in the early 80s. Little does he know the “computer company” he’s infiltrated is actually a military installation running a missile-command supercomputer called the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), and the game — Global Thermonuclear War — is real.

This classic story about a computer game made us feel empowered, threatened and violated all at the same time.  The point of the story still holds true today: Computers train us and validate our Credibility.  Whether we possess “chilies” from Spiceworks or “badges” from our HR department for completing certain learning tasks, software continues to measure our success, knowledge and credibility.  Let’s face it: we are a task-recognition badge-junkie society.  And why not, it’s a fun way to learn…and get a few prizes.

So join us at VMware as we take you on your Cloud Credibility journey.  CloudCred is the hub for all things cloud-related. The game is your gateway to building your cloud expertise, broadening your professional network and earning rewards and certifications based on your CloudCred score.

And, if you or your team is feeling competitive, follow The SMB Authority team for a little targeted competition.

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